Broncos thump terrible Titans

The Brisbane Broncos have run riot over the hapless Gold Coast Titans 32 – 6 tonight in front of 34,596 fans at Suncorp Stadium.

In what was largely a stop-start contest, the Broncos were able to control the game from start to finish, being able to ward off a half-hearted comeback attempt by the Titans shortly after half time.

The Broncos got the whitewash under way with an early try in the 4th minute to a sprinting Josh Hoffman. The try came off the back of a poor kick from Aiden Sezer, in which the ball cannoned off the back of Nate Myles and back to Sezer. It was deemed to be acceidental offside and the Broncos took the ball wide early. Corey Norman managed to suck in multiple defenders and threw the final cut out pass to Hoffman to score in the corner.

Shortly after, Sam Thaiday surprised the Titans defence to sprint from dummy half and cut through the defensive line to stroll over for a try right next to the posts. With Corey Parkers successful conversion, the Broncos were ahead of the clock, with 12 points after only 11 minutes.

In the 21st minute, the Broncos extended the lead with a kick for goal from a series of penalties through Corey Parker.

It was hard to tell if the Titans were trying to show aggression or desperation in what turned out to be a shower of penalties against the away team. 5 from 10 penalties in the first half came from high tackles and the referees had enough of warning players and sent Greg Bird to the sin bin in the 32nd minute for repeated infringements. Dave Taylor was very lucky to escape the same fate as he was penalised shortly after for yet another high tackle.

In the 35th minute Jack Reed crossed for the Broncos 3rd try of the night in what turned out to be quite acrobatic for a backrower turned centre. Reed managed to plant the ball on the corner of the in goal as he went flying over the sideline. Parker converted to continue his perfect record for the night.

6 minutes after the half time break saw the Titans cross for their first of the evening through David Mead. Jamal Idris was able to push off a couple of defenders and get an offload to Albert Kelly, who made a big break down the field. He stepped the fullback and was able to get a free arm around the tackler to hit Mead running in for a try under the posts.

Several errors were made in the middle part of the second half before the Titans again were penalised right in front of their own try line. Parker took the opportunity to add points to the team total to extend the lead to 26-6.

In the 62nd minute Lachlan Maranta was able to score after debutante Jake Granville went down the short side from dummy half. He put in a perfectly placed grubber which bounced favourably for Maranta and he was in next to the posts. He was unlucky to add to his try scoring total 8 minutes from full time as video replays showed he had his foot on the line as he planted the football.

The Broncos will face the Bulldogs next week in Sydney on Friday night, while the Titans will travel to Mudgee to take on the Eels next Sunday.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 32 Gold Coast Titans 6
Venue: Lang Park
Crowd: 34596
Halftime Score: Brisbane Broncos 24-0 Players of the Match:
3 points - Corey Parker
2 points - Corey Norman
1 point - Sam Thaiday

Tries: Josh Hoffman, Sam Thaiday, Jack Reed, Lachlan Maranta
Conversions: Corey Parker (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Corey Parker (4/4)

Tries: David Mead
Conversions: Aidan Sezer (1/1) Live Commentary

Broncos: 1. Corey Norman 2. Josh Hoffman 3. Jack Reed 4. Justin Hodges 5. Jordan Kahu 6. Ben Hunt 7. Peter Wallace 8. Josh McGuire 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Sam Thaiday (C) 11. Alex Glenn 12. Matt Gillett 13. Corey Parker
Interchange: 14. David Stagg 15. Scott Anderson 16. David Hala 17. Jarrod Wallace 18. Mitchell Dodds

Titans: 1. William Zillman 2. Kevin Gordon 3. Brad Takairangi 4. Jamal Idris 5. David Mead 6. Aidan Sezer 7. Albert Kelly 8. Luke Bailey 9. Beau Falloon 10. Nate Myles 11. Greg Bird 12. Mark Minichiello 13. Ashley Harrison
Interchange: 14. Dave Taylor 15. Luke Douglas 16. Ryan James 17. Matt Srama 18. Mark Ioane 20. Sam Irwin
No late changes to the Titans to run out against the Broncos. The Bench will be made up of Taylor, Douglas, James and returning from injury - Matt Srama
For the Broncos, Justin Hodges has been confirmed OUT. Kahu to replace him in the centres with Lachlan Maranta to slot in on the wing.

