Bulldogs put bite on gutsy

The Bulldogs have comprehensively defeated the South Sydney Rabbitohs by 34-8 on a fine Monday evening at Aussie Stadium.

Both teams made plenty of errors and mistackles as the Bulldogs scored 12 points in quick succession early on in the match, only for the South Sydney side to score a try half way through the first half as the Bulldogs led by 12-4 at half time.

The Rabbitohs had a sniff of the match early in the second half as they put pressure on the Bulldogs outfit, the rest of the match however went the way of the boys from Canterbury as they carved up the Rabbitohs defence often making easy metres from poor defence and capalised on it by scoring plenty of tries.

The Rabbitohs were their own worst enemy at times by taking poor options and ran out of puff with 20 minutes to go, with several of their players hit by injuries.

It was a good build-up for the Bulldogs as they play a strong looking Brisbane outfit next week.

RABBITOHS 8 Tries: Hookey, MacDougall Goals: Peters 0/1, Alley-Tovio 0/1 defeated by BULLDOGS 34 Tries: Tonga 2, El Masri, Utai, Mason, Ryan Goals: El Masri 5/6

Aussie Stadium Referee: Shayne Hayne Video Referee: Paul Simpkins. Touch Judges: Steve Lyons, Darren Gocher

By the clock: 0 min: A reasonable crowd is in hand on a fine autumns day at Aussie Stadium,The Rabbitohs kick off to start the match.

1 min: NEWS - Justin Smith is taken off the field with what appears to be a serious knee injury.This is a big blow to South Sydney.

5 min: NEWS - The Bulldogs survive an early Rabbitohs charge,they are let off through a South Sydney mistake.

10 min: TRY - After a great set from the Rabbitohs nearly resulting in a try the Bulldogs charge there way down the other end of the field.Brent Sherwin puts up a big bomb,It appeard that Souths fullback Brad Watts was struggling under the high ball.It bounces up,A Bulldogs player regathers the ball as they pass it out wide to find Hazem El Masri to score.El Masri converts.6-0 Bulldogs

13 min: TRY - A great pass from Braith Anasta puts Mark O'Meley into space,He passes it to Willie Tonga who strolls in for an easy try.El Masri converts.12-0 Bulldogs

16 min: NEWS - The Rabbitohs pull off a great save after The Bulldogs put on another rampage.Souths get a penalty as the pressure is lifted off them.

20 min: TRY - An entertaining passage of play comes to an end.The Bulldogs 20 metres from spill the ball,Luke MacDougall gathers and sprints away with the ball-He's pulled down,Then Souths spill the ball only for the Bulldogs to make a mistake soon after, they pass it out to the flanks as Lee Hookey scores for Souths.Peters misses the conversion.12-4 Bulldogs

30 min: NEWS - The Bulldogs butcher a try opportunity as Matt Utai makes a break,He has Willie Tonga outside him but he runs straight into Souths fullback Brad Watts,A Bulldogs player spills the ball the next play.

35 min: NEWS - The Rabbitohs have there tails up after 2 sets six in a row down the Bulldogs end of the field.

HALF-TIME:The siren rings as the first 40 minutes is up.Both sides have looked strong in patches with the Dogs getting all there points within a couple of minutes,they will not be happy with the ammount of errors they have made.The Rabbitohs have looked strong only to be let down by poor option taking and errors at crucial times.

40 min:The second half is under way as the Buldogs re-start play.

45 min: NEWS - The Rabbitohs got the start they needed.Jamie Russo puts up a huge cross-field bomb,It finds Damon Alley-Tovio but is held up by the Bulldogs defence.

50 min: NEWS - After being let off the hook down the other end the Rabbitohs butcher another try scoring opportunity.

57 min: TRY - The Bulldogs shift the ball from the ruck to find Matt Utai's hands to score.El Masri converts.18-4 Bulldogs

61 min: TRY - Great passing by the Bulldogs as they run inside and outside of the Rabbitohs,Willie Tonga throws a pass to Willie Mason who scores an easy try.El Masri converts.24-4 Bulldogs

64 min: NEWS - Mark Leafa is placed on report for a high and late tackle on Braith Anasta.

66 min: TRY - The Bulldogs continue to mount on the points as poor tackling and good passings sees Willie Tonga score a well deserved double in the corner.El Masri misses the conversion.28-4 Bulldogs

70 min: NEWS - Good backline movement by a tired Rabbitohs outfit only to be let down by one last wayward pass.

76 min: TRY - Luke Patten makes a big break he sets up backrower Andrew Ryan to score.El Masri converts.34-4 Bulldogs

79 min: TRY - Good work from Luke MacDougall as he powers his way to score out wide. Alley-Tovio's conversion attempt is a shocker.34-8 Bulldogs

FULL-TIME:The final whistle is blown.South Sydney simply ran out of puff after a gutsy preformance but often let down by bad option taking and handling.Once The Bulldogs gelled together they looked unstoppable as they play the Broncos next week in a verry important match. The final score-Bulldogs 34 defeated South Sydney 8. ----------------------------------------- Leagueunlimited.com players of the match: 3 - W Mason (Bulldogs) 2 - W Tonga (Bulldogs) 1 - A Ryan (Bulldogs) -----------------------------------------