Bulldog tested positive for cocaine
- report

Off-field problems continue to build up for the Bulldogs in the wake of sexual assault allegations, with a report that a player tested positive for cocaine last year and was fined $25,000.

The Daily Telegraph says it knows the identity of the player who was caught in a club testing procedure. However, Bulldogs chairman Dr George Peponis declined to make any direct comment, stating that drug testing matters are confidential between club and player.

The club is in no way obligated to advise the National Rugby League of internal test results. As such, the NRL conducts it own testing enforces lengthy suspensions for positive results.

Today's startling revelation follows hot on the heels of yesterday's tirade by Bulldogs board member Peter Mortimer, who blamed the behaviour of a handful of stupid individuals in Coffs Harbour for the crisis gripping the club.

An emotionally charged Mortimer, adressing the media the day after his brother Steve resigned as CEO of the club, warned some players would "pay heavily" following the alleged sexual assault of a woman in the sleepy, northern NSW coastal town on 22nd February.

He says there's no doubt some immoral things happened, but whether they're illegal is another matter.