Brisbane smash hapless Parramatta

Fulltime Score: Round 5 BRONCOS 54 v EELS 14

Match Summary:

An incredible display of skill, power, strength and absolute grunt from the Brisbane Broncos has seen them run out 54-14 winners over Parramatta here today at Suncorp Stadium.

Following last week?s appalling effort against Melbourne, the Broncos turned everything around in astounding fashion to blow Parramatta off the park. The Eels looked slow to get into the game and paid the price with 16 points put on them in the first 12 minutes.

Parra then somewhat steadied the ship and attacked down the left side through Tahu and Peterson which saw them get a repeat set against Brisbane. After exhausting their options, Parra gave up possession and Brisbane continued the pummelling in the 19th minute and pile on 7 first half tries to lead 42-0 at the break.

The onslaught slowed in the second half, with Parra actually out-scoring the Broncos 14-12. But that couldn?t make up for what took place in the first 40 minutes where the Eels looked totally helpless and were deprived of the ball for long periods of time.

The Broncos have exorcised some of the demons from last week?s record defeat at the hands of Melbourne, whilst Parramatta will need to do plenty of soul searching over the next seven days as they look to gain some direction after a patchy start to their season.

Scorers: BRONCOS 54 Tries: Tate 2, Stagg, B.Berrigan, Carroll, Seymour, Bott, McGuire, Minto Goals: Lockyer 9/10 EELS 14 Tries: Grothe 2, Burt Goals: Burt 1/3

Halftime: Brisbane 42-0.

By the clock:

We're welcomed today by a sun-drenched Suncorp Stadium. Parramatta get us underway!

3 min: TRY - Broncos. David Stagg backs up on the inside to support a break down the left hand side by Shaun Berrigan, following a deft pass from Darren Lockyer, who converts the try. Brisbane 6 Parramatta 0.

8 min: Hunt saves a certain try for Parra as Peterson and Tahu combine on the right flank.

10 min: TRY - Broncos. Barry Berrigan backs up Lockyer this time, who made a slashing run down the left hand side, and scores in a similar position to the first try - about 15m left of the posts. Lockyer hits the upright with the attempt and the score is Brisbane 10 Parramatta 0.

12 min: TRY - Broncos. Tonie Carroll scores next to the posts after a junking run by Seymour exposed poor defence up the middle of the ruck. The Broncos are on fire and the Eels appear shellshocked. Lockyer converts to make the score 16-0 in favour of the home side.

18 min: A few errors creeping into the game here. Parra were on the ropes there again but seem to have survived.

19 min: TRY - Broncons. Spoke too soon there. Hunt drifts right and slips a pass back on the inside to Brent Tate who cruises over the line. They look hot, what a turn-around. Lockyer converts and makes it 22-nil to Brisbane.

25 min: Broncos penalised for a shephard just as they were looking dangerous again. Loads of pressure being applied to the Eels.

28 min: TRY - Broncos. This game is well and truly beyond doubt after Tate crosses for his second from a close range play where Thorn slipped a short pass in a tackle. Lockyer converts and the score is 28-0 in favour of the home side.

In other news, there was a pretty dubious tackle on Tonie Carroll in the lead-up to that try. Also PJ Marsh and Peterson have both been bleeding throughout the course of the game.

33 min: Lockyer adds two points through a penalty right infront of the posts.

36 min: TRY - Broncos. Seymour under the posts after some razzle dazzle stuff, inside passes and even a player taken out. Lockyer converts and Brisbane of a 36-0 lead.

38 min: TRY - Broncos. Leon Bott races away after a break by Brent Tate. This is touch footy stuff. Lockyer converts and Brisbane are 42-0 infront. Parra looking for the halftime break desperately.

Half Time - Wow! what a display. Parra have had one half chance to score but are being systematically torn apart by a Broncos outfit hell-bent on making up for last week. The Eels front row were replaced after 15 minutes as Brian Smith looked to stem the flow of points, but nothing appears able to stop this Brisbane juggernaut.

41 min: Lockyer gets us back underway in the second half.

44 min: TRY - Broncos. Casey McGuire scores under the posts after Lockyer slips a pass to Seymour who makes a bust up the middle. Lockyer converts and the Broncos lead 48-0.

47 min: A bit of a scuffle breaks out between Matt Peterson (Eels) and Corey Parker (Broncos) and Parra lose that too. Penalty to Brisbane.

48 min: Tahu is bundled over the line by Tate in a rare piece of open space for the Eels.

52 min: Broncos putting even more pressure on the Eels. Some outstanding footy from Brisbane.

58 min: No try to Parra wafter the video ref was called in to adjudicate a possible 4-pointer to Timana Tahu for the Eels. Score remains 48-0 in favour of Brisbane.

64 min: TRY - Eels. Luke Burt scores under the posts after John Morris put a kick through from a midfield scrum. Bott came flying in but narrowly missed the ball. Burt converts and the score is Brisbane 48 Parramatta 6.

67 min: TRY - Broncos. Scott Minto scores after Brad Thorn puts through a rare grubber finding Lockyer who dishes off to Minto. Lockyer converts to make it 54-6 in favour of Brisbane.

70 min: TRY - Eels. Grothe jnr picks up a consolation try of sorts down the short side from a scrum play. Burt hits the upright and the score is 54-10 in favour of the Broncos.

72 min: TRY - Eels. Grothe jnr gets another after a length of the field team effort. Burt fails and ironically hits the post again. Brisbane 54 Parramatta 14.

79 min: Game winding down here. A small flash of brilliance from Hunt with a kick return.

Fulltime: Brisbane totally dominate a hapless Parramatta outfit.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - D Lockyer (Broncos) 2 - B Tate (Broncos) 1 - B Berrigan (Broncos) -----------------------------------------