Comets Wrap

You have to look at the instance of players who experience the joy of playing a high level of football with their brothers or close relations and think what a special honour it would be to do so.

The Stewart brothers at Manly, the Johns brothers at Newcastle or even the Walters brothers of which there were three, playing for the Broncos back in the early 90s.

This was something I always wanted as a player but as time drew on the chances faded as serious injury hampered my brother Glen from playing anymore.

Christened as the more talented of the two of us I have no doubts Glen would have donned the Maroon and Yellow of the Broncos as I did, given his time over again and maybe this wish of mine may have come true.

But it never eventuated leaving my last hope of playing with family to my talented nephew who at 17 is fast gaining praise in Rugby League circles. With my time at the Cowboys due to come to a close this year the option to play back home with the Comets would have seen this happen as his rising star is being noticed with inclusion in several Queensland Cup games this season with the CQ Wizard Cup team. Only through my forced retirement from the game at the start of the year was this unable to happen, though to see him playing in the second best Competition in Australia at such a young age leads me to a happy conclusion.

The game v Ipswich on Saturday night saw Matt Minto face up against the Competition heavyweights and he didn