Bulldogs send stars out winners while Manly await fate

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles will have to wait until tonight's final result before claiming a finals position, after blowing their chance losing 30-24 to a determined Bulldogs outfit at Brookvale Oval on Sunday afternoon.

The Bulldogs were sending some of their stars off, including long-serving fullback Luke Patten. They looked like a side that had more to play for then Manly did, who needed to win to secure their spot in the finals. Both sides traded tries in the first half, but the goalkicking of Jamie Lyon let the home side down as they went into half-time behind on the scoreboard. As soon as the second half began, it was all Bulldogs with Michael Ennis leading the charge, getting them out to a 28-16 advantage at one stage.

Controversy followed when Manly centre Steve Matai was placed on report for a late and high shot on Ennis, injuring him. Matai may consider himself lucky not to have been sent from the field. From this, Manly staged a comeback, scoring two tries to trail 28-24. But the Bulldogs held their nerve to grind out a memorable victory.

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 24 were defeated by Canterbury Bulldogs 30
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 26 - Sunday September 5, 2010 3:00pm
Venue: Brookvale Oval
Referee: Shayne Hayne and Gavin Badger
Video Referee: Bill Harrigan
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Paul Holland
Crowd: 0
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 14 Canterbury Bulldogs 16

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Michael Ennis
2 Points - Steve Matai (2 Tries)
1 Point - Ben Hannant

Tries: Chris Bailey, Steve Matai (2), Jamie Lyon, Ben Farrar
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (2/5)

Tries: Brad Morrin, Andrew Ryan, Ben Barba, Josh Morris, Ryan Tandy
Field Goals: Brett Kimmorley (0/1)
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Bryson Goodwin (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Well it's do or die for Manly, their last chance to secure a spot in the 2010 finals series is right here as they prepare to face the Bulldogs.
The Bulldogs earlier today secured a top four finish in the Toyota Cup with a 38-6 victory over Manly. So the Bulldogs will play the Roosters in the first week of the finals, while the Sea Eagles will either play the Warriors or Rabbitohs.
Manly will enter this match 1-17.
Canterbury have made a few changes. Jamal Idris has been ruled out, with Ben Barba coming off the bench to take his place in the centres. Chris Armit will move to the bench, swapping places with Ben Hannant. Meanwhile Michael Hodgson is out of the side, replaced by Brad Morrin. Corey Payne comes onto the bench.
A few farewells for Bulldogs fans today. Brett Kimmorley plays his last game of Rugby League today, while Luke Patten and Ben Hannant will play their last game for the Bulldogs. Patten, a crowd favourite for the best part of ten years, will no doubt go out with a bang.
The two sides coming out.
We are underway here at Brookvale Oval.
3 min: Canterbury concede a penalty through a Ben Barba high tackle. Manly on the attack inside the Canterbury forty.
4 min: Line-drop out as Ben Roberts is tackled in the in-goal.
6 min: Yet another line-drop out with Luke Patten saving the situation. Both from Trent Hodkinson kicks from memory.
7 min: Steve Matai has done well to barge through, but the video referee will decide.
7 min: TRY
MANLY TRY! Matai is down injured once again, but the try is awarded here and Manly have taken the lead. Matai did well to break through the defence to score the opening try. Lyon's conversion attempt hits the uprights.
Manly Sea Eagles 4-0
13 min: Josh Morris starring in attack and defence for Canterbury as they prepare for their first attacking set of the game.
13 min: Brett Kimmorley couldn't handle a bad Ryan Tandy pass and the run comes to an end.
17 min: TRY
CANTERBURY TRY! Michael Ennis doing well as Canterbury get some good possession. He fields a beautiful pass to Ryan Tandy who scores, and the Bulldogs are on the board. Bryson Goodwin has no trouble with the goal.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-4
19 min: Ben Farrar has scored with a beautiful run, but the referee seems to think there might have been some interference.
18 min: TRY
MANLY TRY! Manly back in front as fullback Ben Farrar runs through beautifully to score. The video referee was checking to see if there was a Bulldogs knee that connected to Farrar's head after the try was scored, but it seems to be clear. Jamie Lyon hits the upright again, but this time it goes in.
Manly Sea Eagles 10-6
24 min: A strip penalty gives Canterbury another attacking chance.
25 min: TRY
CANTERBURY TRY! Brett Kimmorley sends Brad Morrin crashing over as the Bulldogs take the lead back.
Canterbury Bulldogs 12-10
27 min: Manly ending the half with a bit of a restless attitude.
28 min: Ben Farrar saves the day with a good take in-goal.
30 min: TRY
MANLY TRY! Chris Bailey breaks the gap way too easily to score and put Manly back in front. Jamie Lyon kicks the goal, this time not hitting a post.
Manly Sea Eagles 16-12
35 min: Manly look set to score after an incredible run, but a pass is called forward.
37 min: Michael Ennis going dangerously close to scoring.
38 min: TRY
CANTERBURY TRY! They continue going try for try as Michael Ennis continues a brilliant game. Josh Morris nearly scored but was denied by Jamie Lyon, instead Andrew Ryan busts through to score. Bryson Goodwin converts to put the Bulldogs in front once more.
Canterbury Bulldogs 18-16
40 min: That's half-time, as the Bulldogs have a two point lead.
40 min: Second half underway.
42 min: TRY
CANTERBURY TRY! Ben Barba uses his speed to score and put the Bulldogs in great position. Goodwin has no trouble, Manly in trouble themselves.
Canterbury Bulldogs 24-16
47 min: TRY
CANTERBURY TRY! Josh Morris splits the defence to score and the Bulldogs are looking very healthy. Goodwin misses the conversion.
Canterbury Bulldogs 28-16
50 min: Michael Ennis down hurt.
51 min: Looks like it's a bad shot from Steve Matai. High definitely.
51 min: Michael Ennis going off injured, it looks bad for Matai.
51 min: It's on report only. Matai possibly lucky to stay on the field.
51 min: Now Michael Ennis, going off injured, is being booed from the Manly fans.
53 min: Anthony Watmough lifting, the only thing keeping Manly in.
55 min: TRY
MANLY TRY! Incredible that they scored, eventually passing it out wide and Matai scores to put Manly back in with a chance. Lyon missed the conversion, so Manly still behind by eight.
Canterbury Bulldogs 28-20
58 min: Michael Robertson drops it so close to the line. Anthony Watmough injured, but doing everything possible.
64 min: The video referee up again, this time Jamie Lyon might have scored.
64 min: TRY
MANLY TRY! It's a try, they've still got hope! The conversion attempt is missed, the margin is still four!
Canterbury Bulldogs 28-24
70 min: Ten minutes left, anything can happen! 28-24 still!
71 min: Chris Bailey with a high shot, on report. Bryson Goodwin going for a penalty goal.
CANTERBURY PENALTY GOAL! They're in front by six now!
Canterbury Bulldogs 30-24
73 min: Bulldogs on the attack again!
Kimmorley attempts the field goal, it wont happen this time.
Canterbury Bulldogs 30-24
77 min: The Bulldogs with all the ball in the last few minutes.
79 min: Luke Patten away, and Ballin has taken it. They've got one last chance!
79 min: Six to go, but forward pass from Jamie Lyon and that will be it!
80 min: Robertson goes close in the end but he goes over the line! Bulldogs have won, and Manly will have to rely on the Dragons to beat the Rabbitohs tonight!

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