Broncos too good for sloppy Roosters in miserable conditions

Slippery conditions in Gosford failed to deter the Brisbane Broncos from a tidy victory at Bluetongue Stadium in Gosford where they defeated the Sydney Roosters 24 points to 6.

Roosters and Broncos came out to wet and sloppy conditions on the Central Coast at Bluetongue Stadium. The weather promised to be a big player in the game, threatening errors and making teams work harder for points. First points however, were scored very early with a penalty goal landed in the third minute by Corey Parker.

From there the Roosters had all the attacking play for the next 20, dominating field position and always looking to find the line. Broncos were kept their own side of halfway and did not look like threatening for the first 20 minutes of the match.

An error, followed by a repeat set gave Broncos the possession and field position they needed to put on the first try of the match in the 32nd minute through some second man play putting Jharal Yow Yeh in to score. Parker converted and Broncos were up 8 - 0.

A large momentum swing followed the lead, as Roosters went into their shells, Broncos grew their lead heading into half time, scoring a try in the last play of the half to take them into the sheds 12 points ahead after Copley scored his first try in the top grade.
The hosts started the second half equally poorly; failing to take advantage after the Broncos conceded an early penalty. Shortly after the Broncos were on the attack through Jack Reed but some desperate defence from Anthony Minichiello kept the Broncos out. More silly errors from the Roosters gave the Broncos another chance to ensure victory but a beautiful try saver from Joseph Leilua and a good take in goal from Justin Carney under pressure kept the Broncos out.

The Roosters luck ran out in the 53rd minute after Mark Riddell conceded a silly penalty and Dale Copley was in to score for the Broncos, Corey Parker had no problem converting the try from right in front to put the Broncos ahead by 18.  Some more silly mistakes from the Roosters and the Broncos looked to score through Jahrel Yow Yeh in the 57th however Video Referee Phil Cooley ruled that he had been tackled into touch by a desperate Roosters defence.

The Roosters continued to play sloppy football and in the 45th minute Phil Cooley awarded Ben Hannant his first try of the season and another successful conversion by Corey Parker to make the Broncos 24-0.

The Roosters saw the Broncos half for only the third time in the 68th minute and were able to capitalise through Joseph Leilua who finished off a nice team try and the Broncos concede a try in the second half for the first time in 2011. Braith Anasta nailed the sideline conversion to make the score line less embarrassing for the 2011 grand finalists.

Any chances of a respectable score line for the Roosters were negated by their own hands, more silly errors kept them from scoring again. However some desperate defence from the Roosters ensured the Broncos failed to extend their lead.

The Broncos are looking good having only lost one of their first 6 matches as for the Roosters they really struggled. Their bundle of errors and lack of imagination in attack shows they are merely a shadow of their 2010 team.  

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 6 were defeated by Brisbane Broncos 24
National Rugby League - Round 6 - Saturday April 16, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Bluetongue Stadium, Gosford
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Gavin Reynolds
Video Referee: Phil Cooley
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Luke Phillips
Crowd: 8,616
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 0 Brisbane Broncos 12

Tries: Joseph Leilua
Conversions: Braith Anasta (1/1)

Tries: Jharal Yow Yeh, Ben Hannant, Dale Copley (2)
Conversions: Corey Parker (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Corey Parker (1/1) Live Commentary Good Evening and welcome to Bluetongue Stadium on the Central Coast for this Round Six clash between the Sydney Roosters and the Brisbane Broncos. Earlier tonight, the the baby Broncos smashed the junior Roosters 32 to 8 in the Toyota Cup game.
TEAM NEWS: For the Roosers, Todd Carney was ruled out earlier in the week and Brian Smith has reshuffled the side moving Anasta to the five-eighth position, Tom Symonds in jumper 19 takes Anasta's second row position. For the Broncos Te'o was ruled out for a fewer weeks and it has now been confirmed that Dale Copley will move to the wing and Jack Reed into the centre position.
1 min: Darren Lockyer kicks off in this very wet Bluetongue Stadium and we are underway.
1 min: Pretty safe first set from the Roosters in these conditions.
PENALTY against the Roosters on the fifth for a high tackle to give Broncos a good chance to attack early and Broncos opt for the shot at goal. Parker nails it.

