Broken Kangaroos Fly Over England

The Australia Kangaroos despite early injury woes have banded together and continued history with a crushing defeat of England 36-20 in the second match of the double header at the famous Wembley Stadium.

Australian's chances were cut down early with a key injury to fullback Billy Slater. In his attempt to save the Ryan Hall try, Slater has broken his collarbone. His efforts all in vain with Ryan Hall awarded a try in the corner, Kevin Sinfield failed to add the extras. 10 minutes down and England with a slim lead 4-0.

Luke Lewis showed his strength at the line, on the end of a quick pass from Greg Inglis. Lewis stepped and crashed over to level the game. Thurston from the sideline has sailed it over to give the Aussies the lead. 4-6 after 17 minutes.

Australian's have it in their nature to stand up and be counted when called, and Tony Williams is no exception. His abilities proven as he smashed through Chris Heighington to cement his name on the scoresheet. As England gifted the opportunity after a poor decision saw Australia turn an opposition 20 metre restart into points. Australia extended 4-12 after 30 minutes.

Not to be out done in the opening exchanges, England winger Ryan Hall again when in search of the corner post as he claimed his second try. On review from the video referee again, the points awarded on the half time siren. England headed into the break behind 8-12, as the conversions separated the sides.

Australia began the second half with the motivation to possibly secured a spot in the 2011 Four Nations final. It was a quick start as points fell. Three minutes into the second half Jonathan Thurston doubled pumped the ball at the line, despite replays no obstruction was founded. The cut out pass found the arms of Inglis and stolled over for points. Thurston added the extras, 8-18 Australia.

England had their opportunities throughout, however Australia started to put the sword in come the 53rd minute. Cooper Cronk took on the line and threw a beautiful inside ball to the prop runner in Paul Gallen who couldn't of been bestowed an easier one. Australia started to run away with the points with a conversion from JT to extend the lead to 16, 8-24.

In any game of football, the tides can change very quickly and England's hopes of a win slowly started to fade until Jack Reed lept for points.
Reed up under the high ball to contest with Boyd saw him come down up with the goods. Reed ran away to score under the posts. Sinfield finally managed his kick right and send the ball over. England hopeful at 14-24.

Inside the final ten minutes, the Kangaroos dashed any hopes that England had as Thurston all but secured the win thanks to his 70 metre break. A well constructed movement saw, through the hands of Lockyer, Darius Boyd reach out for a try. Thurston easily added the 2 points. Australia 30-14.

The full time siren loomed closer and two final tries were scored, one pieced per nation. England managed a play through the skill of Sam Tomkins to pop an inside pass for Chris Heighington to dive over the line. Sinfield converted the constellation goal. However the final say landed with Australia with Chris Lawrence outstanding through the match, mustered a try to seal the victory for the Kangaroos. Lawrence, out stretched out and planted it down for points. A good day for Thurston with the boot, with six successfully conversions.

As a result of the Australian Kangaroos' closing victors 36-20 over England, they will now face the winner of England vs New Zealand in the 2011 Four Nations Final in two weeks time.

Match Details
England 20 were defeated by Australia 36
Four Nations - Four Nations Week 2 - Sunday November 6, 2011 1:30am
Venue: Wembley Stadium, London
Referee: Henry Perenara
Video Referee: Ian Smith.
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Shane Rehm
Crowd: N/A
Halftime: England 8 Australia 12 players of the match:
3 Points - Cameron Smith
2 Points - Luke Lewis (1 Try)
1 Point - Chris Lawrence (1 Try)

England (20)
Tries: Ryan Hall (2), Jack Reed, Chris Heighington
Conversions: Kevin Sinfield (2/4)

Australia (36)
Tries: Tony Williams, Greg Inglis, Paul Gallen, Luke Lewis, Darius Boyd, Chris Lawrence
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (6/6) Live Commentary Good Morning Australian Rugby League fans and A good afternoon to those in England. We are around 15 minutes away from kick off in the second match in this Wembley Double header. England hosting the Australian Kangaroos.
The Australian side is per the program, 1 through 13. Awaiting on confirmation of the extended bench.
Both sides walking out side by side, and then we will have the Nation Anthems.
Massive atmosphere here at Wembley with both Anthems booming throughout the ground. Kick off moments away now.
1 min: Henry Perenara is our match official for this clash. Perenara making his international refereeing debut. Australia kicking off, and running left to right.
1 min: BANG! Chris Lawrence and Sam Thaiday getting up in the face of the England attack early.
1 min: Good defence from Australia forcing England to kick on their 30 metre line. Billy Slater returning.
1 min: First penalty against Ben Westwood for holding down Billy Slater. Australia opting for a kick downfield to the sideline. They attack now inside England's half.
2 min: Ben Westwood in the attack again forcing Luke Lewis over the sideline giving England a scrum feed rather then a penalty under International rules.
3 min: England applying the pressure early with a chip kick downfield and Slater running out from the 10 metre line. Westwood charging the English pack forward.
4 min: Poor kick at the end of the Australian set with light work for Shaun Briscoe to return the ball.
6 min: Rangi Chase opening up the Australian line on the back of a good bouncing kick from Darren Lockyer. England in this fight early.
7 min: Penalty with the English side against Anthony Watmough for laying and holding down the ruck. Chance here at the Australian line attacking only 20 metres out.
8 min: Ben Westwood so close to the line, diving out and hoping to find the grass but Billy Slater saving the day. Fair strip from Slater stopping the all by certain try.
9 min: Chase showing his skills as he stepped around the defence. Looking for points however a kick and chance went begging. Goal line drop for England.
10 min: Video Referee Decision for England. Ryan Hall has gone in the corner.
10 min: TRY
TRY! England

