Bulldogs destroy Cowboys
in Townsville

Round 22
North Queensland Cowboys 14 v Canterbury Bulldogs 54
at Dairy Farmers Stadium
Referee: Paul Simpkins

Match Summary:

The Canterbury Bulldogs have defeated the North Queensland Cowboys 54-14 at Dairy Farmers Stadium in Townsville.

The Bulldogs were simply too good tonight as they handed out the Cowboys a 40 point thrashing. Despite a spirited second half from the Cowboys the Bulldogs had all the answers in defence and attack.

The Dogs opened the scoring in the 5th minute through an Andrew Emelio try and they soon extended when Reni Mautua went through some poor defence to give the Dogs a 12-0 lead. The Dogs then put the match beyond doubt when they scored 3 converted tries in the last 10 minutes of the first half and they went into the sheds cruising at 30-0.

To the Cowboys credit they were able to come up with a more productive effort in the second half and were able to post tries to reduce the deficit to 42-14 but the Dogs were able to run away with it even being a man down when Brent Sherwin was sent to the bin for 10 in the 69th minute.

A good team performance from the Dogs tonight with Sonny Bill Williams, Andrew Ryan, Willie Tonga, Luke Patten, Roy Asotasi & Reni Mautua all having strong games. The Dogs are flying high with the finals coming up and the Dragons will be having nightmares at the prospect of having to face them next week. The Cowboys will now fall outside the top 8 on for against and they are in for a tough time to make it to the finals.

North Queensland Cowboys: 14
Tries: Matthew Scott, Ashley Graham, Mark Henry
Goals: Ashley Graham 1/2
Canterbury Bulldogs: 54
Tries: Trent Cutler, Hazem El Masri, Reni Maitua, Luke Patten, Willie Tonga, Sonny Bill Williams(2), Andrew Emelio(2)
Goals: Hazem El Masri 9/9

By the Clock:
Welcome to Dairy Farmers Stadium in Townsville for the round 22 clash between the Cowboys and Bulldogs.
The Bulldogs will look to continue their great form of late against an inconsistent Cowboys team. The Cowboys have had the wood over the Bulldogs in recent years but current form would suggest a comfortable win in store for the Bulldogs.

1 min: The Bulldogs kickoff to get us underway.

5 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
On the back of a good break from Willie Tonga, Asotasi is able to get a ball away in traffic the Dogs then spin the ball for Emilio to score out wide. conversion successful from the sideline
Bulldogs 6-0

9 min: The Bulldogs nearly score again but El Masri puts his foot on the touchline. A confident start for the Dogs.

11 min: O'Meley puts the ball down to give the Cowboys their first attacking raid of the night.

13 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Luke Patten scoots out of dummy half before linking up with Maitua who goes through 3 defenders to score next to the post. Conversion successful.
Bulldogs 12-0

17 min: The Bulldogs will go back into attack again after a forward pass from the Cowboys.

22 min: Great defence from the Dogs as they survive back to back sets on their own line.

27 min: NEWS Both teams struggling to control the ball. Completion rate Cowboys 7/12 - Bulldogs 6/12

30 min: BIFF - Travis Norton objects to a tackle from Willie Tonga and he gets up swinging punches and the boys exchange blows. The penalty goes to the Bulldogs

33 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
The Dogs spread the ball to Sonny Bill Williams who is allowed to much room and he strolls through the defence to score an uncontested try. El Masri converts again from the sideline.
Bulldogs 18-0

36 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
The Dogs are on fire here as Sherwin slips the ball to Maitua who goes through a hole and he finds a flying Luke Patten who runs 50 metres to score under the post. Conversion successful.
Bulldogs 24-0

39 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
The Dogs keep the ball alive and they go the length of the field again for Willie Tonga to score. Conversion successful.
Bulldogs 30-0

Halftime... It's a massacre here at Dairy Farmers Stadium as the Bulldogs have dominated every facet of the game as the score would suggest leading 30-0.

Possesion: Bulldogs 57% - Cowboys 43%
Completion Rate: Bulldogs 11/17 - Cowboys 10/17
Missed Tackles: Bulldogs 11 - Cowboys 26

41 min: Second half underway..

46 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Sonny Bill grubbers to the sideline, El Masri gathers it up and he slips it to Emelio who scores in the corner. El Masri converts from the sideline again.
Bulldogs 36-0

51 min: NEWS Travis Norton leaves the field with a shoulder injury and looks unlikely to return.

57 min: TRY North Queensland Cowboys
The Cowboys finally get on the board after getting back to back sets on the Dogs line and they are able to score in the corner through Mark Henry. Conversion unsuccessful.
Bulldogs 36-4

60 min: VIDEO REF - Possible Cowboys try.

60 min: TRY North Queensland Cowboys
The Cowboys get another try after being given the benefit of the doubt from the video ref after Ashley Graham gets the deflection from the bomb and scores. Conversion unsuccessful.
Bulldogs 36-8

64 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Sonny Bill Williams picks up a double after Roy Asotasi offloads close to the line. Conversion successful.
Bulldogs 42-8

69 min: NEWS Brent Sherwin goes to the sin bin for 10 minutes after being judged to have stripped the ball on the ground.

70 min: TRY North Queensland Cowboys
Matthew Scott charges at the line and he plants the ball down to get a little bit of respectability back into the scoreline. Conversion successful.
Bulldogs 42-14

75 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Hazem El Masri gets in on the act after the Dogs spread the ball wide and he scores in the corner. Conversion successful.
Bulldogs 48-14

78 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
The Dogs bring up the half century, from the kick off Tonga goes through the gap and he puts Cutler away for the try. Conversion successful from El Masri thats 9 from 9 now.
Bulldogs 54-14

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 - Sonny Bill Williams
2 - Andrew Ryan
1 - Willie Tonga