Bulldogs response to Telegraph


In response to an article in today's Daily Telegraph Bulldogs CEO Bob Hagan has issued the following statement:

"I thoroughly resent the implication that the Bulldogs have doctored crowd figures as indicated by today's report on page 58 of the Daily Telegraph. The journalist was given a copy of the Ticketek report that categorically stated that there were 6236 valid entries to the ground, a figure not including all of the season ticket holders, officials or complimentary passes, but still chose to present a false representation of crowd attendance.

"We have evidence that irrefutably shows that at least three of these shots were taken well before 3pm and I have serious doubts as to whether any of them were taken during the main game.

"We have no problem admitting that we've been disappointed by attendances at our past two games at the Showground but it is completely unfair and inaccurate to suggest that the figures are anything other than what we have stated.

"The report is a further slap in the face given the fact we have actively taken special measures to try and boost crowd attendances for our game this Sunday against the South Sydney Rabbits. These measures include:

*As the only game in Sydney on Sunday the Bulldogs are offering two tickets for the price of one for season ticket holders from any NRL club.

* A two for one deal has also been advertised in the local papers. * A junior league promotion that will bring 400 juniors to the game.

"To have our efforts to promote the game of rugby league undermined by blatantly inaccurate journalism is something we will not tolerate."

For any further information please contact Media Manager Polly McCardell on 02 9789 2922 or 0407 908 746.

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