Broncos buck Raiders at Canberra

The Brisbane Broncos have defeated the Canberra Raiders by 34-20 at Canberra Stadium today. A performance made impressive considering the Broncos had half a dozen origin players out injured.

In the second minute of the match, Canberra's Josh Miller scored a try with his first touch at first grade level after a crucial error at the kick-off by Broncos half Brett Seymour.

The rest of the first half went all the Broncos way as they exposed the Raiders often sluggish defence. Brisbane's quick passing to the flanks and running it up the middle of the field notching up 20 points in 30 minutes. The Raiders kicking game was average at best as they were hit hard by the stinging Brisbane defence. Joel Monaghan however, profited from a Brisbane error inside there own goaline to make it 20-8 at halftime.

The second half saw Brisbane score straight from the kick-off through a Michael Ryan break, passing it to his inside man Craig Frawley to score a hatrick or tries. But the Raiders wouldn?t lie down after Clinton Schifcofske scored possible the luckiest and easiest try of his carer after an average Brad Drew kick hit the crossbar and landed nicely into the fullback?s hands.

The Raiders had a majority of the possession and territory in the middle of the second half but Broncos wouldn?t budge put in some of the impressive defence. The Raiders eventually scored with the Broncos players running out of breath as Mark McLinden found a gapping hole to put the Raiders within 6 points.

A few minutes later, the referee controversially penalised Jason Croker 18 metres out from the posts for stripping the ball in a two on one situation. Replays latter showed Broncos prop Corey Parker lost the ball clean. Michael DeVere slotted the ball in between the posts to put Brisbane further ahead.

Broncos fullback scored next thanks to a Gorden Tallis break to give the visitors a well deserved victory.

With several star players coming back next week, the Broncos are in a strong position with origin football only a couple weeks away.

RAIDERS 20 Tries: Miller, Monaghan, Schifcofske, McLinden Goals: Schifcofske 2/4 defeated by BRONCOS 34 Tries: Frawley 3, Tate, DeVere, Hunt Goals: DeVere 5/8

Canberra Stadium Referee: Tim Mander Video Referee: Chris Ward. Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy, Steve Nash

By the clock: A sun is shinning on Canberra Stadium for this Round 9 match.

0 min: Broncos kickoff.

1 min: News - Broncos from the kickoff kick it out over the dead ball line.

2 min: Try-Canberra. On the last tackle Canberra put up a bomb to the left side of the field,Joel Monaghan batters the ball back for Josh Miller on his debut to score.Schifcofske conversion goes wide.4-0 Canberra.

5 min: Try-Brisbane. Following a penalty Brisbane shift the ball on the last,Craig Frawley gets the ball and scores in the corner.DeVere's conversion goes wide.4-4.

10 min: News - The Broncos have the upper hand at the moment. They look stinging on defence and dangerous on attack.

12 min: News - Canberra are penalised for an infringment 30 metres out. Michael DeVere's kick goes wide.

15 min: Try-Brisbane. Tonie Carroll breaks the line, he passes it back to Casey McGuire who then passes it to an unmarked Brent Tate to score. Michael DeVere's conversion is successful. 10-4 Brisbane

22 min: News - Clinton Schifcofske's courage stops a near try after diving on the ball from a Brisbane grubber kick and rampaging Tonie Carroll.

26 min: Try-Brisbane. The Broncos throw some slick passes. Brent Tate gets the ball and runs over 60 metres before Clinton Schifcofske tackles him inches from the tryline. The next play sees the Broncos play it cool by passing it wide and finds Michael DeVere to score. Michael DeVere's conversion is successful. 16-4 Brisbane.

30 min: News - The Raiders are often getting caught out by the Broncos attack. What they are doing on attack isnt working.

32 min: News - Silly play by the Raiders on the last tackle as Adam Mogg runs the blindside and gets thrown over the sideline in good territory.

35 min: Try-Brisbane. After forcing a mistake, the Broncos pass it wide after some weak defence and Craig Frawley scores in the corner. Michael DeVere's kick hits the posts. 20-4 Brisbane.

37 min: Try-Canberra. After Simon Woolford was held up over the line The Raiders put in a grubber. Karmichael Hunt drops the ball and a charging Joel Monaghan pounces on the ball to score. Clinton Schifcofske's kick goes wide. 20-8 Brisbane.

Halftime: Theres been some marvelous attacking movements by the Broncos attack as they've kept it simple making plenty of metres through the field. The Raiders have looked average on defence and on attack but with a try just before halftime there still in the game. Brisbane Broncos 20 is leading the Canberra Raiders 8 at the break. Halftime stats: Penalties: 2-2 Errors: 4-4 Mis-Tackles: 12-8 Raiders Completions: Raiders 13/17 (76%),Broncos 16/19 (84%)

40 min: Raiders kick off to start the second half.

43 min: Try-Brisbane. Michael Ryan makes a big break. He passes it to Craig Frawley who's outside him to score his third try today. Michael DeVere's conversion is successful. 26-8 Brisbane.

51 min: Try-Canberra. Brad Drew puts in a kick on the last. It hits the crossbar and a very lucky Clinton Schifcofske scores an easy try. Schifcofskes conversion is successful. 26-14 Brisbane.

53 min: News - A good kick by Ben Ikin and a good chase by the Broncos players forces Joel Monaghan in-goal.

55 min: News - Canberra put up a kick. It bounces off a Broncos player head to find the hands of Josh Miller. The Broncos scrambles in defence and tackles him close to the line.

57 min: News - The Broncos goal line is outstanding as they deny the Raiders four points. The Broncos are starting to tire as the Raiders hit back in attack.

60 min: News - The Broncos defence holds out again but force Karmichael Hunt in-goal.

62 min: News - The Broncos once again holds out with superb defence. The Raiders make an error after roughly 10 minutes of playing with the ball inside the Broncos 20 metres.

66 min: News - After Michael DeVere came inches from scoring the Bronos force Joel Monaghan in-goal following a grubber.

70 min: News - The Broncos set up Ben Ikin on the last for a drop goal 20 metres out,it goes wide.

73 min: Try-Canberra. Following a penalty Mark McLinden gets the ball a runs through a big hole to score. Schifcofske's conversion is successful. 26-20 Brisbane.

76 min: Goal-Brisbane. Jason Croker was ruled to have stripped the ball in a two on one situation. Michael DeVere slots the goal 18 metres out. 28-20 Brisbane.

78 min: Try-Brisbane. Gorden Tallis makes a break. He has Karmichael Hunt outside him to score. Michael DeVeres conversion is successful. 34-20 Brisbane.

Fulltime: Canberra hit back in the second half after having a majority of the possesion. The Broncos looked superb in defence all day and stinging in attack to win the match by 34 to 20. Fulltime stats: Penalties: 6-5 Broncos Errors: 16-14 Raiders Mis-Tackles: 22-19 Broncos Completions: Raiders 26/41 (63%),Broncos 29/37 (78%)

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - T Carroll (Broncos) 2 - G Tallis (Broncos) 1 - B Tate (Broncos) -----------------------------------------