Bulldogs take out Tiger fight in Campbelltown

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs were greeted by a 19,252 strong crowd at Campbelltown to kick off the Harvey Norman Women in League round, where they defeated the Wests Tigers 16-6.

Players braved the freezing cold and greasy conditions at the Campbelltown Sports Stadium to put on a game which both sides were desperate to win. Despite the desperate situations of both sides coming in ot the game, neither managed to take charge of it.

The Bulldogs dominated the field position for most of the first half, but the Tigers defence was far too good to allow them any control of the game. Bulldogs finally converted all their field position and line pressure to points in the 25th minute when Aidan Tolman put Frank Pritchard in to score. Turner converted to give the Bulldogs the 6 nil lead they took to half time.

The second half saw much of the same, with Tigers desperate in defence, but not offering much in attack, whilst Dogs spent a lot of time in attacking zone, but struggled against a strong Tigers defence. Bulldogs added to their point tally in the 56th minute with a try to Ben Barba off a stab kick from Hodkinson.

When the Bulldogs crossed again the 67th minute the game was all but out of reach for the home side.  The Bulldogs try again came from a stab kick, this from five eighth Matt Keating, and this time it was Morris who collected it to score.  He proceeded to perform an interesting post try celebration, after which Turner converted to give Canterbury a 16 nil lead.

The Wests Tigers fought hard to stay in the game, but all they could manage in the final minutes was a consolation try to Tim Moltzen in the 76th minute.  The Moltzen try came from an inspired effort from Farrah in dummy half, toeing it from the ground to be collected by Moltzen to register the Tigers' first points, Jacob Miller added the extras and that was it for point scoring with Bulldogs taking their 16-6 lead to full time to take the game.

Match Details
Wests Tigers 6 were defeated by Canterbury Bulldogs 16
National Rugby League - Round 16 (Women in League Round) - Friday June 24, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Campbelltown Sports Stadium
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Russell Smith
Touch Judges: David Abood and Adam Gee
Crowd: 19,252
Halftime: Wests Tigers 0 Canterbury Bulldogs 6

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Robbie Farah
2 Points - Aiden Tolman
1 Point - Michael Ennis

Tries: Tim Moltzen
Conversions: Jacob Miller (1/1)

Tries: Frank Pritchard, Ben Barba, Josh Morris
Conversions: Steve Turner (2/3)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good evening and welcome to Campbelltown Sports Stadium where the Wests Tigers will kick off Round 16, the NRL's Women in League round with a match again the the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. The home side are missing superstar five eighth Benji Marshall, but the Bulldogs come off the back of terrible form, so both sides here with something to prove.
The Tigers took out the Toyota Cup curtain raiser with a 22-18 victory.
TEAM NEWS: Both sides are 1-17 as named on Tuesday, with one superficial change for the Bulldogs which sees Dene Halatau starting at lock and David Stagg dropping to the bench.
1 min: Turner boots the game into play.
3 min: Even start to the game, defence has kept each side their side of halfway thus far, but both are getting to their kicks and moving forward well.
5 min: Bulldogs starting to find plenty of grass with their kicks, still no stoppages and game is still quite even.
7 min: Good attack from the Dogs, Keating puts in a superb kick, which McKinnon can't read and earns the Dogs the first repeat set of the night courtesy of a line drop out.
9 min: Tigers have just been ruled to have knocked the ball on not in possession and Bulldogs get a scrum 19 out from the Tigers' line.
10 min: PENALTY to the Bulldogs who are right on the attack here.
11 min: Some problems for some Tigers players here. Dwyer is in all sorts trouble now being helped off the field.
11 min: After the extended break from play, Tigers have the scrum feed.
12 min: A break from Josh Morris down the left flank, is stopped by the Tigers, but some positive signs from the Dogs here.
14 min: Wests Tigers starting to make metres through the middle, with their front men working hard.
17 min: Tigers with their first attacking opportunity, started well, almost earned them a repeat set, but the Bulldogs do well to get it into the field of play.
18 min: PENALTY against the Tigers for a high shot.
19 min: PENALTY to the Tigers, their first of the night.
19 min: PENALTY against the Tigers in attack, against Farrah for interfering with a marker.
22 min: Superb on line defence from the Tigers is doing fantastically yo deny the Bulldogs.
22 min: PENALTY to the Tigers for Bulldogs interference in the play the ball.
23 min: Steve Turner bats the ball in so it does not leave the field and Bulldogs have it.
24 min: Bulldogs earn a repeat set by forcing a line drop out.
25 min: Tigers defence doing fantastically to withstand waves of Canterbury Bankstown attack, but a Brown knock on invites some more.
28 min: TRY
TRY to the Bulldogs! Tigers defence finally caves and Tolman puts Pritchard in to score untouched. Conversion from Turner successful.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0
31 min: PENALTY to the Tigers, should be a chance for the home side to attack.
34 min: Tigers have been attacking and spending good time in Bulldogs territory, now earn a repeat set courtesy of a line drop out.
35 min: Knock on Tigers, scrum Bulldogs.
36 min: Knock on Bulldogs and Tigers back on the attack.
37 min: PENALTY to the Tigers right in front.
38 min: Lui knocks on right in front, so Bulldogs are off the hook.
40 min: Tigers go on one last raid and Turner diffuses it to take us to half time with the Bulldogs ahead 6 nil.
41 min: Second half under way here at the Campbelltown Sports Stadium.
43 min: Bulldogs starting well and earn a repeat set when Hodkinson forces a line drop out,
44 min: McKinnon does wonderfully well to hold Josh Morris up in goal.
45 min: PENALTY to the Tigers should help them find some attacking position.
46 min: PENALTY to the Bulldogs on their own line, to help them start their set further up field.
48 min: Bulldogs run it on the last and turn over the ball.
50 min: Bulldogs finding some good attacking position, but struggling to do much with it early in this second half.
52 min: Farrah kicking on the third now, may have been looking for a 40/20. Bulldogs scrum feed.
54 min: McKinnon knocks on picking up the ball at the back.
55 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a possible TRY to the Bulldogs.
57 min: TRY
TRY to the Bulldogs. Hodkinson stabs a little boot through and Ben Barba flies through to dive on it and score. Turner fails to convert.
Canterbury Bulldogs 10-0
60 min: PENALTY to the Tigers for a high tackle on Gibbs.
61 min: Tigers make a meal of a good attacking opportunity.
63 min: Great cover from Tolman bats a Lui chip kick out for a line drop out.
65 min: Tigers are staring to shoot themselves in the foot now with cheap turnovers.
67 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a possible TRY to the Bulldogs.
68 min: TRY
TRY to the Bullddogs. Keating stabs it through and the ball pops out of McKinnon's grasp before Morris collects it to score. Turner converts.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-0
70 min: Garreth Ellis makes a huge bust down the field and tries to get it on to Ayshford, but he fails to collect it and it sails over the sideline.
71 min: PENALTY against the Tigers for a scrum infringement.
72 min: Eastwood knocks on.
75 min: PENALTY to the Tigers right in front.
76 min: PENALTY to the Tigers right on the line.
76 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a possible Tigers TRY.
77 min: TRY
TRY to the Tigers! Farrah from dummy half, opts not to pick it up and just toes it in goal where Moltzen flies in to touch i down for a try. Jacob Miller coverts.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-6
80 min: The full time hooter blows and that will be all she wrote, with Bulldogs taking the game 16 points to 6.

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