Bulldogs media officer quits amidst election scandal

Canterbury Bulldogs media officer Chris O'Brien has quit his job following allegations that he sent a libellous email under a false name about Club board member Ray Dib.

The revelations came after Dib became the victim of a smear campaign earlier this week.

On Monday the email from "Ronnie Younis" was sent to Sydney Morning Herald journalists containing a transcript of testimony from Dib's brother, David, at a public hearing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in August 2004.

The transcript linked both men to a building licence scam.

An ICAC spokesperson however, said there had been no recommendations for charges against David Dib and that Ray Dib was not under investigation.

Ray Dib reportedly spent 'thousand of dollars' to secure evidence that established the source of the email was O'Brien's home computer.

The Daily Telegraph reported today that O'Brien, knowing he was about to be named as the sender of the email, was left with no choice but to resign immediately.

The scandal is a further indication of the fractured situation as the Bulldogs head for Sunday's annual general meeting when the Club's 500 members will elect a new board.

Its understood that last night Dib called (Bulldogs) chairman Dr George Peponis and demanded the immediate termination of Mr O'Brien's employment and for a full investigation to take place.

"I have also told my lawyers to immediately commence civil proceedings for damages against those responsible for the false and slanderous email," Dib said.