Bulldogs keep Storm
scoreless to win

The Canterbury Bulldogs have won 30-0 against a poor Storm outfit at Aussie Stadium.

For the second week in a row the Storm got off to a nervous start and quickly found themselves behind as Vagana scored for the Bulldogs.

The Storm briefly got back into the match, getting held up three times but failing to score. As is usually the case with Rugby League, those who don?t take their chances pay dearly. The Bulldogs made sure the Storm were no exception to the rule as Hughes scored and Anasta kicked a field goal for a 13-0 half time lead.

The Storm knew they had to be the first to score in the second half and when Mason went over for the Bulldogs in the 47th minute the match looked all but over. Perry and Vagana both got across for the Bulldogs late in the game to make it a convincing victory.

For the Storm it?s been a great season with a lot of credit going to their rookie coach in Craig Bellamy. They?ve gone a lot further than many expected them to at the start of the season and unearthed a lot of talent along the way making the future bright.

On the other hand, the Bulldogs will now re-group for next weeks match against the Roosters for a spot in the Grand Final. Only time will tell if they have truly recovered from last week?s heavy loss to the Warriors.

STORM 0 Tries: Goals: Defeated by BULLDOGS 30 Tries: Vagana 2, C.Hughes, Mason, Perry Goals: El Masri 4/7, Anasta 2 F/G's

Sunday 21 Sep 2003 3:00 PM Aussie Stadium Referee: Bill Harrigan Video Referee: Phil Cooley

Leagueunlimited.com?s players of the match: 3 ? N Vagana (Bulldogs) 2 ? H El Masri (Bulldogs) 1 ? P Robinson (Storm)

By the clock: 0 min: Kick-off!

4th min: NEWS - A solid start by both sides. Canterbury has had the first chance as El Masri just about held on to an intercept pass that would've seen him score.

8th min: NEWS - Billy Slater of the Storm had a moment of madness on his own try line. Going into touch he threw the ball inside which just about bounced back for the Bulldogs to score. Luckily King got back to clean up.

10th min: TRY - Bulldogs. Canterbury spread the ball out wide. The Storm defence wasn't up to the test as they slid in giving Nigel Vagana a big overlap to score. El Masri fails to convert - Bulldogs 4-0.

15th min: NEWS - Its been a nervous start for the Storm which will be bring back memories of last week against Canberra and their 50 point loss to the Bulldogs last month.

17th min: NEWS - Bell of the Storm has been held up over the line from an amazing run. It started on the 50 metre line where Bell received the ball; he proceeded to beat 6 men only to be brought down at the last minute by Hasem El Masri.

17th min: NO TRY DECISION - The Storm have been denied a try by the video referee. Robinson made his way over the line from a second man play but was held up. The video refereed ruled it was a no try and a 10 metre scrum with the feed going to the Storm.

20th min: NEWS - For the third time today the Storm have been held up over the line. This time it was Peter Robinson going from dummy half.

25th min: NEWS - Melbourne have made big in-roads in the last 15 minutes but they could become Disillusioned that they haven't managed to put points on the board as of yet.

27th min: PENALTY GOAL - Bulldogs. The Storm gave away a penalty for holding down in the play the ball and El Masri slotted the two points for Canterbury - Bulldogs 6-0.

28th min: NEWS - That penalty goal from Hasem El Masri gives him 1000 career points.

30th min: TRY - Bulldogs. The Storm gave away a penalty for being in front from the kick-off. From the following set Travis Norton made a half break and put Corey Hughes over for a try. El Masri converts - Bulldogs 12-0.

34th min: NO TRY DECISION - Luke Pattern of the Bulldogs went through a big whole to score but it was ruled that Travis Norton obstructed Mitchell Sargent.

39th min: FIELD GOAL - Bulldogs. With half time nearing Braith Anasta kicked a field goal from 40 metres out - Bulldogs 13-0.

HALF TIME: It?s been a close first half but it?s the Bulldogs who have turned their opportunities into points. The Storm are well in the contest but they will need to start getting across the try line.

41st min: The second half is underway!

47th min: TRY - Bulldogs. Canterbury had an overlap and spread it out wide. It came to Willie Mason who shrugged off a defender and scored. Bill Harrigan sent it to the video referee to see if Sherwin had knocked on but he was ruled to have caught the ball before it hit the ground. El Masri fails to convert - Bulldogs 17-0.

50th min: NEWS - Braith Anasta blew a certain try. The Bulldogs had made a big break and Anasta dropped the ball cold with nobody in front of him.

52nd min: NEWS - Robbie Kearns of the Storm has come to the sideline after taking a very hard hit.

58th min: PENALTY GOAL - Bulldogs. Cameron Smith of the Storm took out Steve Reardon and gave away a stupid penalty. El Masri stepped up and slotted the two points - Bulldogs 19-0.

60th min: NEWS - With that kick Hasem El Masri has broken Ivan Cleary's record for most points scored in a season. Earlier El Masri also broke Mick Cronin's record of most goals kicked in a season.

65th min: NO TRY DECISION - An amazing set of events. Matt Orford put in a kick; Robinson chased and looked to have scored. Bill Harrigan ruled it had gone dead but after a replay the video referee told him he should have a look. Bill Harrigan sent the decision up top but it was eventually ruled that Peter Robinson was in front of the kicker giving a penalty to the Bulldogs.

70th min: TRY - Bulldogs. Nigel Vagana put in a kick which bounced off Moala and back onto Vagana. El Masri picked the ball up and passed it back to the man who started it all in Vagana to score. El Masri fails to convert - Bulldogs 23-0.

77th min: TRY - Bulldogs. Adam Perry went from dummy half, threw a dummy and then went over the line. Bill Harrigan went to the video referee to see if Perry had got over the line and it was ruled a try. El Masri converts - Bulldogs 29-0.

79th min: FIELD GOAL - Bulldogs. With little time on the clock Braith Anasta kicked a field goal - Bulldogs 30-0.

FULL TIME: The Storm had their chances in the first half but failed to take them. The Bulldogs sunk the killer blow close to half time and continued to push on in the second half. Its been a very professional effort and they now play the Roosters next week for a place in the Grand Final.