Broncos slip past the Knights

The Brisbane Broncos continued their impressive record of not conceding any second half points in the first 5 rounds of 2011 in their impressive 17-6 victory in front of 24,522 brave fans on a wet and slippery night at Suncorp Stadium.

There were fears the the final match of the NRL's heritage round would be soured by wet weather but that was not the case in tonights match. The Broncos started the stronger of the two sides opening the scoring in just the 3rd minute of the match after Jack Reed scored off the back of a nice bomb put up high by Peter Wallace after he rose up above Wes Naiqama to put the Broncos up 4-0.

Newcastle responded in the best way possible replying with a try thanks to Cory Paterson catching an uncontested bomb put up by Mullen who then shrugged off weak tackle attempts from Darren Lockyer to scored for the Knights. Kurt Gidley converted to put the Knights in the lead 6-4.

The Broncos nearly had their second try in the 12th minute of the game when the Knights couldn't handle a Wallace grubber and Jack Reed at full stretch nearly got a fingertip on the ball to get his second.

The Knights couldn't handle the incoming pressure from the Broncos and in the 15th minute Matt Gillett found his way to the line all thanks too a Justin Hodges break which left the Knights defence unorganised and scrambling until the Gillett cracked them. Corey Parker's unhappy night with the kicking tee continued missing his second attempt but the Broncos still lead 8-6.

The ball handling in the first 20 minutes of play was impressive from both teams considering the conditions but the last 20 minutes of the first half the errors started creeping into the sets of six from both teams resulting in limited opportunities and an end to end midfield grind. The only real chance of points in the last 20 minutes of the first half came in the 36th minute when Lockyer's Try was disallowed because when Lockyer stepped back inside it meant his teammate was now in the way of the Broncos defence when he went over to score. The Knights had a chance of their own on the brink of the half time buzzer when Gidley put a nice little grubber through for himself which he picked up and then passed to Mullen who would have scored if he held onto the ball.

Half Time: Broncos 8-6 over the Knights.

The Broncos were keen to extend their lead past two points in the second half but the focus was on Mitchell Dodds to start with in the 45th minute when he left the field with concussion. A nice sporting moment when we saw Paterson stay behind the play with him to make sure he was well supported until the trainers ran onto the field.

The Broncos forced repeat sets on the Knights to keep the men from Newcastle on the back foot, and that plus a mixture of Newcastle errors allowed the game to open up before the Broncos extended their lead off the back of a scrum and a nice cut out pass from Lockyer which ended up in the hands of Beale who sliced between two scrambling defenders to score Brisbane's third. Parker now 0/3 missed and the Broncos were up 12-6 after 53 minutes.

The next ten minutes was all Newcastle with a shift in possession and momentum allowed the Knights some opportunities to make Brisbane pay for Parker's poor goal kicking and even the scores with one converted try. It wasn't to be for the Knights highlighted by a frustrating disallowed try in 67th minute where a Kurt Gidley pass was ruled to of gone forward to Richie Fa'aso who would of scored under the posts to level the scores if the call went their way.

Brisbane Broncos legend Darren Lockyer stepped up in the 76th minute to score the match winning field goal from right in front of the posts to surely seal the win for the Broncos up by 7 with only 4 minutes of the match left.

The Broncos could of sat back and enjoyed the last few minutes but decided they would rather celebrate their win with another late four pointer scored by the man who started it all Jack Reed who scored off another nice kick from Wallace where the ball skidded across the turf and through Uate's unlucky hands and Reed just slammed it down in celebration. Parker finished the game 0/4 with the boot but he wont mind too much after the Broncos secured an important 17-6 victory at home against a Knights team who have had a solid start themselves in 2011.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 17 defeated Newcastle Knights 6
National Rugby League - Round 5 (Heritage Round) - Monday April 11, 2011 7:00pm
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Grant Atkins
Crowd: 24,522
Halftime: Brisbane Broncos 8 Newcastle Knights 6 players of the match:
3 Points - Justin Hodges
2 Points - Darren Lockyer (1 Field Goal)
1 Point - Sam Thaiday

Tries: Matt Gillett, Gerard Beale, Jack Reed (2)
Field Goals: Darren Lockyer (1/1)
Conversions: Corey Parker (0/4)