Jake Granville will make his NRL debut and will be joined by Stagg, Hala and Jarrod Wallace on the bench.
1 min: The Broncos kickoff and the Titans will get the first set of the game.
1 min: The kick by Sezer has gone into the back of Myles and rebounded backwards. Sezer got it it but the Broncos will get a scrum.
2 min: Hoffman in for a try!
Scored by Josh Hoffman. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.
The ball goes left early and out to Norman who drags in the defenders and throws a cut out pass to Hoffman who had a mile of space in front of him for an early try! Parker nails the conversion and they take the lead.
Brisbane Broncos 6-0
5 min: Broncos complete the set with a kick from Norman. It's straight down Mead's throat and the Titans will bring it up.
5 min: Midfield bomb is put up by Kelly and Hoffman takes it well just before the 50m line.
8 min: PENALTY - Minichello penalised for holding down Hunt who scooted from dummy half to make 15m.
9 min: Thaiday in for a Broncos try!
Scored by Sam Thaiday. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.
Thaiday passes it to McGuire on the run who is brought down 5m out. Thaiday bolts from dummy half to stroll over the line for the Broncos second try! An easy conversion from Parker and they are out to a nice lead.
Brisbane Broncos 12-0
12 min: McCulloch goes to the short side and stabs a kick over the Titans line but it's gone out on the full.
12 min: Beau Falloon being carried off by the trainers.
14 min: Srama is on the field now making some good metres from dummy half.
15 min: Greg Bird maes some good metres out wide but is pulled down by Broncos defenders.
15 min: Side to side stuff here from the Titans. Mostly ineffective though as the ball has bounced out over the line from a bomb. Broncos will get a scrum 10m out from their own line.
17 min: Broncos are hitting Mead with the bulk of the bombs but so far he's got the better of them.
19 min: PENALTY - Titans pinged for being offside and the Broncos will take the kick for touch from 50m out. They'll start this attacking set on the 30m line.
19 min: PENALTY - Bailey is penalised this time for being offside. Parker will kick for two points.
Penalty goal attempt by Corey Parker successful.
Parker just about throws it over the black dot and they extend the lead.
Brisbane Broncos 14-0
21 min: Beau Falloon looks to be out for the rest of the game.
23 min: The bomb goes up by Hunt and Kahu gets to it to throw a flick pass out the back. McGuire takes it on the run and kicks it out on the full.
25 min: PENALTY - Taylor putting a lazy knee into Norman and there's another 5th tackle penalty. Cartwright is going to go off at half time.
25 min: PENALTY - Dave Taylor at it again! This time it's a high tackle.
27 min: PENALTY - Another high tackle from the Titans through Harrison. Bird went down in that tackle with a sore head.
Penalty goal attempt by Corey Parker successful.
Parker nails the penalty goal and they extend the lead further.
Brisbane Broncos 16-0
28 min: PENALTY - Idris leaps to get Reed who makes a break and he's got him across the chops for another high tackle.
28 min: PENALTY - Big body slam from Ryan James but in the second effort Hala has lost the ball trying to get up and James is penalised for it.
Penalty goal attempt by Corey Parker successful.
Parker hits another penalty goal from right in front.
Brisbane Broncos 18-0
32 min: PENALTY - Another high tackle and Greg Bird will get to go and have a sit down and a drink for 10 minutes. The ref has had enough.
32 min: PENALTY - Dave Taylor absolutely nails Wallace after he put up a bomb and there's another penalty. I'm surprised he wasn't joining Bird in the sheds for an early half time.
32 min: Reed might be in for another Broncos try here!
Scored by Jack Reed. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.
On video review Reed has gone in in the corner with an athletic try. Parker nails another sideline conversion, he is on fire!
Brisbane Broncos 24-0
36 min: PENALTY - The Titans finally get a penalty! Stagg all over Idris for that one.
37 min: PENALTY - Broncos give away another penalty and the Titans will start the attacking set on the Broncos 30m line.
