Bulldogs maul the Roosters

The Canterbury Bulldogs have absolutely thrashed the Sydney Roosters 60-14 on a hot day in front of a crowd of 19,738 at ANZ Stadium.

The final resembles a cricket score, with the Roosters never looking threatening enough to be any kind of contest in this match. Riddled by errors, a poor completion rate and a lack of energy, the Roosters were steam rolled by a rejuvenated Bulldogs outfit who seemed fixated on erasing the memories of their shocking first two rounds.

An interesting first minute saw a scuffle between Nate Myles and Michael Ennis over what appeared to be a few words said to each other after a kick off went out on the full. It looked as if the match was going to be set up for a fiery contest. The Bulldogs certainly didn't disappoint, but the Roosters lacked the intensity to match.

The Bulldogs, who had lost both of their games so far this season, were determined to show their true colours, and came out firing early on in the match. It took just 10 minutes for Josh Morris to cross for his first try. Steve Turner added to the score just 4 minutes later, and before the Roosters knew it, it was 30-4 at Half-Time.

The Roosters came out after the break and scored two quick tries to reduce the deficit, but fell flat straight after. The Bulldogs amassed another 30 points in less than 35 minutes, with Josh Morris bagging 4 tries, and Ben Barba scoring a brilliant hat-trick in around 15 minutes of game time.

The Roosters' poor game was epitomised by a terrible pass by Braith Anasta, which saw Steve Turner cross under the posts for his second try sending the scoreline out to 56-14. As the Roosters awaited Bryson Goodwin to kick the conversion (6/12), they stood under the goal posts staring at their feet as scores of fans began to walk out early. Their performance was, at times, nothing short of embarrassing. While fans shouldn't be reaching for that bottle of scotch just yet, they should keep it on standby if the Roosters come out with the same attitude next week.

It has taken three rounds for the Bulldogs to show what they are capable of, with some outstanding individual performances from Josh Morris and Ben Barba. The Bulldogs, while at times sluggish, did all of the little things right and finally posted their first points of 2010.

Match Details Canterbury Bulldogs 60 defeated Sydney Roosters 14 National Rugby League - NRL - Round 3 - Sunday March 28, 2010 3:00pm Venue: ANZ Stadium Referee: Jason Robinson and Bernard Sutton Video Referee: Sean Hampstead Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and David Abood Crowd: 19738 Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 30 Sydney Roosters 4

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:

3 Points - Josh Morris (4 Tries)

2 Points - Ben Barba (3 Tries)

1 Point - Ben Roberts

Tries: Andrew Ryan, Steve Turner (2), Ben Barba (3), Jamal Idris (2), Josh Morris (4)
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (6/12)

Tries: Braith Anasta, Mitchell Pearce, Ben Jones
Conversions: Todd Carney (1/3)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary 10 min: TRY
Josh Morris crosses for the first try for the Dogs.
Canterbury Bulldogs 4-0
14 min: TRY
Steve Turner puts the Dogs further in front with a good effort.
Canterbury Bulldogs 10-0
21 min: TRY
The Dogs are starting to run away with this one and finally showing some form.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-0
25 min: TRY
Starting to get embarrassing for the Roosters now as the Dogs cross again.
Canterbury Bulldogs 22-0
29 min: TRY
The Roosters are finally on the board.
Canterbury Bulldogs 22-4
31 min: TRY
The Dogs reply to the Roosters try, as Morris bags his second.
Canterbury Bulldogs 26-4
38 min: TRY
One just before the end of the half, and the Dogs are well in control of this contest. A great first half for a side with two losses from two games.
Canterbury Bulldogs 30-4
40 min: At the end of the first half, the Bulldogs are well in control of this contest and are finally showing signs of the team they can be. The Roosters, riddled with errors, need to switch on to get back into this contest.
42 min: TRY Dewsbury Rams (NL1)
The start the Roosters needed - Anasta crosses and reduces the deficit.
Canterbury Bulldogs 30-8
45 min: TRY
What a turn around - The Roosters cross again and appear to have woken up in the break. The Dogs are sluggish coming out from the half time break.
Canterbury Bulldogs 30-14
50 min: TRY
Idris crosses for his second and the Dogs extend the lead again. Goalkicking has been poor this game for both sides. Amazing to see the difference it makes without an excellent goalkicker in your side.
Canterbury Bulldogs 34-14
58 min: TRY
Ben Barba shows his brilliance and again, the Dogs extend the lead. It is looking impossible that the Roosters will be able to get back from here. They showed some signs of getting back into the contest, but are quickly conceding this contest in embarrassing fashion.
Canterbury Bulldogs 38-14
60 min: TRY
Some poor work by the Roosters see Josh Morris cross for his 4th of the day. Still 20 minutes to go, and the Dogs are looking like notching up a half century.
Canterbury Bulldogs 44-14
64 min: The Roosters come close to scoring with some good effort, but Patten and Halatau cover in defence and knock the Roosters into touch. Great desperation and a chance missed for the Roosters who are still giving it everything.
66 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs - unnecessary contact to the head. The Dogs get a piggy back up the field.
66 min: Some quick stats - Dogs have completed 27 from 33 sets. Roosters only 12 from 22. 16 errors to the Roosters, only 7 to the Bulldogs.
67 min: TRY
The disappointment of the first two rounds seemingly have been washed away after this performance. Some great work by Ben Barba sees him cross for yet another try, and the Dogs are now giving a show to this pro-Bulldogs crowd. Great performance and a good way for the Bulldogs to get their first points of 2010. 50 for the Bulldogs.
Canterbury Bulldogs 50-14
68 min: Kimmorley makes a mistake off the kick-off. Lost his concentration there. Drop out Bulldogs.
68 min: Crowd: 19,738. Would have been nice to get more than that, but it has been a vocal crowd.
69 min: Carney throws a rotten pass out the back to Aubusson who knocks on. Everything they have tried has gone the wrong way, while everything has gone right for the Bulldogs.
70 min: TRY
Anasta throws a terrible pass - intercepted by Turner who crosses over for the easiest try of the match. Shocking performance by the Roosters.
Canterbury Bulldogs 56-14
71 min: Some interesting chat going on at the leagueunlimited.com forums - Roosters fans obviously not too happy with the performance. For the Dogs fans, they must be enjoying this first win of the year, and doing it in style.
74 min: Todd Carney is topping the stats - 1st with 4 missed tackles and 1st with 3 errors. Hasn't had a good game.
75 min: Turner knocks on with an open line to score at. The Roosters let out a sigh of relief...
76 min: Interesting to note that the Dogs have missed 5 conversions - the difference that El Masri used to make is noticed! (although doesn't matter here) Could have been an ever bigger scoreline!
76 min: TRY
Barba has been on the field for about 15 minutes, and he has three tries. This was his best of the day! A chip kick from the mid field sees Barba in a foot race with Perrett and Todd Carney... but Barba went into fourth gear and crosses again. The Roosters fans are leaving the ground and are rightly very embarrassed.
Canterbury Bulldogs 60-14
80 min: And thats fulltime. The Dogs have thrashed the Roosters in a great performance. 4 Tries to Morris, 3 to Barba. Brilliant performance.

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