Bulldogs too good for Melbourne

A fine display by the Bulldogs to cement their spot in the top 4 at this stage of the competition.

Winning 50-4 against the Storm at Sydney Showground, the Bulldogs were up by 26-0 at half time, and looked set to post a high score, which they did, raking up a half century.

The Bulldogs defence was really the demise of the Storm today, wearing them down and capitalising on the Melbourne soft defence.

A spirited fightback by the Melbourne side early in the second half soon evaporated and the Bulldogs were untroubled for the rest of the match.

Matt Utai managed a hat trick before half time, but the day belonged to El Masri equalling Darryl Halligan's 1998 record of 30 consecutive kicks. Bulldog fans will be looking forward to the match next week to see if this record can be broken, or dare I say, the world record of 35.

Scorers: BULLDOGS 50 Tries: Utai 3, Scott, Feeney, Oliver, Mason, Vagana Goals: El Masri (9/9) defeated STORM 4 Tries: Geyer Goals: Orford (0/1)

Sunday 10th August 2003 3:00 PM Sydney Showground Referee: S Hampstead Video Referee: T Mander

Leagueunlimited players of the game:

3 - B Sherwin (Bulldogs) 2 - B Harris (Bulldogs) 1 - H El Masri (Bulldogs)

By the clock: 0 Min: Kick off

5th min: TRY - Utai for Bulldogs. Melbourne on attack going across the field. Harris with a intercept from the 20 metre mark, hands the ball off to Utai who gets through the tackles to score. El Masri converts from 20 metres in from touch, making hiss 22nd successive kick in a row. Bulldogs 6-0

9th min: PENALTY GOAL - El Masri (Bulldogs) from right in front, 25 metres out. A high shot and the Bulldogs make the Storm pay. Bulldogs 8-0

15th min: NEWS - Melbourne making some unforced errors at the moment but getting plenty of ball. No change still Bulldogs 8-0

17th min: NEWS - Storm finally getting a high kick into Bai's corner, Utai, having a brilliant match so far, jumps high to claim it

19th min: NEWS - Unbelievable play. The Storm on attack look to be going nowhere. Orford finally gets a chip through. El Masri gimmies and jives and gets out of the in goal only to lose the ball in the tackle. Storm player is held up over the line, they get the scrum and bomb it. Bulldogs 8-0

25th min: TRY - Utai for Bulldogs. Great play by the Canterbury side to get the ball up the field. Bai guilty of coming in off his man and Utai is there as always, unstoppable netting his 5th try in 2 games and his 2nd today. El Masri from close to the sideline, gets the conversion. Bulldogs 14-0

31st min: NEWS - See sawing possession with the Storm getting plenty of ball but unable to capitalise on it. Sherwin chips for himself, regathers with an excellent bounce then puts the kick through for Utai to run onto, unfortunately the ball beats everyone across the sideline by the corner post. Great play

34th min: TRY - Scott for Bulldogs. Once again Harris sets up the try with a classic intercept. Quick plays, and offloads and Scott is over for a soft try, the Storm defence a little guilty of being slack. El Masri from 20 metres out has no trouble making his 25th goal in a row. Bulldogs 20-0

39th min: TRY - Utai for Bulldogs. Netting a hat trick in the first half, Utai is on fire. Asotasi once again ripping the Storm defence apart up the middle setting up Utai to kick a little chip through from a standing position. El Masri from the sideline, is absolutely stoked to kick another goal. Bulldogs 26-0

HALF TIME: One way traffic on the scoreboard at this stage

43rd min: TRY - Geyer for Storm. The Melbourne side have come out firing in the second half. A line drop out and the Storm make short work of it, Geyer going through a hole a mile wide. Orford 12 metres in from touch, just misses the kick. Bulldogs 26-4

49th min: NEWS - The Storm looking more dangerous in this half, the Bulldogs defence not as hard as in the first half. Orford (Storm) very close to scoring after chipping through for himself 60 metres out from his line. Very quick running but the ball beats all across the dead ball line. Still no change in the score, 26-4

51st min: TRY - Feeney for Bulldogs. A mistake by the Storm close to the line, and the Bulldogs punish them. Feeney, having a good match, is over. El Masri, from near out in front, adds the extra 2 points. Bulldogs 32-4

58th min: TRY - Oliver for Bulldogs. Once again the Bulldogs settle into some good play. Oliver, on debut, has put in a fine performance and thoroughly deserves the points. El Masri gets an unbelievable conversion to stay on track for the record. The ball hits one post, bounces into the other, and is over. 28 kicks in a row. Bulldogs 38-4

65th min: NEWS - All Bulldogs at the moment, Big Willie flying in on a pass, loses the ball forward close to the line

67th min: TRY - Mason for Bulldogs. A penalty close to the line for the Bulldogs. Steady sets and this time there's no stopping the flying Willie. El Masri converts from right out in front. One kick to go and he equals Darryl Halligan's record of consecutive kicks for the club. Bulldogs 44-4

70th min: TRY - Vagana for Bulldogs. A huge punt down the field and Vagana is flying onto it. He takes the ball round closer to the posts to make the kick easier. El Masri equal Halligan's 1998 record of 30 kicks in a row. Bulldogs 50-4

73rd min: NEWS - The Bulldogs trying with all their might to get another try. Mason using his soccer skills, just about regathers to score, flicks it back until a knock on is called. Great flamboyant play

74th min: NEWS - Storm very close to scoring against the run of play. Williams losing the ball close to the line, adjudicated by the video ref. Bulldogs 50-4

FULL TIME: Bulldogs defence too good on the day. A great game for El Masri's kicking to equal the Halligan record. The Storm have a tough road ahead counting down to the semis. Bulldogs win 50-4