Bulldogs bust up depleted Sharks

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have strolled through an Origin affected Cronulla Sharks with a 26-6 victory at ANZ Stadium in front of 12,012.

Both sides were missing players through State of Origin duties. However, the Cronulla Sharks were heavily impacted with their stars in Todd Carney and Paul Gallen watching from the sideline. Moreso Carney's absence was a factor to their lack of attacking flair.

The Bulldogs fired early as Dene Halatau raced 30 metres to link with Ben Barba who scored the first of his double. The Bulldogs held a 6-0 lead after 7 minutes.

The Sharks defensive line was an impression of Sydney Heads as Tim Lafai crashed over for the Bulldogs second try after only ten minutes. 12-0 Bulldogs.

A further two tries were scored by the Bulldogs in the first half. A controversial call from Video Referee Chris Ward in the 24th minute saw Jonathan Wright awarded his four-pointer. He contested the football before he planted it down in goal. 

The 'little master' Ben Barba claimed his second try of the evening shortly before half time as he flew through the line off a Josh Reynolds' grubber kick. At the half time break, the Bulldogs were rampaging with a 24-0 lead.

Shane Flanagan's half time speech boosted his side as they got their first points three minutes into the second half. Jeremy Smith powered his way through the line to beat the Bulldogs defenders. John Williams nailed the conversion for the Sharks who trailed 24-6 in the 44th minute.

The Bulldogs put the game beyond doubt when Bryson Goodwin opted for a penalty goal in the 61st minute. The Bulldogs took that lead to close the game 26-6 winners over the Cronulla Sharks. The defensive effort from the Bulldogs was at a high quality compared to the defensive misreads by the Sharks. 

Next week the Bulldog boys travel across town to Allianz Stadium as they face the Sydney Roosters. Meanwhile the Cronulla Sharks have a week to digest the loss with a bye in Round 12.

Match Details
Canterbury Bulldogs 26 defeated Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 6
National Rugby League - Round 11 - Monday May 21, 2012 7:00pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Gerard Sutton and Gavin Badger
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Grant Atkins and Nick Beashel
Crowd: 12,012
Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 24 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 0

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Ben Barba (2 Tries)
2 Points - Michael Ennis
1 Point - Dene Halatau

Tries: Ben Barba (2), Jonathan Wright, Timoteo Lafai
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Bryson Goodwin (1/1)

Tries: Jeremy Smith
Conversions: John Williams (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to MONDAY NIGHT FOOTY live from ANZ Stadium as the Bulldogs host the Sharks. A few stars missing from both sides with Origin duties, Josh Morris out for the Bulldogs. Meanwhlie Todd Carney and Paul Gallen are missing from the Sharks side with their NSW Blues duties.

In TEAM NEWS, just the one change for both sides. The Bulldogs see Trent Hodkinson returns for the dogs with Joel Romelo out. While for the Sharks, they are as per the program, 1-17.

