Bulldogs lose sponsor

The Bulldogs are facing further problems off the field as police investigations continue into the alleged sexual assault of a young woman by several players at a Coffs Harbour resort last month.

The club is set to lose a $150,000 sponsorship deal with Bradley Australia, a leading manufacturer of commercial washroom equipment and bathroom accessories.

It's understood the company are unlikely to renew their sponsorship deal with the club following recent negative publicity.

While the alleged sexual assault has caused enough grief to the club already, revelations by a player that "gang bangs" are a regular part of rugby league have apparently angered sponsors.

Bradley Australia's CEO has told a national newspaper that even if the sexual assault allegations are not proven, it is unlikely the company will renew their sponsorship agreements with the Bulldogs.

"Even if there are no criminal charges, players have broken their code of behaviour and there is no question about that," Oss Newhouse told The Australian. "It's likely that we won't be renewing."

It's believed that Bradley Australia will not be the last sponsor the Bulldogs lose.

Revelations of the apparent culture of "gang bangs" in rugby league have put a dark cloud over tomorrow's media preview of the NRL's new television commercial, which is apparently aimed at bringing women to the game.

The NRL's official website also now has background images of women enjoying watching the game, showing exactly what market the code is targeting in 2004.

The NRL will be holding its official season launch tomorrow night.