Ryan Hall diving in the corner has been awarded the try. On replay looking at the grounding the officials happy with the grounding. However in Slater's attempt to stop the try he has come from the field. Conversion unsuccessful
England 4-0
12 min: Billy Slater has come from the field and gone up the tunnel straight away. Darius Boyd has been shifted to fullback and Tony Williams has come onto the field.
13 min: Reports coming through that Billy Slater has broken his collarbone.
14 min: Long kick downfield from James Roby to slow this game down. Rolling dead behind the posts. 20 metre tap for the Australians.
15 min: Chris Lawrence on the end of great hands from the Australian side. Opening up the left side. A hand from the English has seen the Kangaroos get six more tackles.
16 min: Penalty to the Australians. Cameron Smith taking the quick tap, they attacking only 20 metres out. Here is their chance.
17 min: TRY
TRY! Australia
Luke Lewis showing his strength at the line on the end of a quick sideways pass from Greg Inglis. Stepping and crashing over the line to level the game. Thurston from the sideline has sailed it over the posts to give the Aussies the lead.
Australia 6-4
19 min: Australia keen on the quick hands movement to the left side of the field out to Chris Lawrence. Lockyer controlling this game comfortably
19 min: Sam Tomkins getting his own back, giving the England side a great return and then meeting Watmough before finding the turf. ENgland on the attack only 20 metres out.
20 min: England with a little over back to the Australians with Sam Thaiday coming up with the ball.
21 min: Forward pass call against Australia - England getting the scrum feed as a result.
21 min: England failing to control the ball from the scrum and giving possession back to Australia through Sinfield.
22 min: KNOCK ON! Anthony Watmough being hassled by two English defenders and forcing the mistake.
23 min: England flowing more in that set with the ball. Quick hands left and right across field. Thurston coming up with a big hit on Tomkins. England's attacking being pulled back for a forward pass. Kirk Yeaman coming off worse for wear in that set however he is on his feet and walking okay.
24 min: KNOCK ON! David Shillington looking for a big hit up, but he met the defence and coughed up the ball. England on the attack inside the Australian 30 metre line.
26 min: Akuila Uate looking for space down the outside on the wing, however cover defence forcing him into touch. Scrum feed packs down for England.
27 min: Chase kicking down to the corner to try and trap Boyd, however running 30 metres across field to be brought down on his 10 metre line to start the Kangaroos set.
29 min: TRY
TRY! Australia
Tony Williams showing his strength, smashing up the defence naming in Chris Heighington. Australia extending the lead on the back of a poor choice in play from England with an attempt at touch finder from a 20 metre restart. Thurston adding the extras from beside the posts.
Australia 12-4
33 min: Australia straight back on the attack from the try, making big metres up the field. However the free flowing play stopped with a series of forward passes being thrown and the final one pulled up. Ball finds the England hands now and will attack their side of halfway.
35 min: Penalty against Greg Inglis for pushing in the ruck. England looking for the quick play and Inglis giving them no opinion but to penalise. Kick downfield to the sideline to give England the attack on halfway.
36 min: KNOCK ON! Scrum feed for Australia as Rangi Chase looked for an offload, however Kevin Sinfield not paying attention and losing it at his feet.
37 min: ZERO Tackle Australia. They attack just inside the England half.
37 min: KNOCK ON! Tony Williams on the end of a Lockyer short ball as met the English line and dropped it cold. Scrum feed packs down on the 10 metre line.
39 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING FOR Ryan Hall. Looking for his double. England with an opportunity to almost go the length of the field to score.
39 min: TRY
TRY! England
Video Referee awards Ryan Hall's second try. Darius Boyd failed to cover his opposite winger. Hall planting the ball inside the line to collect.No issues with the grounding. Conversion missed and the half time siren sounds with the ball sailing away from the uprights.
Australia 12-8
HALF TIME: Goal kicking is the difference between these two sides at the break with Australia holding a 4 point lead over England. Kevin Sinfield missing both his attempts at the sticks. Rangi Chase for the English side has been a stand out along with his team mates namely in Ben Westwood and Sam Tomkins. Australia has been strong where it counts and at the goal line Tony Williams has shown up his opposite in his attempt to score.

A close contest has formed during the opening 40 minutes, and it's still an open contest. Errors have popped up across the half and those will need to be addressed.

