Bulldogs tackle their
way to victory


Round 9
Sydney Roosters 14 v Canterbury Bulldogs 30
at Aussie Stadium
Referees: Sean Hampstead

Match Summary:

The Canterbury Bulldogs have recorded an impressive 30-14 victory over the Sydney Roosters in their NRL clash at Aussie Stadium today. The Bulldogs trailed 12-0 after 32 minutes, 12-6 at half time and 14-6 not long after half time.

The Bulldogs dominated most of the first half, but poor finishing let them down. The Roosters opened the scoring after 25 minutes when Nigel Plum barged across the line for a 6-0 lead. That lead was doubled shortly afterwards with a great Roosters team try finished off by Amos Roberts. The Bulldogs struck back just before half time when Tony Grimaldi ran 30 metres from dummy half.

The second half was very similar to the first, but the teams changed roles; the Bulldogs were defending their backsides off and the Roosters were pushing to score. Craig Fitzgibbon knocked a penalty over just after the resumption, but that was all the scoring for the Roosters in the second half, as the Bulldogs piled on 24 unanswered points. Daniel Holdsworth dotted down after 48 minutes, and then the Bulldogs took the lead 8 minutes later with a blockbusting barge over try to Willie Mason. The Bulldogs then had to defend madly for 20 minutes before a Luke Patten break was held up in a superb cover tackle by Amos Roberts. The Roosters couldn?t hold out for the set of six and conceded a try to Bulldogs prop Brad Morrin. Matt Utai made a try saving tackle on Setaimata Sa when he came down with a bomb just short of the line and Utai managed to wrap him up with just 4 minutes to go. After the siren the Bulldogs emphasised their second half domination with a try to Sonny Bill Williams after the siren.

The only player placed on report was John Doyle from the Roosters, while Corey Hughes missed a large amount of the match with a hamstring injury.

Sydney Roosters: 14
Tries: Nigel Plum, Amos Roberts
Goals: Craig Fitzgibbon 3/3
Canterbury Bulldogs: 30
Tries: Tony Grimaldi, Willie Mason, Brad Morrin, Sonny Bill Williams, Daniel Holdsworth
Goals: Hazem El Masri 5/5

By the Clock:
Swirling wind at the Football Stadium. Field is in good condition and it is a nice day in Sydney.

Counting down to kickoff in the battle between these two hated rivals. The Roosters won both games in 2005 - 29-16 at Telstra Stadium and 32-12 at todays venue. Both teams are trying to get onto a 2 game winning streak. Fairly sparse looking crowd in attendance.

1 min: Underway at the Sydney Football Stadium!

4 min: NEWS Utai is bundled into touch by Sa and Perrett. The Roosters turn it over from the scrum.

5 min: NEWS Andrew Ryan held up over the line. Roosters hold out the set.

6 min: NEWS Finch attempts a 40/20 and the ball sails out on the full.

7 min: NEWS Utai follows through a grubber kick but knocks it on as he spins to ground it. Call made by the on field referee for a change.

9 min: NEWS Now Ben Roberts puts the ball out on the full.

10 min: NEWS Anasta throws a rushed pass to Finch who drops it in good attacking position.

16 min: NEWS The Roosters make their first foray into the Bulldogs 20 but follow it up with a dreadful kick.

17 min: NEWS The Bulldogs are coming up with some really sloppy passes.

19 min: NEWS The Bulldogs go on attack following a penalty, but Roberts puts in a poor kick on the third tackle. The Roosters turn the ball over though. The Bulldogs respond by passing the ball over the touchline again.

21 min: NEWS The Bulldogs lose the ball in their own half, giving them one of their best attacking opportunities.

22 min: NEWS Anasta appears to have dived on a ball in the in goal to knock the ball on in the in goal, but the Roosters earn a goal line drop out.

25 min: TRY Sydney Roosters
The tackle count gets reset, and Plum runs through a yawning gap to score to the right of the posts to score his first try. Fitzgibbon converts.
Roosters 6-0

26 min: NEWS Morley knocks on on the 2nd tackle. 8 Rooster errors to 5 Bulldogs errors.

