Bronco's Cartwright calls to

While England's Six Nations campaign comes to an unflattering halt this Saturday, the capital's other code is just starting to warm up.

London Broncos, unbeaten at Brentford so far this season, are playing a style of game which has the world of rugby taking notice.

Broncos head coach Tony Rea has described his team's play as 'the most exciting rugby in the capital', and Rea?s CEO, Nic Cartwright, has now challenged union fans to prove Rea wrong.

A club Super League record win two weeks ago over Wakefield was then followed on Saturday by a most impressive win over Wigan, the same club which is soon to hand over Andy Farrell to the RFU.

It?s not so much the Broncos' unbeaten run which is creating the headlines, but more the 'style' of play London has adopted this year.

Rea commented: "They are an exciting bunch of blokes to work with - and they play an exciting brand of rugby. It took a lot of hard work for us to produce this outstanding style."

So, as some 70,000 sports fans converge at Union HQ (just 2 miles from the Broncos home ground) on Saturday for the Calcutta Cup clash between England and Scotland, Cartwright has thrown down his challenge.

"All I ask is to come and take a look. If you don't like it, then don't come back."

What Tony (Rea) has been saying about this team might appear to sound over the top, but when you see for yourself what these guys are capable of, you'll soon understand why we're all so passionate. Their actions are doing all the talking.?

London v Widnes kicks off at 3pm on Sunday March 20 at Griffin Park, Brentford.

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