The big news of course from the opening half was the injury to Billy Slater. Reports still coming through that he has broken his collarbone in his efforts to save a try to Ryan Hall. A big second half coming up in moments with this classic match set to step up.
40 min: We are back underway for the second 40 minutes with Australia getting the first use.
41 min: KNOCK ON! Shaun Briscoe being brought to ground by Cameron Smith and losing control of the ball. Australia getting the scrum feed, and a real chance to open the second half with points.
42 min: Penalty Australia. Keith Galloway taking the hit up however defenders ruled offside. Attacking only 10 metres form the line.
43 min: TRY
TRY! Australia
Jonathan Thurston doubling the ball at the line, despite replays no obstruction was founded. The cut out pass found the arms of Inglis and stolled over for points. Thurston doesn't miss that attempt at conversion to extend the lead.
Australia 18-8
44 min: So close, Darren Lockyer almost knocking on in goals from the kick restart. However no ruling on it. Australia looking to back up with more points at the end of this next set.
45 min: Lockyer sending the ball high into the air and Ryan Hall comfortable under the ball and secured it for England
46 min: Penalty and Time off here. Tony Williams has been penalised for a high tackle on Ben Westwood.
46 min: ON REPORT! Tony Williams has been placed on report for the high on Westwood. First point of contact was on the shoulder which has saved any further action.
47 min: Penalty Australia! Double movement the ruling against Shaun Briscoe. On replay the ball only hit the ground once, however the call has happened and Australia escape.
49 min: Time off here - the heat getting to the players namely in Watmough
49 min: Penalty England! Anthony Watmough has been penalised for throwing the first punch. A massive kick downfield with a good touch finder. Attacking just inside Australia's half.
50 min: Australia's defence holding strong at the line with Sam Tomkins looking to try and open the line. Jack Reed looking for the line as well and held short and losing the ball. Australia coming away with it without losing points.
51 min: Penalty Australia - Sam Thaiday getting man-handled by Westwood, and as result was penalised for a second effort. Australia looking for points inside the 30 metre line.
52 min: TRY
TRY! Australia
Cooper Cronk taking on the line and throwing a beautiful inside ball to the prop runner in Paul Gallen who couldn't of been gifted an easier one. Australia running away with the points now. Thurston converting.
Australia 24-8
58 min: James Roby looking to stop Australia, however Thurston had his wits about him and collecting the ball at the posts.
58 min: End of the set for Australia and a massive kick downfield. England have their work cut out for him.
59 min: TRY
TRY! England
Jack Reed leaping up under the high ball to contest it with Boyd and upcoming up with the goods and running away to score. Kevin Sinfield finally get his kicking right and sending the ball over.
Australia 24-14
62 min: England completing their set off the try with a kick downfield which is collected by Boyd.
63 min: Thurston placing a high and long kick deep into the goals for England to secure in goals and get the 20 metre tap.
64 min: Cooper Cronk holding down Widdop in the ruck stopping the play of the ball and thus giving away a penalty.
64 min: KNOCK ON! Jamie Peacock looking for the cross run and unexpectedly found himself with the ball and as a result dropped it. Australia coming up with the ball and the scrum feed.
65 min: KNOCK ON! England getting some back with Chris Lawrence with a little help losing control in the ruck. Scrum packs for England
67 min: Gareth Widdop looking for a hole with a grubber kick however it found the arms of former team mate Greg Inglis. Australia escaping at their own line.
69 min: Australian Scrum feed for Kirk Yeaman passing off the ground after the referee called held. Australia will attack on their own 40 metre line.
70 min: Australia looking to pass quickly from Boyd to Inglis, however in the process finding Jack Reed and knocking on.
71 min: Penalty England thanks for a second effort at the attacker from Chris Lawrence. England have the chance to score.
71 min: Stolen! Thurston plucked the ball from the ball and streaked away 70 metres before then passing to Greg Inglis.
72 min: TRY
TRY! Australia
On the back of a 70 metre run from Thurston, Australia played metres from England's line and constructed a sideways movement through the hands of Lockyer to send of Boyd for a try. Thurston easily added the extras. England are definitely out of this game now.
Australia 30-14
74 min: Australia handing possession straight back to England with a failed pass. They attack inside the Australian half.
76 min: TRY
TRY! England
Sam Tomkins showing his offloading skills at the Australian line again as he provided the ball on the inside for Chris Heighington to dive over the line. Running through the line to collect his own 4-pointer. Kevin Sinfield converting the constellation goal.
Australia 30-20
77 min: England coughing up the ball from the restart, Australia on the attack well in the English half.
78 min: TRY
TRY! Australia
Chris Lawrence backing up his great performance throughout this test match with a try to seal the victory for the Kangaroos. Spinning and working his way to the line stretched out and planted it down. Thurston no issues with the kicking tee this afternoon converting the goal.
Australia 36-20
80 min: That's full time as the siren sounds around Wembley Stadium. Australia prevailing over England to secure their spot in the 2011 Four Nations final with their victory 36-20.

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