27 min: NEWS The Roosters survive after making an error on the first set after the kickoff.

28 min: NEWS Corey Hughes has a hamsting injury - the probability of his return is unknown.

30 min: NEWS Mellars makes a brave attempt to get out of the ingoal but he gets trapped and the Bulldogs get a repeat set.

32 min: TRY Sydney Roosters
The Roosters spread the ball inside their 20. Perrett busts down the wing, he passes inside to Finch who finds Roberts who avoids some tacklers to score under the posts. A great breakout try. Fitzgibbon converts.
Roosters 12-0

36 min: NEWS Plum putting in some great hits today. He knocks Mason onto his arse.

37 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Grimaldi runs 30 metres from dummy half to score beside the posts. El Masri unsuprisingly converts, and reaches 100 points for the season.
Roosters 12-6

39 min: NEWS The Bulldogs let the ball bounce across the dead ball line from the restart.

40 min: NEWS Sonny Bill kicks ahead just before halftime, it bounces of Anasta who picks it up and puts centralising kicks that it taken care of safely by the Bulldogs.

And so ends a first half punctuated by errors and dopey football. The Bulldogs dominated for most of the first half but find themselves down 12-6.

40 min: NEWS Second half underway.

42 min: PENALTY GOAL Sydney Roosters
The Bulldogs are penalised for stripping the ball. Fitzgibbon adds the points from out in front.
Roosters 14-6

44 min: NEWS Corey Hughes is due to return to the math shortly.

44 min: NEWS The kickoff goes out on the full, penalty Roosters on halfway.

45 min: NEWS The Roosters go close to scoring but Wing forces the pass and it is gathered up by the Dogs.

46 min: NEWS ON REPORT - John Doyle is put on report for a high tackle on Nate Myles.

47 min: NEWS A good set from the Bulldogs gets them a goal line drop out.

48 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
After getting the repeat set, Maitua goes through a gap and throws a pass inside to Holdsworth who scores under the black dot. El Masri converts.
Roosters 14-12

51 min: NEWS The Roosters get a repeat set after a bomb is fumbled, but they are held out by the Bulldogs defence.

54 min: NEWS Still quite a few errors in this match.

56 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Mason ploughs his way over the line on the last tackle, scores under the posts. El Masri converts.
Bulldogs 18-14

56 min: NEWS Utai drops the kickoff and the Roosters will get the ball right back.

58 min: NEWS The Bulldogs defend their error.

61 min: NEWS Anasta breaks up the middle, he kicks ahead for Finch. Finch can't see the ball and the Bulldogs are forced to play a goal line drop out.

63 min: NEWS The Roosters are struggling in attack. The repeat set ends poorly as Sa kicks the ball dead. Roosters get the ball back via a strip.

64 min: NEWS A far better kick from the Roosters nets them a line drop out. El Masri seems to have added the goose step to his set of moves.

67 min: NEWS Patten breaks out and is tracked down and held up in a fantastic tackle by Amos Roberts.

68 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
After the Patten break the ball heads across field, Asotasi offloads to Morrin who scores amongst a bunch of tacklers. El Masri converts. The Bulldogs are out to a 10 point lead with 10 to go.
Bulldogs 24-14

75 min: NEWS The Roosters are starting their sets at the wrong end of the field if they expect to win this game.

76 min: NEWS Sa comes down with a bomb, and somehow Matt Utai tackles him just short of the line, saving a certain try.

78 min: NEWS Patten goes back to grab the ball from a breakout. The Bulldogs spread the ball wide and drop the ball 20 metres out.

78 min: NEWS Shillington drops the ball and the Bulldogs will go on to win this game.

80 min: NEWS With only 50 seconds to go the Roosters throw the ball over the sideline from the scrum.

80 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
The Bulldogs throw the ball around after the siren and Sonny Bill Williams scores to put an exclamation mark on this win! El Masri converts.
Bulldogs 30-14
Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 - Willie Mason
2 - Roy Asotasi
1 - Tony Grimaldi