Broncos Buck The Knights on Good Friday

The Brisbane Broncos have scored a 32-6 win over the Newcastle Knights at Hunter Stadium in front of 22,254 fans.

The first stages of the first half looked like the Knights were going to dominate the match creating several repeat sets and bending the Broncos defensive line yet they couldn't actually take advantage of the pressure that was created.

It wasn't until Matt Gillett took an intercept on his own line that the Broncos began creating their own pressure and several tackles later they were able to cross through Alex Glenn who took advantage of a Jack Reed tap back.

A mistake off the kick off put the pressure back on the Broncos but like earlier in the half the Knights wereunable to capitalise whether that was through side to side football or lack of communication with several times the Knights being caught on the last tackle.

The Broncos on the other hand when they got upfield they seemed to be finding points with ease, Matt Gillett crossed for the Broncos second try when he steamed through off a Ben Barba inside ball and went straight over Darius Boyd one-on-on to slam the ball down. Corey Parker converted the goal from next to the posts and the Broncos had a 10-0 lead.

Soon after the Broncos scored again off the back of some good attack but helped even more so by the Knights not playing to the whistle, they stood and watched Ben Barba race around to score think Daniel Vidot had gone into touch however Brett Suttor kept the flag down and subsequent Video Referee review showed Vidot kept his feet in the air so wasn't out. That took the score out to 16-0 before close to halftime Korbin Sims showed great strength to barge over and take the score back to 16-6.

The Knights had one more chance before the break but couldn't capitalise so the score remained 16-6 at the main break.

The opening stages of the second half could only be described as frantic, with both sides going from end to end and it was the Knights who were able to create great attacking pressure but again like the first half they struggled to put the points on the board.

The Knights continued to be their own worst enemy with every time they were able to create attacking pressure, they managed to blow it with a simple error to cough up possession.

It took the Broncos almost half an hour to score the first points of the second half when Dale Copley took advantage of firstly a great run from Ben Barba then a great offload to score the Broncos fourth try of the night.

The Broncos then were able to cross again in the 75th minute through Ben Hannant, then again in the 80th minute through Josh Hoffmann off the back of a great flick pass from Corey Parker.

The games don't get any easier for both sides next weekend with the Knights travelling to ANZ Stadium to take on the one point wonders the Canterbury Bulldogs whilst the Brisbane Broncos host the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp next Friday night.

Match Details
Newcastle Knights 6 Brisbane Broncos 32
Venue: Hunter Stadium
Crowd: 22254
Halftime Score: Newcastle Knights 6 Brisbane Broncos 16 Players of the Match:
3 points - Ben Hunt
2 points - Jake Mamo
1 point - Andrew McCullough

Tries: Korbin Sims
Field Goals:
Conversions: Tyrone Roberts (1/1)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Alex Glenn, Matt Gillett, Ben Barba, Dale Copley, Ben Hannant, Josh Hoffman
Field Goals:
Conversions: Corey Parker (2/5), Ben Hunt (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Ben Hunt (1/1) Live Commentary

LATE MAIL: Newcastle Knights - Jake Mamo replaces Akuila Uate (knee injury); Adam Cuthbertson replaces Kade Snowden (concussion) in the front row. Zane Tetevano returns to the starting line-up, with Willie Mason on the bench.

LATE MAIL: Brisbane Broncos - Jake Granville comes into the side in place of Sam Thaiday (calf injury), Martin Kennedy starts in the forwards with Corey Parker shifting to lock.

1: Ashley Klein calls time on and the Knights take the first possession of the game

2: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Jake Mamo juggles a bomb but doesn't matter with Adam Gee penalising the Broncos for being infront of the kicker

3: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Josh McGuire penalised for knocking the ball out of the Knights players hands when trying to play the ball, Knights 10m out from Broncos line

4: Good kick from Jarrod Mullen forces Ben Barba to clean it up and run dead, Knights with more pressure

5: Gagai goes through some weak defence and quick play the ball puts pressure on the Broncos but can't score

6: Knights create huge pressure but let it all go being trapped on the last tackle

7: Jake Mamo goes for a burst before hitting a brick wall, hit hard by Alex Glenn, Knights making good metres in the set

8: Knights creating huge pressure with an early kick and Jake Mamo tackles Ben Barba over the touch ingoal line

8: Quick hands sees the Knights go close but Corey Parker says otherwise with a good legs tackle on the third

9: Well after all the pressure the Knights created is let off after Joseph Leilua puts the grubber a long way dead

11: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Knights get their fourth penalty of the match for a strip against Martin Kennedy

14: Knights go 80m in the set before Matt Gillett takes an intercept and goes 60m downfield

14: Time off with Josh Hoffmann down injured, didn't look anything illegal live

Scored by Alex Glenn. Kick to come.

Despite all the pressure coming from the Knights, the Broncos cross first with Alex Glenn scoring comes off a tap back by Jack Reed off a bomb, referee Adam Gee has no issues and points to the spot

Conversion attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.

Corey Parker can't convert from out wide

18: Well a great kick off from the Knights at the kickoff and poor work from the Broncos gives the Knights the ball 40m out

18: Chris Houston gets over the line but doesn't get the ball to the ground, held up on tackle 4

19: Knights either had a plan or just didn't realise it was the last and the Broncos get the ball back through a handover

21: PENALTY BRISBANE: Broncos get their first penalty of the game, Knights give up the pressure they had created - penalty count 4-1 Knights

Scored by Matt Gillett. Kick to come.