Tries: Cory Paterson
Conversions: Kurt Gidley (1/1) Live Commentary It's HERITAGE ROUND - both teams will be wearing retro strips from years gone by:

Broncos Heritage v Knights Heritage

Welcome to a wet monday night game here tonight at Suncorp Stadium. This is the last match of the heritage round and both teams will be out to continue their positive starts to the 2011 season kick off is not far away.
1 min: We are underway! Knights have first possession of the ball
3 min: TRY
Broncos score off a nice bomb from Wallace. Jack Reed takes a nice catch rising above Naiqama and puts the ball down nicely. Corey Parker's conversion from the sideline just misses.
Brisbane Broncos 4-0
5 min: Newcastle Knights give away the first penalty of the night. Great start from the Broncos and a good set earning that penalty after points
6 min: Lockyer puts up a huge bomb but this time the Knights handle it nicely. The Knights can now work their way back into the match
7 min: TRY
Cory Paterson catches the ball off a high bomb uncontested. Broncos didn't wrap up the football and he powers past Lockyer and scores for the Knights. Silly defence from the Broncos. Gidley converts.
Newcastle Knights 6-4
10 min: The Knights have lifted in attack and defence since Paterson's Try but over enthusiasm in the ruck causes them to give away another penalty letting the Broncos off the hook inside their half.
11 min: Possible Broncos Try. Just checking to see if Jack Reed got a hand on the football before it trickled over the sideline
12 min: NO TRY. Video referee Chris Ward decides that Reed didn't get his hand on the football. Line drop out and Broncos have another crack.
13 min: The Knights survive back to back sets under pressure. Both teams are favouring the high bomb on the fifth tackle in the wet conditions so far it has been a good tactic.
15 min: TRY
Hodges breaks the line putting the Knights under pressure. Two tackles later Matt Gillett slices through some scrambling Knights defence which couldn't handle the big second rower whilst trying to regroup. Parker not having a good day with the kicking tee in the wet he is now 0/2.
Brisbane Broncos 8-6
19 min: Uate is hurt after being tackled in the air trying to defuse a Broncos bomb. Penalty to the Knights. Uate is limping but he should recover soon.
20 min: Halfway through the first half. Broncos up 8-6. The game is starting to open up for both teams.
21 min: Lockyer passes to no one and the ball travels across the sideline. Knights have a scrum feed on the halfway line.
22 min: Time off. Adam MacDougall copped a little tap on the nose. No intent, no penalty, play on.
23 min: Mullen knocks on. He had a little look up to see the Broncos defence sprinting up at him. Broncos feed as there is a little bit of feeling in this game with a few pushes here and there.
26 min: The handling from both teams had been quite good considering the conditions in the first twenty, but the last 5 minutes the errors have started to creep in to each of the teams sets.
27 min: Speaking of errors Sam Thaiday knocks on a pass from Wallace that was just a little bit behind him but still should of been taken some would argue.
29 min: Time off again. Dan Tolar is down he reached for his neck after it was crunched by Carlaw as he fell. Possible "crusher" tackle maybe. Good news as Tolar plays the ball.
30 min: Broncos knocked on from a kick but the man putting the pressure on was ruled to have been offside. Broncos get the penalty and a free passage up the field
31 min: Wallace throws a forward pass the but the Broncos forward mistimed his run and Wallace still opted to pass to him.
34 min: It looked like Jack Reed had just knocked that on in the ruck 10 metres out from his own line but the referee blew the penalty for a ruck infringement. The Knights players disagreed and as a result were marched an extra 10 metres.
35 min: Possible Try just seeing if there was any Broncos player obstructing the Knights defence disallowing them to tackle Lockyer before he scored.
36 min: NO TRY! Penalty to the Knights. Obstruction the ruling. Lockyer stepped back on the inside which put a Broncos player in the way of the Knights defence.
37 min: Broncos being belted by the penalties in the last 2 minutes. This one they give away deep in their own half. Knights are 15 metre away from the lead.
38 min: Broncos survive. Wallace takes a nice low catch to save the day for the Broncos.
40 min: Great play by Kurt Gidley put a little grubber through for himself scoops it up and passed inside to Mullen who surely would of scored if he handled it.
