Bulldogs pull off stunning victory over Knights

THE Canterbury Bulldogs have come back from a 16-point half time deficit to defeat the Knights 32-22 in front of a 10,257 crowd at ANZ Stadium this evening.

The home side kept the Knights scoreless in the second half for the third week in the row to keep their top eight hopes alive.

With their finals berth still not guaranteed the line the Knights got to work immediately, dominating the Bulldogs all over the park. The visitors posted points early with Kurt Gidley grounding a perfect Jarrod Mullen kick to score in only the fifth minute of the match. 

Gidley added more points to the Knights' total in the 13th minute with a penalty goal after the Bulldogs were pinned for an illegal strip. The Knights continued to dominate possession as the Bulldogs struggled to hold on the ball and give away cheap penalties.

Gidley kicked another penalty goal in the 24th minute to extend the Knights' lead to 10.

The Bulldogs finally came to play the match in the 29th minute with Josh Morris running 50 meters to score for the Bulldogs.

However an Aiden Tolman knock on from the kick off put the Knights right on the attack and the visitors capitalised on their opportunity through Richard Fa'aso in the 30th minute.

The Knights were over again only six minutes later when Zane Tetevano scored coutesy of a Jarrod Mullen grubber kick. Gidley added the extras to give the Knights a 22-6 lead at half time.

It was all the Bulldogs in the second half as they took control of the second 40. Steve Turner opened the scoring in the 55th minute.

The home side then went 100 meters in the next set to score back to back through Josh Reynolds. 

The Bulldogs continued to dominate in the second half as the Knights self destructed. Jamal Idris capped off a team try in the 60th minute to put the Bulldogs within two points of the lead.

Both teams were given opportunities to add to their total over the next passage of play but both sides failed to capitalise.

The scoreboard attendant was finally put to work again in the 71st minute when Ben Barba fooled the defense to give the Dogs the lead. Barba was the hero again three minutes later when he came up with a miraculous put down to put the result out of doubt.

Match Details
Canterbury Bulldogs 38 defeated Newcastle Knights 22
National Rugby League - Round 25 - Saturday August 27, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Adam Devcich
Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
Touch Judges: Russell Turner and David Abood
Crowd: 10,257
Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 6 Newcastle Knights 22

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - David Stagg
2 Points - Josh Morris (1 Try)
1 Point - Josh Reynolds (1 Try)

Tries: Steve Turner, Ben Barba (2), Jamal Idris, Josh Morris, Josh Reynolds
Conversions: Steve Turner (4/6)