Matt Gillett rivalling something you'll find at Royal Randwick tomorrow, steams through with great acceleration to score off a Ben Barba inside ball

Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.

Corey Parker nails the conversion from next to the post to extend the Broncos lead

Corey Parker makes an unforced error.

Broncos get to halfway in the set after points but Corey Parker drops the ball in the tackle, right on halfway

25: Tyrone Roberts is down injured and looks like he's done a nasty ankle injury

26: Great signs for Tyrone Roberts who gets up and plays the ball

27: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Knights get their 5th penalty of the match, Corey Parker penalised for being offside

27: Willie Mason gets his way through to the ingoal, Ashley Klein on the spot calls held up on tackle 4

27: PENALTY BRONCOS: Ben Hunt goes up and takes a good high ball & gets a penalty with Kurt Gidley taking him out in the air

29: Broncos go high with the kick and is let to bounce by everyone before Darius Boyd cleans up on his own line

30: VIDEO REFEREE: Checking a possible Ben Barba TRY, Ashley Klein gives us the 'T', checking whether Daniel Vidot went out before he offloaded

Scored by Ben Barba. Kick to come.

Ben Barba gets the green lights with Daniel Vidot's feet staying in the air whilst over the sideline before he got the offload

Conversion attempt by Ben Hunt successful.

Ben Hunt converts from out wide and extends the Broncos lead

33: Some great play from the Broncos nearly goes astray but is cleaned up out wide, and then on the last Ben Hunt is tackled 10m out from the Knights line

34: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Broncos penalised for holding the Knights down - Penalty count 6-2 in favour of the Broncos

Scored by Korbin Sims. Kick to come.

Korbin Sims shows huge strength from close range and scores on the last

Conversion attempt by Tyrone Roberts successful.

Tyrone Roberts converts

39: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Willie Mason gets over the line but is held up on the last but get another set after Adam Gee rules the Broncos offside

40: Half Time at Hunter Stadium - Broncos have a 16-6 lead over the Knights despite the home side having the majority of the pressure in the first half

40: Brisbane Broncos back out on the field at Hunter Stadium

40: They are followed by the Knights who inturn are followed by the match officials

40: Ashley Klein calls time on and the Broncos have the first possession of the second half

42: Jake Mamo makes great metres and creates great pressure on the Broncos but poor last tackle option costs the Knights again

42: Broncos making good metres in the set and Hodges is taken 17m out from the Knights line after starting it inside their own 10m

44: Speediness is the key word for the opening minutes of the first half, both sides making good metres in attack

45: Ben Hunt puts a shortside kick in and finds touch 20m out from the Knights line, slowing the game down a bit

49: Knights go high with the kick and Ben Barba just stands his ground and takes the ball comfortably before being hit by Tyrone Roberts

Jake Mamo makes an unforced error.

Jake Mamo takes a great catch on a high kick in attack but Ben Barba makes a good tackle and forces the ball loose

50: Well out of nothing , the Knights are forced ingoal

51: Video Referees go back and have a look at some earlier contact in the set and Willie Mason is on report for a shoulder to the head of Corey Parker

51: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Broncos penalised for a high tackle and Knights find touch on halfway - Penalty count now 7-2

Beau Scott makes an unforced error.

Beau Scott stands in a tackle and tries to offload but just drops it cold

54: Broncos go to the air and they take the catch but quickly it ends back up with the Knights

56: Poor end to the set for the Broncos with Ben Hunt putting a kick dead, and the Knights get the 7 tackle set from the 20m

57: PENALTY KNIGHTS: Broncos penalised (yet again) this time for a taking a Knights player without the ball

Joseph Leilua makes an unforced error.

On ZERO tackle Joseph Leilua tries to keep the ball alive and offloads the ball that goes forward

59: Jake Mamo juggles the high kick but under no real pressure cleans it up easily

62: PENALTY BRONCOS: Jarrod Mullen penalised for being offside

Scored by Dale Copley. Kick to come.

Great work from Ben Barba and then some great hands from Justin Hodges puts a tiptoeing Dale Copley over the tryline

Conversion attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.

Corey Parker tries to hook the ball from right to left but hooks it too far and it goes across the face of the goals

66: Broncos take the opportunity to go down the blindslide and nearly comes off but called back for some accidental offside

Penalty goal attempt by Ben Hunt successful.

Ben Hunt wastes some time and extends the Broncos lead to 16

72: Knights trying to pull something out of nothing put the ball over the sideline on the last tackle

Scored by Ben Hannant. Kick to come.

Ben Hannant shows some great strength to force his way over and should secure victory for the visitors tonight

Conversion attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.

Corey Parker misses the conversion but doesn't make much different on the result

76: Ben Hunt shows experience and takes control by putting the ball over the sideline about 2m out from the Knights line

78: Ben Barba who was in extreme pain, surprisingly plays the ball for the Knights

Scored by Josh Hoffman. Kick to come.

An amazing flick pass from Corey Parker to Andrew McCullough who gives it on to Josh Hoffmann who scores under the posts

Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.

Corey Parker converts it and secures the victory

80: Full Time at Hunter Stadium and the Broncos have scored a 32-6 win over the Newcastle Knights