Kick off tonight is from 7PM.
Full time in Toyota Cup: Bulldogs 26 defeated Sharks 10
1 min: We are a GO on Monday Night footy, the Bulldogs kick off with Ben Ross getting hands on the ball first for the Sharks.
1 min: Luke Macdougall gets his hands on the ball with his NRL return tonight. The Bulldogs have possession for these first set just shy of the half way line.
2 min: Bulldogs kick downfield on the last and the ball rolls dead. 20 metre tap for the Sharks.
4 min: First penalty to the Sharks tonight for a strip against Sam Kasaino for a hand in the ruck
5 min: The Sharks mounting the pressure on the Bulldogs line but Jeff Robson's kick taken in goal. Great defence from the dogs to hold them out. Bulldogs have the ball through a 20 metre tap.
7 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Ben Barba has scored a wonderful support player try. Dene Halatau broke the Sharks line to run 30 metres before linking up with Barba. The Bulldogs out to an earlier lead of 6 points with Bryson Goodwin's conversion.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0
9 min: Video Referee for the Bulldogs, looking at obstruction. Too easy for the Bulldogs here
10 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
The Sharks are opening up like Sydney Heads tonight, the Bulldogs break through the line and crash over through Tim Lafai. Video Referee happy with the play and awards the try. Goodwin nails the conversion
Canterbury Bulldogs 12-0
13 min: A mistake from the Bulldogs sees the Sharks go on the attack. A pass to Barba put down.
14 min: Penalty to the Sharks, the Bulldogs called offside. Johnathan Wright deemed offside at the line. The Sharks with a chance for points in their second opportunity at the Bulldogs line.
15 min: The Sharks unable to get over the line, on the last play the offload came on and ended up with Frank Pritchard who stepped to get away from the line but wrapped up 10 metres out.
17 min: Jeff Robson on the last play for the Sharks stabs the kick high to the air and the ball firstly in the arms of Colin Best but the offload found Ben Barba. He sped away from the defence and raced 50 metres before being ankle tapped by Best.
18 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs now with a hold down in the ruck. Bulldogs opt for quick tap and attack 30 metres out.
18 min: KNOCK ON! Colin Best raced off the line to save the try but in the process knocked on. As a result the Bulldogs have another chance for points through a scrum feed 10 metres out.
20 min: Defence turned into attack with an intercept play from Colin Best. The Sharks when 90 metres but unable to to get points. Tyson Frizell knocking on.
20 min: Bulldogs get the zero tackle as a result of the mistake 10 metres out from their line.
21 min: A controlled set from the Bulldogs sees it end with a kick for touch to give the Sharks a scrum feed 20 metres from the Sharks line.
23 min: Sharks looked for a kick on the last tackle but Michael Ennis coming up with a charge down and he fell on the bouncing ball. The Bulldogs with possession 40 metres out from the line.
24 min: Video Referee for the Bulldogs, looking for a possible KNOCK ON
24 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
A massive call from the Video Referee Chris Ward as he awarded the try for Jonathan Wright. The try off the kick and Jonathan Wright leapt through the line and planted it down despite a touch from a Sharks player.
Canterbury Bulldogs 18-0
27 min: Kick from the Sharks downfield sees the Bulldogs get a scrum feed 10 metres out from their line.
32 min: After Wade Graham made a break, an offload has seen the Bulldogs come up with the ball. However a quick hands pass deemed forward and the Sharks get the ball back through a scrum feed on their 40 metre line.
33 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs against Ben Pomeroy for pushing a Bulldogs player out of the play in the chase for the ball. Bulldogs working it off their line.
36 min: Great set of six from the Bulldogs, however no points. Ben Barba putting a grub kick in but it went dead off the hand of the Sharks. Line drop out the call for the Bulldogs
39 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Ben Barba claims his second try of the tonight with a lovely grubber kick through the line from Josh Reynolds. Goodwin's kick makes it a 24-nil lead.
Canterbury Bulldogs 24-0
40 min: The siren has sounded at ANZ Stadium which brings up the half time break. At the break, the Bulldogs lead the Sharks 24-0. The line breaks are not aiding the Sharks' cause tonight, simply run off their feet.
Second half about to get underway at ANZ Stadium, no injuries to report from the dressing rooms. The Sharks will kick off to get us underway for the second forty minutes.
