Bulldogs on fire at Suncorp

The Bulldogs travelled to Suncorp in Brisbane tonight and dealt the home side a harsh blow, beating them by 40-4.

It was always going to be a tough ask for the Broncos missing 10 of their regular players for Origin duty, and although the Brisbane side started well, the Bulldogs never looked threatened throughout the match. The Bulldogs were playing with 3 of the team also out with Origin duty.

With the lead at halftime 22-0 to the Bulldogs, it was an uphill battle for the Broncos, one that they couldn't crack although they certainly picked up the pace after the break.

A bit of ill discipline sneaked into the Bulldogs early in the second half with 7 penalties in a row going against them.

Stand out players for the Bulldogs were Sherwin, Grimaldi, Feeney and Thurston. For the Broncos Webb, Wyatt and Parker had fine performances when they were on the field.

Scorers: BRONCOS 4 Tries: McQuire Goals: Prince (0/1) defeated by BULLDOGS 40 Tries: Patten 2, Sherwin 2, Harris, Vagana, Hall Goals: El Masri (6/7)

Friday 11 July 2003 7:30 PM Suncorp Stadium Crowd: 25,107 Referee: Shayne Hayne

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - B Sherwin (Bulldogs) 2 - T Grimaldi (Bulldogs) 1 - C Webb (Broncos)

By the clock:

0 min: KICK OFF!

3rd min: NEWS - Broncos throwing the ball around on the last tackle, very close to scoring. Video ref asked to look at an incident seen by the touchie. Ref rules play on

5th min: NEWS - Seymour (Broncos) off the field with a foot injury, Minto on early as a replacement. Unforced errors on both sides causing possession to be turned over, conditions a little slippery with showers predicted. No score at present

7th min: NEWS - Grimaldi gets a penalty for his side close to the line, which the Bulldogs decide to run. The little chip put in by Sherwin is just out of reach for Vagana

13th min: TRY - Patten for Bulldogs. A penalty to the Bulldogs helps with field position. A good set of six, Sherwin puts in a grubber which bounces up under the posts. Patten does well to gather the football and score. El Masri from out in front adds the extra two points. Bulldogs 6-0

20th min: NEWS - A mistake by the Bulldogs close to the Broncos line and a penalty give the Broncos back to back sets of six. The option on the last fell to the wayside

22nd min: TRY - Sherwin for Bulldogs. A penalty during their set gives the Bulldogs great field position. Sherwin on the last took the option to kick through for himself and it paid off. Great try. El Masri once again from in front, gets the conversion. Bulldogs 12-0

27th min: NEWS - Sherwin (Bulldogs) very close to scoring yet again after just missing a catch from a high kick. A very fast end to end game

29th min: TRY - Sherwin for Bulldogs. A mistake by the Broncos sets up the Bulldogs attack. Quick plays and Grimaldi is through the gap followed in hot pursuit by Sherwin who scores. El Masri, with another easy conversion, gets the 2 points. Bulldogs 18-0

34th min: TRY - Harris for Bulldogs. After missing out on a penalty for a late shoulder on Thurston, the Bulldogs keep possession and use it well to not let the defence set. Harris scores right in the corner. El Masri from the sideline misses his first tough kick of the night. Bulldogs 22-0

HALF TIME: Try as they may, the Broncos have a tough 2nd half ahead of them

50th min: NEWS - The Bulldogs are throwing a lot of ball around but the Brisbane defence has stepped up a gear, and holding them out well. Still 22-0 to the Bulldogs

54th min: NEWS - Broncos hot on attack with back to back penalties close to their line. Great defence by the Bulldogs especially Vagana. The kick on the fifth just a little too hard for Swain to regather. Bulldogs 22-0

59th min: TRY - McQuire for Broncos. Points on the board at last after Prince took the ball to the defensive line, and put McQuire through the perfect gap. Prince from 15 metres in, just puts the ball to the left of the upright. Bulldogs 22-4

65th min: TRY - Vagana for Bulldogs. Broken play by the Broncos and as ever Vagana is sniffing around, gets the ball and bursts away to score under the posts. El Masri has no trouble with the conversion from out in front. Bulldogs 28-4

74th min: NEWS - The crowd is vocal and the Broncos have responded but the Bulldogs defence holds

75th min: TRY - Patten for Bulldogs. Patten gets his second after some very quick plays by the Bulldogs to outgun the defence. An excellent pass by Asotasi sets up Patten with a juggling act, under the posts. El Masri adds the extra. Bulldogs 34-4

80th min: TRY - Hall for Bulldogs. Working their way across the field, the Bulldogs are still attacking. Sherwin puts Hall into a gap and he scores right on the hooter. El Masri finishes the game with an easy conversion. Bulldogs 40-4

FULL TIME: An easy win in the end for the Bulldogs