Canberra make it 10/10 at home

The game started with an early try to NSW winger, Blake Ferguson from a beautiful catch when Terry Campese put the ball high in the air. After 2 Penrith errors right on the Canberra goal line, Canberra quickly scored again through Reece Robinson.

After a few penalties to Penrith, they cracked the Canberra line with a try through David Simmons.

The first half finished with a funny try assist from Josh Papalii’s head. McCrone went to pass the ball but it bumped off Papalii’s head and McCrone ran back through to catch the ball before scoring under the posts. Canberra went into half time lead 18-6.

Penrith started the second half in shocking style, with Clint Newton knocking on at the first tackle of the half. Paul Vaughan scored his first NRL try as he pushed and carried 5 Penrith players over the goal line with him next to the uprights.

Croker had a great night with the boot, kicking 4 from 4 but left the field early with a knock to his previously injured knee. Terry Campese also received an early mark for his efforts.

Penrith had moments of brilliance but could not convert the opportunities tonight.

Canberra travel Campbelltown next weekend to play the Wests Tigers while Penrith will enjoy a week off.

Match Details
Canberra Raiders 24 Penrith Panthers 12
Venue: Canberra Stadium
Crowd: 9176
Halftime Score: Canberra Raiders 18-6 Players of the Match:
3 points - Reece Robinson
2 points - Paul Vaughan
1 point - David Simmons

Tries: Blake Ferguson, Reece Robinson, Josh McCrone, Paul Vaughan
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (4/4)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: David Simmons (2)
Field Goals:
Conversions: Luke Walsh (1/1), Matt Moylan (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary


Raiders – Sandor Earl IN; Edrick Lee OUT :: Panthers – Matt Moylan IN; Wes Naiqama OUT;

1. Reece Robinson 2. Jack Wighton 3. Jarrod Croker 4. Blake Ferguson 19. Sandor Earl 6. Terry Campese (c) 7. Josh McCrone 8. Dane Tilse 9. Glen Buttriss 10. Brett White 11. Josh Papalii 12. Joel Thompson 13. Shaun Fensom
Interchange: 14. Anthony Milford 15. Joel Edwards 16. David Shillington 17. Paul Vaughan

