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Jets Merchandise Christmas Gift Suggestions.

The Jets Christmas Gift Catalogue Is All Ready And Waiting For You!

The Newtown Rugby League Football Club merchandise catalogue contains plenty of superb Christmas gift possibilities ? and they?re all there waiting for you to make your gift selections.

Check out our extensive catalogue on: (Click the Jets merchandise box)

You can then call 1300 36 36 90 or 95500999 and ask for the Jets merchandise shop. There are some fantastic choices available, and no Christmas shopping list is complete without including plenty of quality Jets items.

Be sure to send this email to your own email network of family members, friends, neighbours and work colleagues, so they too can get to know about what a terrific selection of Jets merchandise is ready and available for everyone.

Invite your email network to log onto the Newtown RLFC website and click the Jets email news service subscription box, so they can keep up with all the Jets news and happenings for 2005. Every one of you can be an effective ambassador for this club ? get your family and friends to check out our merchandise and also become Newtown RLFC members.

A Merry Christmas and a Royal Blue Happy New Year to you all from the Newtown RLFC!