Bulldogs set to make major

The Bulldogs are poised to make a major announcement within the next couple of hours following a board meeting this afternoon in which allegations of sexual assault against players are being discussed.

The board meeting is currently underway and the club have confirmed that Director George Peponis will make a statement upon its conclusion.

An emotional Bulldogs CEO Steve Mortimer says he's never had to deal with something of this magnitude in his career, either as a player or official.

"The last ten days have been my worst experience with the game of rugby league," Mr Mortimer said.

"The salary cap this time 18 months ago absolutely pales into insignificance when it comes to talking about the allegation of the harm of females.

"If only a fraction of what is alleged to have happened to various women is true, it very much appals me."

This afternoon's board meeting will attempt to discover if any player has broken the club's code of conduct. Last month's alleged sexual assault will be discussed while it's believed allegations that officials attempted to cover up a similar incident last year will also be discussed.

"What I want to be doing now is ensuring that this sort of alleged behaviour will never be repeated," Mr Mortimer said.

"The actions of my board will be sending a message to the players, to the supporters and to the public, the rugby league fraternity, that this behaviour will never ever be tolerated now or in the future."

Bulldogs players have today been interviewed by police at the Sydney Police Centre, but there has been no confirmation if any have agreed to take DNA tests.

Detectives are continuing to interview players but say they are under no obligation to provide DNA samples.