Bulls head for Dublin

The UK?s most successful Rugby Club, World Champions, Bradford Bulls, break new ground when they head for Dublin next Wednesday, May 12th, to launch a unique week of activities that will take place in Ireland for the week beginning 21st June.

The week will see the whole of the Bulls Squad travel to Ireland from the 21st to the 23rd June for Coaching and school visits with the Bulls Community and Marketing teams remaining until the 25th June working in the community.

The Bulls feel that there is a lot of interest in rugby in Ireland and want to help support the growth of rugby in general and rugby league in particular as well as identify local talent for the future. In return the Bulls will:

? help develop networks for player identification

? provide a pathway into professional sport

? show how education and professional sport can work together for the benefit of the community

? illustrate how players can be used as role models

? show how community links with other partners such as local colleges, the Police and Young Offenders project bodies can help these organisations to achieve their goals.

Bulls Chairman Chris Caisley said:

?We have been very encouraged by the interest shown for the game in Ireland as evidenced by a significant increase in our website traffic and in the number of communications from the Irish sporting public. Our online retail sales to Ireland have increased dramatically over the past 18 months and it is clear that there is a very exciting opportunity for us to further develop our brand in Ireland. At the same time we are keen to use our expertise for the benefit of the community in the same way that we have done so successfully in the UK. "

The Press Conference will take place on Wednesday May 12th at 1.00pm at the Gresham Hotel, O?Connell Street, Dublin. The Bulls will be represented by Chairman Chris Caisley, Director Mark Minton, Coach Brian Noble, Captain Robbie Paul Development Officer Nigel Flaherty-Johnston and Media Manager Stuart Duffy For further information contact:

Stuart Duffy

Tel: 01274 762315

M: 07966 171991