Tries: Kurt Gidley, Richard Fa'aoso, Zane Tetevano
Conversions: Kurt Gidley (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Kurt Gidley (2/2)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good evening folks and welcome to ANZ Stadium where the Canterbury Bulldogs play host to the Newcastle Knights.
The home side will go into the match with only one change to their side named on Tuesday afternoon; Greg Eastwood is out, Grant Millington comes into the bench in his place.
For the Knights, Adam Macdougall is out and will be replaced by Siuatonga Likiliki. Mark Taufua drops off the bench to make room for Peter Mata'utia who will start at fullback, with Kurt Gidley shifting to five-eighth and Ryan Stig starting on the bench.
1 min: We have kick off at ANZ Stadium.
7 min: TRY
Jarrod Mullen bombs and Ben Barba makes a mess of it and Gidley is there to ground the ball.
Newcastle Knights 6-0
8 min: Ryan loses the ball on his own 30 and the Knights will go on the attack.
9 min: Gidley loses the ball only 10 out and the Bulldogs are off the hook.
12 min: Knights some great meters from their set before the Bulldogs are penalised 20 meters from the Dogs' tryline.
The Knights decide to go for the two and Gidley has no problem kicking it.
Newcastle Knights 8-0
14 min: Jarrod Mullen boots it down the field and it bounces out 10 out from the Dogs' line.
15 min: Bulldogs get a penalty 20 out from their own line.
16 min: Pritchard loses the ball 30 our from the Knights' line.
17 min: Josh Morris strips the ball just as the Knights are looking dangerous 30 out from the Dogs' line.
17 min: Mullen is penalised for being offside and the Dogs should get some more field position.
18 min: Romelo loses the ball 20 out from the Knights' line.
19 min: The Knights will get a line dropout after the Bulldogs knock on a Kurt Gidley bomb into the in goal.
20 min: Gidley grubbers into the in goal from 10 out on the 4th and it goes dead, a poor kick there.
20 min: Trent Hodkinson kicks it out on the full and the Knights will go on the attack.
21 min: Newcastle get a penalty in the Dogs' half.
23 min: Knights will get six more after the Dogs concede another penalty. This time it's ten out and Gidley wants to go for the two.
Gidley add the two points.
Newcastle Knights 10-0
25 min: Knights finish their set on halfway before Mullen boots it downfield and in between the Bulldogs' backs.
26 min: Stagg loses the ball 30 out from his own line.
27 min: Mullen is forced to rush a kick on the last from 20 out but Ben Barba is able to take it on the full in his in goal.
29 min: TRY
Romelo makes a nice run before off loading to a speeding Morris who runs 50 meters to score. Turner's conversion is successful.
Newcastle Knights 10-6
30 min: Tolman loses the ball trying to play it from his own 20.
32 min: Possible try to Richard Fa'aso for the Knights. Just checking a possible interference.
32 min: TRY
Try! The Knights get the green light! Fa'aoso just muscled his way over and took 4 defenders with him to score under the posts. Gidley adds the extras.
Newcastle Knights 16-6
33 min: Knights will get a piggyback up the field after the Bulldogs are penalised for a strip on the Knights' 30 meter line.
35 min: Mullen grubbers into the in goal on the last but Barba is able to clean it up this time.
36 min: Warburton loses the ball for the Dogs 20 out from his own line, Knights back on the attack.
38 min: TRY
Beautiful grubber by Mullen into the in goal to create a try for Zan Tetevano. Gidley converts the try.
Newcastle Knights 22-6
39 min: Houstan makes a 30 meter break before passing to Mata'utia who is tackled 10 out.
40 min: Knights get six again after a Bulldogs' player charges down a kick by DeGois.
40 min: Josh Morris saves the day for the Bulldogs on half time with an intercept.
41 min: Kurt Gidley kicks off to bring the second half under way.
41 min: Bulldogs get six again on halfway after a Knights' play gets his hand to the ball.
42 min: The Knights are off the hook after the Bulldogs' lose the ball on the first tackle.
43 min: Mullen goes to the air from 30 out but the Knights' chasers just aren't in it and Barba diffuses it easily.
44 min: Bulldogs make great meters on their set before Hodkinson puts up a bomb, but McManus does well to diffuse it, however he is tackled into touch and the Dogs will get a scrum from 10 out.
45 min: Possible try to the Bulldogs.
46 min: TRY
Steve Turner scores for the Bulldogs after the Dogs spread it out wide. Turner fails to converts his own try. 49 min: TRY
The Bulldogs go 100 meters on their set and Josh Reynolds finishes it off with a try after making 20 meter break. Turner adds the extras.
Newcastle Knights 22-16
50 min: Gidley's kick off goes out on the full.
50 min: Morris loses the ball only three meters out from the try line.
52 min: Lulia is off the field for the Knights he is in all kinds of pain.
52 min: Houstan loses the ball 40 out from his own line after a terrible pass from Fa'aso.
53 min: The Knights win the scrum and should go on the attack at the end of their set.
54 min: The Bulldogs are given a penalty 10 out from their own line after Barba is interfered with in trying to diffuse a Mullen bomb.
55 min: Morris knocks it on 30 out from the Knights' line.
56 min: The Knights will get a line dropout after a great kick chase traps Turner in goal.
58 min: Likiliki loses it 20 out from the Dogs' line.
60 min: TRY
Jamal Idris caps finishes off a beautiful Bulldogs' team try. Turner's conversion attempt unsuccessful.
Newcastle Knights 22-20
61 min: Idris loses the ball for the Bulldogs 30 out from his own line.
62 min: Knights will get a line dropout after a well weighted grubber by Mullen into the in goal.
68 min: Bulldogs get six again 40 out from the Knights' line.
69 min: Bulldogs get six again in the Knights ten this time.
71 min: TRY
Ben Barba fools the Knights' defence with a step and stroll over to score for the Bulldogs. Turner adds the extras.
Canterbury Bulldogs 26-22
72 min: Bulldogs might have another one here.
73 min: No try! Turner knocked it on.
74 min: Knights make three kicks on their last play before the Bulldogs get the ball back ten out from their own line.
75 min: Barba might have a double here.
76 min: TRY
Try! Reynolds goes to the air on the last and it looks like there's too much on it but Barba comes up with a miraculous put down to score. Turner adds the extras.
Canterbury Bulldogs 32-22
77 min: Idris puts a foot into touch taking the kick off and the Knights have one last chance.
77 min: The Knights lose the ball on the first play. The Bulldogs should bring it home from here.
79 min: Hodkinson kicks it on the full.
79 min: We have a little bit of biff at ANZ here. Reynolds throws a few punches at Gidley and the Knights skipper strikes back. Penalty to the Knights.
80 min: The Knights get a penalty on full time.

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