41 min: Time on for the second half with Ben Barba taking the ball off the kick. Sam Kasaino with the first hit up.
43 min: First penalty of the 2nd half to the Sharks.
44 min: TRY
TRY! Sharks
Off the penalty the Sharks charged up field. Jeremy Smith powered his way through the line and planted it down beating the Dogs defenders. John Williams nails the conversion.
Canterbury Bulldogs 24-6
45 min: KNOCK ON! Andrew Fifita off the kick off has coughed up the ball and gives the Bulldogs the zero tackle 10 metres from the Sharks line.
46 min: The Bulldogs unable to get points, a mistake from them. However in the process give away a penalty to the Sharks.
47 min: Great pressure from the Sharks as Ben Barba was forced over the dead ball line. The Sharks earn a line drop out. Wonderful kick from the sharks as Barba was forced to try and catch the ball next to the goal post paddles.
47 min: Penalty to the Sharks deep in the Bulldog half. Another penalty given away from the Dogs. Chance to go back to back.
48 min: KNOCK ON! Wonderful kick from Jeff Robson to force the mistake from Kris Keating in goal. The ball going dead and the Sharks getting another repeat set through a line drop out.
49 min: Another line drop out for the Sharks, Ben Barba this time forcing the ball over the dead ball line. Jeff Robson starting to control this game
51 min: The pressure is released by the Sharks as they give away a penalty for John Williams ruled offside at the kick. Bulldogs working their way out of their own 10 metre line with a free kick.
52 min: Charge down from the Sharks, Jeremy Smith's charge down giving the Bulldogs the zero call.
53 min: The Sharks give away another penalty, the Bulldogs attacking inside the Sharks 20 metre zone now.
54 min: KNOCK ON! The Sharks holding here with a mistake from Payne. Zero tackle for the Sharks
55 min: INJURY: Luke MacDougall will come off the field you would think. Possible arm injury here
55 min: Luke MacDougall has come off the field, Frank Pritchard has come on. The play resumes with the Bulldogs through a scrum feed on their 40 metre line.
56 min: Josh Reynolds opened line the line with a kick but messed up in the contest and the Sharks have the ball. There is concern now for Goodwin in back play.
57 min: KNOCK ON! Jeff Robson running of a pass from John Morris put the ball down. Bulldogs earn a scrum feed as a result.
58 min: The Bulldogs get a repeat set through a line drop out now. A kick into the in goal area gives them a repeat set.
59 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs in front of the posts, Bryce Gibbs penalised for not being square at marker. They will take the penalty goal to make it a 20 point lead.
Bryson Goodwin nails the kick from in front of the posts.
Canterbury Bulldogs 26-6
63 min: Charge down by the Sharks and they have possession just short of halfway. Issac De Gois has a possible knee injury but plays on.
64 min: A mistake from the Sharks gives up the ball to the Bulldogs. They have possession 20 metres from their line
65 min: Video Referee Decision for the Bulldogs, Kris Keating claiming a try. Looking at a possible knock on.
65 min: NO TRY! A knock on ruled with a touch from Barba into the hands of Kris Keating. Scrum feed to the Sharks.
67 min: Video Referee for the Sharks, possible try for Wade Graham.
67 min: NO TRY! Wade Graham gets the RED LIGHTS, call of obstruction. The Bulldogs get a penalty as a result and work it out of their 20 metre zone
67 min: OFFICIAL CROWD at ANZ Stadium: 12,012
70 min: Penalty to the Sharks for a high tackle contact from James Graham. Sharks will have a chance for their second try with a full set 20 metre out.
70 min: A second quick penalty against the Bulldogs for a strip in the ruck. The Sharks attacking now 10 metre out.
71 min: Ben Barba allowed the ball to roll dead behind the goals and the Bulldogs earn a quick 20 metre tap. The Sharks certainly missing the likes of Todd Carney in their attacking sets.
74 min: KNOCK ON! The Bulldogs coughing up possession 20 metres from the Bulldogs line. The Bulldogs looked for a quick play of the ball.
76 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs for a strip in the ruck thanks to the hands of John Williams.
77 min: Josh Reynolds almost coming up with points in the corner but in his dive for the ball knocked it on. The Sharks have possession off a 20 metre tap.
80 min: FULL TIME at ANZ Stadium: Bulldogs 26 def. Sharks 6 in front of 12,012. The Sharks missed the services of Todd Carney and Paul Gallen as they hand the Bulldogs a comfort victory.

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