Bulls to improve award winning
Gameday experience

Fans arriving at Odsal for the opening game of Super League X can look forward to a ?New? Bulls Experience. For Super League X the Bulls have revamped their Gameday experience and have several new features for Sunday?s game

There will be ?The New Drinkers Delight Strip,? which features a new bar with a capacity of 300 people where supporters can meet before and after the game. A student band playing on the concourse before and after the game and the new Bradford Bulls Dance Team, ?Pulsation? will be performing prior to the game. There will also be new catering facilities and Concourse betting facilities with a new Retail Outlet behind the Main Stand. Rowetta, from the X Factor will be the on field entertainment.

The Bulls will also have two new Gameday Presenters as the club has joined forces with The Pulse to bring their ?All New Breakfast Show? hosts Jacqui Blay & Steve Bailey to the Bulls each week throughout the season.

But perhaps the biggest difference the supporters will see is the addition of a new ?Big Screen? at all games. The screen will feature interviews and a preview to the game as well as action past and present. The Bulls will be the only club to have a big screen at every home game.

Stuart Duffy said;

?It?s ten years now since Super league began and we are aiming to make the Odsal Experience even better. Once again the Bulls will be leading the way with our innovative approach to Gameday. The Big Screen will be a tremendous attraction and we will be the only club to feature a ?Big Screen? at all home games. Our Drinkers Delight Strip area will see us use the Concourse at Odsal to bring entertainment right to the supporters. We will be featuring local bands on the Concourse and we are looking at several more ways of interacting with our supporters on Gameday. We are also looking back at some of the things we have done successfully and will be combining them with our new initiatives to make Odsal the best Gameday Experience in British sport.?

For further information contact:

Stuart Duffy

Tel: 01274 762315