Comets Wrap

Rugby League can be a funny old game. As a player I only knew this too well as the pressures of keeping the Boss happy ie: Wayne Bennett and Graham Murray as well as a passionate following of fans, you sometimes wonder why put yourself through the pain.

But once the curtain comes down on your career as mine unexpectedly did last year at the Cowboys, the thought of never feeling the satisfaction of going into battle with my mates again, quickly became an emotional struggle. Reality had replaced the bright lights of the big show arena I had grown accustom to over the years and left me feeling empty. These thoughts can only be echoed from other past NRL players as they too face a sudden life change and the possibility of living a normal life.

This was how I felt back then as I knew I would have to choose where my life would go without any prior warning to ease the blow. Although I tried my hand in the Real Estate game I knew come March this year that Rugby league would be pulling me back in for that same feeling I once had.

My career began in Rockhampton playing in the Queensland Cup with the then newly formed Central Queensland Comets and as a changing of the guard in the Executive Officer position recently it has seen my re-emergence with the Club that gave me my shot. As the new CEO of the Comets the want to give back to the club that gave so much to me is driving my desire to achieve success in the near future. This is already starting to happen as the Comets of 2008 continue to impress with wins over Competition heavy weights in recent times.

This was apparent on Saturday night as the Comets went on to dethrone the Competition leaders the Northern Pride in front of a bumper crowd of more than 2000. Leading for most of the game the boys from CQ put forward a warning to their coming competitors that season 2008 is still alive in heart of the State. With games against two top five teams ahead Wynnum and Ipswich the boys will surely have to put their best foot forward to have a chance of being there come September.

I sometimes wonder about putting the jersey on again to help the boys to get there but as I