Bunnies defeat bumbling Broncos in soaked stadium

THE South Sydney Rabbitohs have kept their top eight hopes alive defeating the Brisbane Broncos 16-12 in atrocious conditions in Perth tonight.

The heavens opened up for the first time in 2011 in Perth tonight with field being drenched by torrential rain early in the night.

It was all the Rabbitohs early as John Lang's side made the most of the conditions and capitalised on the Broncos' errors. 

They were given their first opportunity early after Dale Copley knocked on in the Bronco's first set.

The Rabbits made no mistake running hard and bashing through the Broncos defence before Chris McQueen crossed the try line on the last after Darren Lockyer failed to tackle him.

The Rabbitohs were given another chance only a few minutes later when Scott Anderson knocked the ball. The Bunnies delivered again in the 10th minute thanks to some help from Mother Nature after a poorly weighted Chris Sandow grubber landed in a puddle and is dived on by Rhys Wesser.
However the Broncos hit back only six minutes later after Jack Reed won the contest for a Darren Lockyer bomb into the in goal and dove over to score. 

Both teams suffered in the conditions for the remainder of the half, with mistake after mistake and opportunities going begging for both sides. 

The score board attendant was finally put to work again in the 36th minute courtesy of a Chris Sandow penalty goal.

Anthony Griffin's side were given several opportunities to hit back in the final minutes of the half but failed to capitalise on them to keep the score at 14-6 at half time.
The Broncos eventually broke the South Sydney line in 59th minute when rookie Kurt Baptiste dove over from dummy half to score. Corey Parker added the extras to make it a two point ball game and keep the 15,371 strong, crowd on their feet.

The Rabbitohs were given an opportunity to hit back only minutes later, after Baptiste knocked on in the Broncos first set from the kick off. However some great Broncos defence kept the Bunnies out.

It was all Brisbane after that as they were handed consecutive repeat sets, soft penalties and the Bunnies forgot how to complete a set but the Rabbitohs defence held on.

Points finally came again on fulltime; however it was to the home side, with Chris Sandow kicking his second penalty goal of the night to extend the Rabbits lead to four.

It was a game gone begging for Broncos in the end who were given every opportunity to steal the match. The Rabbitohs will go into next round with a lot of confidence when they take on a Cronulla Sharks' side minus skipper Paul Gallen.

Match Details
South Sydney Rabbitohs 16 defeated Brisbane Broncos 12
National Rugby League - Round 16 (Women in League Round) - Friday June 24, 2011 9:00pm
Venue: NIB Stadium, Perth
Referee: Jason Robinson and Steve Lyons
Video Referee: Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Steve Chiddy
Crowd: 15,371
Halftime: South Sydney Rabbitohs 14 Brisbane Broncos 6

LeagueUnlimited.com players of the match:
3 points - Chris Sandow
(2 conversions, 1 penalty goal)
2 points - Jack Reed (1 try)
1 point - Issac Luke

Tries: Rhys Wesser, Chris McQueen
Conversions: Chris Sandow (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Chris Sandow (2/2)

