Bulldogs still won't name names

The Bulldogs will not name any player charged with breaching the club?s code of conduct.

It is most likely that the club will fine a handful of players over breaches of the code during the much talked about pre-season trip to Coffs Harbour.

But under a privacy agreement similar to the one that saw the club keep quiet the identity of a player who tested positive to recreational drug use, they are not able to name the players fined.

This is despite new Bulldogs CEO Malcolm Noad promising some time ago that the club would start being as honest as possible when it came to the media and the general public.

Not naming the players means that up to 20 players who are innocent of any wrongdoing will still have a dark cloud hanging over them as far as fans and the general public is concerned.

Noad said yesterday that the Board was to decide last night what penalties would be imposed on players.

?The Board tonight will consider what course of action it will take in addressing the actions of the players in Coffs Harbour,? Noad said. ?I will not speculate on the outcome of tonight?s meeting but I can assure you that this matter will be dealt with appropriately.

?Having said that, I can tell you that the players have been placed under enormous stress, as have their families and friends, with rumour and innuendo surrounding these allegations.?