Certified Yes, Selectors No!

Every year approaching Origin, you get your serving of left-field suggestions as possible inclusions in either the New South Wales or Queensland team.

In the past, some of the names tossed up have been curious choices yet not without merit and some have been so utterly ridiculous that you question whether the author is taking the mickey.

Last year for example, the legendary Artie Beetson for reasons only he would know, pushed for David Shillington to be included in the Queensland team despite the fact the Rooster prop was struggling to hold a run-on spot in a team that was going like a busted!

But any criticism big Artie copped from his error of judgment twelve months ago, will be well and truly forgotten after the ludicrous recommendations made by former Origin players Gary Coyne and Ben Ikin and veteran ABC commentator David Morrow.

In a chronological delivery of the