19. Matt Moylan 2. Travis Robinson 3. Josh Mansour 4. Dean Whare 5. David Simmons 6. Isaac John 7. Luke Walsh 8. Nigel Plum 9. Kevin Kingston (C) 10. Mose Masoe 11. Sika Manu 12. Lewis Brown 13. Adam Docker
Interchange: 14. James Segeyaro 15. Matt Robinson 16. Cameron Ciraldo 17. Clint Newton 18. Ryan Simpkins
Welcome to Canberra Stadium on a cold, Saturday night. Canberra are searching for their 10th straight win at home while Penrith are continuing their mid-season resurgence.
TEAM CHANGES FOR SUPER SATURDAY IN CANBERRA Raiders – Sandor Earl IN; Edrick Lee OUT :: Panthers – Matt Moylan IN; Wes Naiqama OUT;
Penrith are heading out onto the field. They will kick off and run left to right this first half
1 min: KICK OFF!
3 min: Earl picks the ball up in goal and sprints 30m down the sideline.
Scored by Blake Ferguson. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Terry Campese launches a huge bomb and Blake Ferguson bolts through, collects it cleanly and puts the ball down over the line! Croker's kick is successful.
Canberra Raiders 6-0
6 min: PENALTY: Penrith offside.
7 min: Buttriss passes to no one just 10m out from their goal line and Penrith have the ball.
7 min: Canberra making quick metres from dummy half.
8 min: PENALTY CANBERRA: Canberra with another chance early just 10m out
9 min: Croker offloads near the line but the ball is thrown into touch.
11 min: Luke Walsh took to the air. The ball bounced and the onside Canberra players had to rush to the ball.
Matt Moylan makes an unforced error.
Moylan loses the ball 10m out from the Canberra line. Another great chance for Canberra to add more points.
Josh Mansour makes an unforced error.
Mansour knocks down the ball to stop the Canberra play. Another scrum to set down.
Scored by Reece Robinson. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Robinson dummies the ball and creates a gap to run right though and score! Croker's kick is over again.
Canberra Raiders 12-0
18 min: Simple back and forth footy for the last few sets.
21 min: Walsh pops up another bomb again and the ball bounces backwards! Somehow Canberra escape the in goal area and are on halfway.
22 min: Penrith complete a good set as the ball rolls dead.
23 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Canberra's Jack Wighton called offside after some offloads and kicks to end Canberra's set.
24 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Shillington's hand on the ball.
26 min: Penrith looking more like scoring after that set but they can't force a repeat set.
28 min: Canberra lose the ball in the Penrith half and Penrith with a good opportunity for points.
Scored by David Simmons. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Simmons finds the open space out on the wing and cruises over the goal line. Walsh gets it over the black dot easily.
Canberra Raiders 12-6
31 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Fensom pushed a Penrith player back down.
32 min: Reece Robinson has to take the ball dead and Penrith get a repeat set.
35 min: Sika Manu spills the ball and Canberra are now 10m out!
36 min: VIDEO REF CANBERRA - The ball seems to have come off Papalii's head and McCrone as gone in under the posts!
Scored by Josh McCrone. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Well that's a funny one for sure! Falcon try assist by Josh Papalii means Josh McCrone goes in under the posts. Croker converts from right infront.
Canberra Raiders 18-6
39 min: Closing in on half time as Penrith have the ball on halfway.
39 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Shillington for holding on too long.
39 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Too slow on getting off the Penrith player.
40 min: HALF TIME: Canberra lead Penrith 18-6
40 min: Teams back out on the field for the second half!
40 min: Penrith with first use of the ball this half.
Clint Newton makes an unforced error.
First play of the second half and Newton has dropped the ball.
42 min: Canberra force a drop out
44 min: Whare and Simmons force Croker over the sideline!
44 min: INJURY: Josh Mansour hasn't returned yet as he has a swollen eye (Source: Fox Sports)
46 min: PENALTY PENRITH: They have the ball 30m out.
46 min: A cruel bounce stops Simmons from scoring his second for Penrith tonight.
48 min: Blake Ferguson with a fantastic shot on Matt Robinson!
50 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Hand on the ball
52 min: CROWD: 9,176
52 min: Canberra with a chance to run downfield but Milford spills the ball.
53 min: PENALTY PENRITH: McCrone putting in too much effort to the tackle.
55 min: PENALTY CANBERRA: Rake by Matt Robinson.
56 min: Moylan forces the ball dead and Canberra get a repeat set.
Scored by Paul Vaughan. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Vaughan takes a few Penrith players with him right over the goal line next to the posts! Croker converts.
Canberra Raiders 24-6
61 min: Sandor Earl takes the ball very nicely and makes 15m. Canberra on half way.
63 min: Moylan makes huge break down field!!
63 min: Fantastic set by Penrith but the kick is too hard on the end of the set.
63 min: INJURY: Croker is OFF
65 min: Penrith made a break down field but Campese intercepts and Canberra get the ball back.
65 min: VIDEO REF CANBERRA: Earl bats the ball fantastically BACK into the field of play. We are checking for a knock on.
65 min: It'll be NO TRY as Earl knocked the ball into Robinson while he was trying to regain control.
68 min: Penrith trying to get back into this game with lots of offloads.
68 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Penrith player at dummy half but a Canberra player jumps on the ball.
69 min: INJURY: Croker got a knock to his knee he's had previous problems with. Will only return if needed.
69 min: Repeat set to Canberra!
70 min: Terry Campese given an early mark as he heads to the sideline.
72 min: Penrith head down the sideline and force a repeat set.
74 min: Penrith scrum feed as Ferguson touches the ball with his torso on its way out of play.
75 min: PENALTY PENRITH: Markers offside.
76 min: VIDEO REF PENRITH: We are checking grounding
76 min: NO TRY PENRITH: Knock on into Buttriss' thigh.
78 min: VIDEO REF PENRITH: Checking if Simmons has knocked the ball on or if it's come off his chest.
78 min: We might need a magnifying glass over here...
Scored by David Simmons. Conversion attempt by Matt Moylan successful.
The video refs go with the onfield referee and award Simmons his 2nd try of the night. Moylan adds the 2.
Canberra Raiders 24-12
79 min: Razzle dazzle to finish the game!
FULL TIME: Canberra make it 10 straight at home with a win of 24-12 over Penrith Panthers