Broncos buck off the Tigers

A resounding defeat for the Tigers, with the young Brisbane Broncos team beating them in the end, 28-14

The young Broncos were not really given much of a show, before the match, against the experienced Tigers side.

They certainly managed to prove most critics wrong, with a very professional performance against a sometimes lost looking Tigers side.

After an entertaining first half, the game became a little scrappy at times in the second half, but the class of this young Broncos side shone through.

With the talent avaliable from the feeder clubs in Queensland, the future of the Broncos looks very rosy for quite a while. The Tigers, on the other hand, may be doing a bit of soul searching over the next few days.

Tigers (Tries: Mears, Wozniak. Goals: Caine 3/3)

Broncos (Tries: Tanielu, Irwin x2, McGuire x2. Goals: Prince 4/5)