Bulldogs Rugby League Club

A Bulldogs player, Brad Morrin, has been fined $5,000 for bringing the Club into disrepute. Morrin was involved in a misunderstanding with a passing motorist outside the Bulldogs? Melbourne hotel early on Sunday morning.

Bulldogs CEO Malcolm Noad said, ?Brad Morrin notified senior staff early Sunday morning of the incident and apologized to the team and officials at a team meeting. He has attended a meeting of the Club?s disciplinary committee this morning and has been fined $5,000. The Bulldogs? players committee has endorsed this fine and expressed their extreme disappointment to Brad and the Club.

Morrin said, ?At 3am, I was trying to flag a taxi outside the hotel to get something to eat. After several full taxis went by I decided to try and hitch a ride. A car stopped in front of me and I opened the back door to ask the driver if I could get a lift. He got out of his car and looked upset. I explained I thought he had stopped to give me a lift and I apologised for alarming him. The motorist accepted that there had been a misunderstanding.

Morrin added, ?A policeman, in his car just behind us, witnessed the incident and felt I was inebriated. The officer decided that the sensible course of action was to take me in. I willingly went with the officer and after an hour in a cell was released.?

The Bulldogs Club has been informed that it is standard police procedure in Victoria for anyone who is found to be drunk in a public place to be put into a police cell for four hours.

Morrin added, ?I apologise to my teammates, Club officials, sponsors, Bulldogs fans and the NRL for the embarrassment this has caused them. I fully accept the punishment handed down by the Club.