Candice Falzon in search of 2005
Miss Malta Knight

Maltese-Australian Iron woman athlete and model Candice Falzon has begun the call for beautiful women of Maltese heritage to register their interest for the Inaugural Miss Malta Knight 2005 Pageant, which will lead the fundraising proceedings in order to help Malta contest the 2005 Mediterranean Cup and host their inaugural rugby league fixture in Malta.

Popular within the Maltese community and a proud supporter of the Malta Knights, 19-year-old Falzon has called on all eligible women to contact the MRLA in readiness for the big night prepared for June 10.

?the Miss Malta Knight Pageant is a great opportunity for the girls out there? explains Falzon

?Absolutely, I had so much fun at the last game and can?t wait for the next one?

The lucky lady to be crowned Miss Malta Knight 2005 will not only take on the prestigious title but also receive return air-fares to Malta, thanks to the beauty pageant?s sponsor in Wonderland Travel of Blacktown.

?I?ve actually never been yet, but looking forward to going soon? explains Falzon.

An aspiring model herself, Candice is proof there is an array of beautiful Maltese women on the Australian shores and hopes to see the cream of that crop in contention for the Miss Malta Knight crown.

??all Maltese are beautiful, whether its appearance or within?

Not only will girls showcase their charm, they?ll be doing if for a worthwhile cause as well as being in the running for some great prizes.

?the Maltese community are of a supportive nature and always support each other and this is another opportunity for them to do so for a good cause? says Candice.

As well as the opportunity to be crowned 2005 Miss Malta Knight, MRLA spokesperson Anthony Micallef says the opportunity for further openings in modeling for the winner are a strong possibility with the alignment of the pageant to a world renowned model contest the following week to be staged in Malta.

?our inaugural Miss Malta Knight will gain direct entry to Miss Bikini World International, a prestigious contest held in Malta. So the opportunity is there, but only if the girls so wish? says Micallef.

?Aside from the prizes on offer, it?s a big night planned and a social event at that for the Maltese community in general, both those of the old and new generation?

Personalities in attendance on the night will range from not only Candice Falzon herself, but include former Mr Malta/World & Mr Universe runner-up Mr Charlie Duca, rugby league hard-man Mark Geyer and current Australian rally car champion Cody Crocker.

With the Beauty Pageant winner hopeful of further modeling opportunities, Falzon has already done her fair share of modeling and it?s a career Falzon may well take on following her iron woman days.

?at the moment, It helps promote my sport, while also being enjoyable?

??possibly something I?ll get into following my career in the iron woman series?

Whilst growing up with her two brothers along one of Sydney?s beautiful beaches and not too far from the Rabbitoh?s heartland, Falzon had no choice as to who to follow in rugby league.

??it?s Souths or nothing. You can?t live in the house if you don?t support South Sydney?

?hopefully, they?ve been training hard and we?ll have a better season this year?

Queries for entry into the pageant or for tickets are invited to contact the MRLA by email at [email protected] or calling Anthony Micallef on 0412 881310 or Mark Sultana on 0419 487030