Tries: Jack Reed, Kurt Baptiste
Conversions: Corey Parker (2/2)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good Evening folks and welcome to NIB Stadium in Perth where the 11th paced South Sydney Rabbitohs take on the 5th placed Brisbane Broncos.
The Bunnies will be hoping to keep their top eight hopes alive tonight, a loss could see them lose touch with the top eight. For the Broncos a win could see them sneak into the top 4 at the end of the round.
Anthony Griffin has made one change to his starting 17 named on Tuesday, Dale Copley will replace Jahrel Yow Yeh who was forced to withdraw from the match after falling ill.
John Lang has made no late changes to the Rabbitohs 17.
It has started bucketing down here in Perth which will level the playing field.
The Broncos have won the toss and will be kicking off.
1 min: Darren Lockyer has kicked off and the match is under way.
2 min: Dale Copley has dropped the ball in his own 10. Early chance for the Bunnies and a terrible start for the Broncos.
2 min: TRY
Chris McQueen has scooted over to score after Lockyer failed to tackle him. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow is successful. Rabbitohs lead 6-0.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-0
5 min: Scott Anderson knocks on only 30 out from his own line. Another chance for the Bunnies.
9 min: Rhys Wesser might have scored here.
10 min: TRY
TRY! Chris Sandow grubbers into the in goal and falls in a huge puddle of water and Wesser runs through to score. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow is successful. Rabbitohs 12-0.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-0
12 min: Shannan McPherson knocks on for the Bunnies. The Broncos will get their first real chance of the match.
12 min: Greg Inglis knocks the ball out of Sam Thaiday's hands on the last and knocks on. Scrum feed for the Broncos.
13 min: David Taylor steals the ball from Lockyer, to give possession back to the Rabbits.
13 min: Ball is now stolen from Rhys Wesser.
15 min: Possible try here. Darren Lockyer kicks a bomb into the in goal and Jack Reed contests the ball with Chris Sandow. Reed gets it down but may have knocked it onto Sandow.
16 min: TRY
Benefit of the doubt, try. Steve Clark has given the Broncos the green light. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker is successful. Rabbitohs lead Brisbane 12-6.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-6
17 min: Darren Lockyer knocks on from the kick off. Conditions are atrocious here, whoever can hang onto the ball will get this.
18 min: Sandow grubbers on the last and Hoffman grounds the ball in his own in goal, Souths will get another shot at the Broncos line.
20 min: Souths lose the ball and the Broncos are off the hook.
23 min: The Broncos have been pinned for being off side and the Rabbits will get a piggy back out of their own half.
25 min: Sandow kicks into the in goal but Taylor knocks it on.
26 min: There's huge puddles of water all over the field here.
27 min: The Broncos are penalised again for being off side. The Bunnies will go on attack only metres away from the Bronco's try line.
28 min: Hoffman cleans up a Luke kick and the Broncos have held Souths out on this occasion.
30 min: Copley spills the ball only 15 metres out from his own line. Another chance for the Bunnies.
31 min: Copley diffuses a Sandow cross field kick and the Broncos have managed to hold them out again.
32 min: Sutton kicks a grubber from his 40 out Lockyer dives onto it 10 metres his own side from halfway.
33 min: Lockyer knocks on 40 out from the Rabbitohs' line.
33 min: Lockyer knocks on 40 out from the Rabbitohs' line.
34 min: Broncos are penalised for being inside the ten again.
The Rabbitohs opt to go for the two from the penalty and extends the Rabbitohs' lead to 8. Rabbitohs lead 14-6.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 14-6
36 min: Nathan Peats knocks on while attempting to play the ball. The Broncos will get a scrum feed 40 out from the Rabbits' line.
38 min: Wallace grubbers into the in goal on the third and Nathan Merrit is forced to bat it dead. Line dropout.
39 min: Alex Glenn fails to hold onto a pass from Thaiday.
40 min: Lockyer kicks into touch and that's the half folks. The Rabbitohs have handled the conditions much better than the Broncos in the first half, being on the right side of a 4-0 penalty count has also helped the Rabbitohs maintain the upper hand.
40 min: Jason Robinson blows time on and the second half is under way.
42 min: The Broncos get their first penalty of the night.
44 min: Gerard Beale knocks on in an attempt to catch a Darren Lockyer bomb. The Rabbitohs will get a 20 metre restart.
45 min: The Rabbitohs are winning the metre battle here.
45 min: Lovely kick return from Josh Hoffman who gathers the ball in his own in goal and is eventually tackled 30 out.
45 min: The Broncos make 80 metres on that set. Much better from the Broncos.
46 min: Dave Taylor knocks on on the half way line after breaking the line.
48 min: The Broncos get a penalty on the last. They are only 10 metres out and will have another chance at the Rabbitohs' line.
50 min: Peter Wallace decides to take the line on on the fifth tackle and is smashed in a one on one tackle.
51 min: Issac Luke knocks on on his own 30. Another chance for the Broncos.
51 min: Kurt Baptiste tries to score from dummy half on the last but is taking down by a good Issac Luke tackle.
52 min: Great run by Greg Inglis. He's eventually tackled on the halfway line.
52 min: Broncos are penalised on their own 30.
52 min: Issac Luke may have scored here. Waiting on a decision from Steve Clarke.
52 min: Issac Luke may have scored here. Waiting on a decision from Steve Clarke.
53 min: Video Ref decision is "Ref's Call" Steve Lyons rules change over.
54 min: Broncos have made no metres after 4 tackles. They are still only 10 metres from their own try line.
55 min: The Broncos are lucky to get six again as they are still within their own 10.
55 min: Broncos do a much better job of getting away from their try line on their second effort. Lockyer boots the ball into the Rabbit's half 10 metres out from half way.
57 min: Lovely kick from Peter Wallace traps Dylan Farrell in goal and the Broncos will get a line drop out.
58 min: Sandow opts for a short line drop out. Which only goes 20 metres.
59 min: TRY
Baptiste dives over from dummy half to score the first try of his career. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker is successful. We have a two point ball game. Rabbitohs 14 Broncos 12.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 14-12
60 min: Baptiste knocks on only 30 metres out from his own line. The Rabbitohs will have an opportunity to his back.
62 min: Chris Sandow grubbers into the in goal on the last, Jack Reed cleans it up but is forced to take it dead.
63 min: Rhys Wesser is taken down by a brilliant Wallace tackle on the last and the Rabbitohs have been denied again.
66 min: Rabbitohs are penalised on halfway after Michael Crocker grabbed onto Corey Parker's jersey while Parker was trying to play the ball.
66 min: Peter Wallace grubbers into the in goal on the last. Sandow is in the on goal to clean it up and bats it dead. Line drop out.
67 min: A better line drop out from Sandow this time with the ball going 40 metres.
68 min: The Broncos spread it out wide on the last, but the Rabbitohs muscle up in defence and tacle him over the side line.
70 min: A crazy passage of play there. Peter Wallace kicks through a grubber 40 out from the Rabbitoh's line. Wesser takes it on the feet. Reed toes it through and Beale knocks it on over the line as he stumbles over Nathan Merritt. Glenn grounds it but Clarke rules no try.
72 min: Rabbitohs are penalised 5 metres their side of halfway after Ben Ross fails to play the ball correctly.
73 min: Lockyer tries to go himself on the last. He steps to evade the first would be tackler he passes to Thaiday who is tackled a metre out.
74 min: The Rabbitohs try and play razzle dazzle footy in their own 20 and try one off load too many. Another chance for the Broncos.
76 min: A perfectly weighted grubber from would you believe it, Sam Thaiday. Sandow bats it dead and the Broncos will get another line drop out.
77 min: Lockyer goes high on the last and Sandow is ruled to have knocked it on. Another line drop out for the Broncos.
78 min: Another opportunity goes begging for the Broncos. They run it on the last and Beale is tackled 10 out.
79 min: Hodges runs across the field on halfway. He starts sliding into the sideline and attempts to pass the ball to Dale Copley who can't catch it and knees it back into Hodges.
79 min: Hodges runs across the field on halfway. He starts sliding into the sideline and attempts to pass the ball to Dale Copley who can't catch it and knees it back into Hodges.
South Sydney get a penalty on the 40 metre line and decide to go for a penalty goal. Sandow kicks it and that's the game.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 16-12

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