Brisbane Broncos 2-0
4 min: Roosers reclaim the ball for their first set since the first of the game.
5 min: Good kick targetted at Copley, looks like Roosters may be wanting to target him in the air tonight.
6 min: Broncos earn an extra six tackles through a Roosters' hand on the ball.
8 min: First mistake from the Broncos with ball in hand gives Roosters their first set in good attacking position on halfway.
9 min: Roosters on an attacking raid, Minichiello almost put in and he loses the ball in a great try saving tackle from Beale.
10 min: A completed set and Locky puts agood looking kick in but it goes stright down Leilua's throat.
12 min: PENALTY late in the tackle count to the Roosters, another good attacking opportunity for the chooks here who are 12 metres out from the tap.
13 min: Roosters bomb the opportunity with a stray pass from Pearce.
14 min: Broncos definitely winning in completions here, but Roosters dominating the field position and attacking play.
15 min: A completed set from the Roosters finished with a steadying kick from Anasta in the five-eighth position tonight.
16 min: Broncos getting through their sets but not really threatening.
17 min: Good kick from Pearce putting pressure on the Broncos to get the ball out.
18 min: PENALTY to the Roosters after a high bomb from Wallace, well taken by Leilua, given to Minichiello, tackle goes on for too long and earns Roosters a penalty.
19 min: BJ Leilua slid into touch, to give Broncos their best attacking possession of the game.
20 min: Knock on from Thaiday ends the Broncos push at the line.
21 min: Scrum taking some time here...
22 min: Friend looking for a 40/20, but Copley does well to field it.
23 min: High bomb from Lockyer, well taken by Leilua.
24 min: Roosters run on the last play before Anasta eventually puts in a nothing kick after a great defensive set from the Broncos.
25 min: High bomb from McCollough diffused by Minichiello for 20 metre restart.
26 min: PENALTY to the Roosters gives them a set from half way and an opportunity to attack.
27 min: Pearce puts a good grubber in but no Roosters hands can get to it, forced dead by Broncos hands for a line drop out.
27 min: Roosters boych the drop out retrieval and knock on to invite Brisbane on the attack.
28 min: Lockyer knocks on cold in attempting to play the ball.
29 min: Another mistake and Broncos are back on the attack.
30 min: Minichiello has to knock it dead for a line drop out.
34 min: TRY
TRY to the Broncos, second man play Lockyer to Hodges offloads to Glenn creates the overlap and puts Yow Yeh in on the far side. Conversion from Parker successful.
Brisbane Broncos 8-0
35 min: 40/20 attempt from McCullough and Roosters keep it in play.
36 min: Game's slowed down since the try, neither team managing to tmake it to halfway.
37 min: Pearce's kicking game helping the Roosters who have struggled to get out of their own end for the last 10.
37 min: PENALTY to the Broncos, Roosters not doing themselves any favours here.
40 min: TRY
One arm offload from Parker through hands to Reed who finds himself into some space and hands it onto Copley to score. Conversion from Parker unsuccessful.
Brisbane Broncos 12-0
40 min: Anasta walks and the clock winds down to half time.
41 min: PENALTY to the Roosters. Broncos are punished for being in front of the kicker.
42 min: After a nice long kick for touch from Mitchell Pearce, Roosters knock on the first play.
46 min: Reed makes a nice break but is chopped down by Minichiello in a high tackle.
47 min: Broncos fail to make anything of some good attacking position, after Justin Carney successfully diffuses a bomb under pressure.
50 min: Some beautiful work from BJ Leilua denies Broncos a line dropout and some more good field position.
52 min: PENALTY against Mark Riddell gives the Broncos the ball again in the Roosters 10.
53 min: Broncos run it on the last and Roosters are lucky to escape.
54 min: TRY
TRY to the Broncos. A nice kick from Reed is grounded by Dale Copley and the Broncos score. Roosters are just not playing smart footy and the Broncos are capitalising on it. Broncos 18-0
Brisbane Broncos 18-0
55 min: Roosters knock on and Broncos will get the ball 20 metres from the tryline.
56 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a poosible Broncos TRY. Should be denied as the Roosters appear to tackle Yow Yeh into touch.
57 min: Phill Cooley denies the Broncos the try. Broncos 18 Roosters nil.
61 min: A Pearce cutout pass is put down by Justin Carney and broncos have great field position again.
62 min: VIDEO REFREE for a possible Broncos TRY. Ben Hannant may have scored here.
64 min: TRY
Phil Cooley awards the try to the Broncos and the conversion from Corey Parker is Successful.
Brisbane Broncos 24-0
68 min: TRY
TRY to the Roosters. Roosters spread it out wide and score a nice team try through BJ Leilua. Braith Anasta converts from the sideline.
Brisbane Broncos 24-6
71 min: Justin Hodges knocks the ball on on the Broncos 10 metre line.
73 min: Roosters lose the ball on atack and Jack Reed streaks down the field but is cut down by BJ Leilua in a try saving tackle.
74 min: Line dropout to the Broncos.
80 min: Full time and the Broncos were far too good for the Roosters tonight. Broncos are looking good having only dropped one game this season and the Roosters are definitely in trouble. They appear to have very little in attack with out Todd Carney, with terrible last tackle options.

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