38 min: Hunt diffuses the set by scooping up the grubber with ease.
40 min: Ryan James with another high shot on Hoffman but the play is messy and siren goes off in the midst of it so the ref calls time.
40 min: We will be back shortly for the second half. It's been a stop start half with the Titans absolutely shocking, giving out penalties like they were going out of fashion. The Broncos on the other hand, have been great. They've nailed the simple stuff, and have taken all available opportunities.
41 min: Sezer kicks on the 4th but it's straight down Corey Normans throat.
43 min: Bird is now back on the field.
44 min: Kelly makes a break from an Idris offload and hes off down the field.
Scored by David Mead. Conversion attempt by Aidan Sezer successful.
Mead in under the posts after a brilliant break from Kelly. He got on the end of a little offload from Idris and sprinted down the field. Took on the fullback and flicked a pass to Mead to improves the position for the conversion. Sezer kicks the conversion easily.
Brisbane Broncos 24-6
46 min: Jack Reed off with an accidental finger to the eye in an attempted tackle on Idris.
47 min: Norman makes some good metres from a Kelly chip kick.
Kevin Gordon makes an unforced error.
Gordon with an average pass to no one and the Broncos have it back.
Jake Granville makes an unforced error.
Ahhh Granville knocks it on from dummy half for his first touch in the NRL.
52 min: Granville makes up for the knock on with a great low tackle on Myles.
54 min: The Titans make it within around 30cm from the try line after a couple of forward passes and they're eventually knocked it on.
Matt Srama makes an unforced error.
Srama knocks it on.
56 min: Stagg has gone down in obvious pain. It doesn't look good on replay.
56 min: Sezer chips over the top for Gordon but the balls gone too far and out on the full over the sideline.
56 min: Wallace taken out after putting up the bomb.
58 min: PENALTY - Nyles pinged for a late hit on the kicker.
Penalty goal attempt by Corey Parker successful.
Parker kicks another penalty goal. No you're not reading the wrong live update, this is NOT a Super 15 game.
Brisbane Broncos 26-6
Scored by Lachlan Maranta. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.
Granville from dummy half down the short side and puts in a little grubber which gets a great bounce and Maranta cleans it up to score! Parker extends his perfect kicking record for the night.
Brisbane Broncos 32-6
65 min: PENALTY - Broncos penalised for a hold down on the Titans player.
Greg Bird makes an unforced error.
Bird throws the second forward pass in as many tackles and it's picked up this time.
Corey Parker makes an unforced error.
Parker with an average flick pass/offload it the Titans have it back in the Broncos half.
68 min: PENALTY - Thaiday penalised for stripping the ball once the tackle was complete.
70 min: Zillman puts in a grubber for Gordon but it's too hard and it's out in goal.
71 min: PENALTY - Idris looks at Mead to take the bomb but it brushes Idris' hand and off Mead and back to Idris. Accidental offisde.
71 min: PENALTY - The Titans strip the ball in a 3 man tackle.
73 min: VIDEO REF - Maranta might be in for a try here! They're checking to see if he was out.
72 min: NO TRY - Maranta put his foot on the line as he put the ball down. A great ball from Kahu as he was taken over the line by the Titans defense.
72 min: PENALTY - Broncos pinged for having a hand on the ball.
74 min: Idris with a break to make it to 12m out.
75 min: VIDEO REF - Possible try to Idris from a Sezer bomb. They want to check whether Idris put the ball down OK.
75 min: NO TRY - Idris judged to have bobbled the ball over the line.
William Zillman makes an unforced error.
Zillman drops the ball running onto a Sezer pass.
77 min: PENALTY - Broncos players penalised for laying all over the Titans attackers.
Kevin Gordon makes an unforced error.
Gordon brings the ball back in field and throws an offload to David Hala.
79 min: Dave Taylor playing miracle ball here and gets on the outside around Thaiday. He puts in a little grubber and it goes out over the sideline.
80 min: The siren sounds and the players are happy to call it a day.