Carlaw Park-Just Another Memory

The Auckland Rugby League (ARL) has finally relinquished the dream of revitalising Carlaw Park.

Their board will decide next Tuesday on a building project aimed at providing the sport with a financial legacy.

"We will never sell the freehold, we aim to hold it forever for the good of the game," ARL chairman Cameron MacGregor said.

The 6ha block bought from the Auckland Hospital Board in the 1970s for $250,000 has a valuation of around $15 million, but recent land sales in the area suggest it would sell for a lot more.

Instead, the board will make a decision on a commercial use with the help of developers Willis Bond. A mix of commercial and residential development is favoured.

MacGregor and his board are keen to head off any attempt by affiliated clubs to push for any share, which would deplete the return.

The project is likely to be managed independently, which will return an annual dividend to be spent on existing competitions and future development.

The No 1 ground that hosted numerous famous test matches is now metalled as a temporary car park.

The Railway Stand, beneath which the players prepared for battle, is falling down and is a fire and safety hazard