HALF TIME: Broncos 8-6 Knights. It has been an entertaining game in the wet so far. Low scoring match so far with a few errors here and there but just as entertaining as a dry match full of points.
41 min: The second half is underway. Broncos have the ball first and will look to build a lead greater than two points.
44 min: Brisbane Broncos strip the ball out of Paterson's hands. First penalty of the second half allows the Knights a full set of six inside Brisbane's half.
45 min: Mitchell Dodds leaves the field with concussion. A nice gesture from Paterson who stayed with Dodds as the game continued supporting and holding him up
47 min: Richard Fa'aoso knocks on. Broncos get the scrum feed and a chance to score some points if they are good enough
47 min: Broncos force a repeat set. Knights to drop it out from the goal line.
49 min: Knights survive. Some solid defence from them but Broncos couldn't find a kick on the last with Hannant hitting it up.
51 min: Hodges puts a nice little chip kick through. Yow Yeh sprints after it but the Knights were quick enough to bat it over the dead ball line. Goal line drop out.
52 min: Ben Hannant dropped the ball letting the Knights off the hook. But a tackle later after their advantage they pass the ball forward. Broncos again on the attack in good field position
53 min: TRY
TRY! Beale scores after some nice passing play from the scrum after Lockyer threw a cut out pass to Beale who had enough momentum running through the shifting Knights defence to score. Parker's conversion attempt is again no good.
Brisbane Broncos 12-6
58 min: The Broncos continue to apply the pressure on the Knights instantly attacking again inside the Knights half. The Knights defence was good enough to hold out and they are now working it out of their own half.
59 min: Discipline is becoming a slight issue for Newcastle giving away another penalty in bad positions of the field for them. Can Broncos extend their lead.
62 min: Knights have defended superbly to stay within 6 points with 20 minutes to go. The Brisbane play makers are looking dangerous but the Knights are equal to the task. The Knight's kick from their next set was much better trapping the Broncos deep in their own half now.
63 min: Corey Norman is on the field for the Broncos can his fresh legs spark some more points for Brisbane.
65 min: Newcastle get a penalty to give them their first chance inside Brisbane's half for a while in this second half. De Gois' return from injury hasn't been a good one as he is rushed down the tunnel.
67 min: NO TRY! Gidley threw a flat ball which was ruled forward to Richie Fa'aso who scored under the posts but disallowed by Maxwell.
68 min: Momentum swinging towards Newcastle now after a Te'o error gives the Knights another chance.
68 min: Possible Knights TRY... seeing if Joel Edwards got the ball down
69 min: Refs Call.. Held up.. tackle four. Knights ball.
69 min: Possible Try for the Knights again. Just checking to see if the Knights knocked the ball on before MacDougall plants the ball down.
70 min: NO TRY! Adam MacDougall in fact knocked the ball on himself before he puts the ball down. 20 Metre tap for the Broncos.
71 min: De Gois won't be back tonight. Pectoral muscle or Collar Bone are the possible injuries from the sideline.
73 min: Joel Edward loses the ball as a result of a nice shoulder into the ball tackle from Nick Kenny to relieve the Broncos 5 metres out from their own goal line.
74 min: Crowd tonight 24,552 not too bad on a wet night here at Suncorp.
75 min: Broncos defence going in for the kill now. Trying to finish off the game strongly. As a result forces an error from the Knights inside their own half. Possible hand in the ruck from Brisbane maybe should of been a penalty. Broncos can seal the game here.
76 min: FIELD GOAL
Darren Lockyer surely seals the match for the Broncos. kicking a field goal from right in front of the posts. Nice set up as well.
Brisbane Broncos 13-6
77 min: Knights try the short kick off which didn't go the ten metres. Broncos penalty on half way.
79 min: TRY
TRY! Jack Reed has a double. Peter Wallace puts a nice grubber which skidded across the turf in the wet. The ball slips through Uate's hands and Reed slams it into the turf! Broncos have now guaranteed victory tonight. Parker's unhappy night with the boot continues 0/4 can you believe.
Brisbane Broncos 17-6
80 min: FULL TIME! Brisbane Broncos 17 defeated Newcastle Knights 6. Broncos still haven't let in any points in the second half in 2011.

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