Broncos Bin Rugby League Writer

London Broncos captain Mark Mc Linden has hit out on behalf of his team at a rugby league writer in the wake of a slanderous piece of ?journalism? last week.

Mc Linden?s comments follow a despicable article written in a recent rugby league publication, and the entire team gives their skipper their full support.

The article went well beyond the ?acceptable limit? as far as the Broncos are concerned and it had nothing to do with the game but rather a very personal attack on Mark Tookey.

As one of the biggest players in the game Mark Tookey has always taken a bit of 'stick' over his size. He is also a thorough gentleman and one of the more colorful characters in the game. But while the prop forward might be prepared to turn the other cheek, his teammates have felt compelled to speak out.

Mc Linden commented: ?He?s a good person and I?m sure he doesn?t mind taking a bit of stick now and again so long as it?s all good natured banter. But when it becomes sinister and personal, that's a different story and it really shouldn?t be tolerated.?

What this guy has done is deplorable. Anyone who goes out of their way with a specific aim of hurting someone has a problem.?

I do find it a little scary that people like him, people who appear to have scant regard for others? feelings, are allowed to publish this type of slander at will."

Whether he?s actually played the game at this level is not an issue. I think I speak for all professional athletes, certainly rugby league players, in saying that we expect those who write about us just to show some common decency and respect.?

The club has decided to put his articles in the bin, and that's where they belong."