certain to be expelled after more deceit

After a week of lies and deceit the Bulldogs management has continued in the same vein by covering up evidence they failed to show the NRL earlier this week.

Vital information was missing on the documentation handed to David Gallop that showed the Bulldogs were massively in breach of the salary cap which will leave the NRL no choice but to expel the club from this years finals series. The missing documentation shows the Bulldogs are in fact almost two million dollars over the cap.

The Bulldogs now face immediate expulsion from the NRL and will face massive fines and a huge reduction in their salary cap next season that will see them lose all their high profile players as the fans wake this morning to the news the club even when admitting guilt could not do so with dignity and further plunged the club into crisis.

So far, we have Bob Hagan as the only casualty but surely he was not the only one who knew about the missing paragraph of information not seen by David Gallop until last night and a paragrapgh that will seal the Bulldogs fate.

The NRL board are likely to have their punishment known by today but whatever minute chance the club had of staying in this years finals series is now almost certainly gone after the lies and deceit only caused more lies and deceit. A punishment of expulsion will now be not enough and a systematic dismantling of the Bulldogs first grade squad will now be a pre-requisite for next season.

The missing paragraph contained these figures in extra salary cap payments: "2001 Actual $750,000, 2002 Budget $889,496" which came to a total of $1,639,496. The document went on to say the "ex-salary cap" payments already proposed for 2003 amounted to $459,500, which brought the total breaches to $2,098,996 over three years.

(figures courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald)

Gary Mcintyre has told Alan Jones this morning that he did inform the NRL of the missing paragraph as the information was not pertinent to the NRL's investigation as the figures were amounts budgeted to pay players but were not actually paid as the club were to pay them in two instalments and only the first instalment has been paid but this would only include this year and next.