Country score late win over

City 10 v Country 12
at Apex Oval, Dubbo
Referee: Tony Archer

Match Summary:

A late Anthony Quinn try has given Country a 12-10 upset win over City in Dubbo tonight.

Country dominated the first half of the game almost totally ? helped by City making three errors inside the Country 10 metre line. Country opened the scoring after 13 minutes with a penalty goal. 10 minutes later Country scored the only try of the first half, to Anthony Laffranchi off a Brett Finch offload, and after almost total domination of the first half the Country went to the sheds up only 8-0.

City came back strong in the second half, scoring eight minutes into the half after a cross field kick was batted on to Paul Gallen who offloaded to David Simmons who scored out wide. The conversion made the score 8-6. After 61 minutes City capitalised on a Kurt Gidley error, and scored in the opposite corner in the form of Luke Rooney ? after another Gallen offload. There was one more twist left in the match when, with four minutes to go ? Anthony Quinn somehow rebounded from a solid hit and got the ball down on the line inches from the corner post, for the 12-10 win.

While the match was close, and needed players to step up to the plate, the New South Wales selectors are probably still more probably none the wiser as to who they will be selecting to fill in the gaps, although players like Paul Gallen, Amos Roberts, Kurt Gidley and Brett Finch certainly pushed their cases.

City: 10
Tries: David Simmons, Luke Rooney
Goals: Brett Hodgson 1/2
Country: 12
Tries: Anthony Quinn, Anthony Laffranchi
Goals: Craig Fitzgibbon 2/2

By the Clock:
Not far away from kickoff at the historic Apex Oval in Dubbo.

City vs Country, the start of domestic representative season for 2006. Generally speaking, two-fairly star studded teams today. The City boys are favourites tonight, and have won 3 out of the last 4 of these clashes.

Very healthy crowd in tonight, and the conditions are dry.

1 min: We're underway in Dubbo! Ben Hornby starts us off by kicking out on the full, and City will go on the attack.

1 min: Hodgson is thrown into touch early in the count, only a few metres out from the goal line.

6 min: Very messy start with a lot of poor passes and a general lack of cohesion.

7 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a Country try...

8 min: NO TRY - Amos Roberts is ruled to have knocked on in goal trying to ground a bomb.

10 min: City turn the ball over, but manage to hold Country out.

10 min: Another City turnover. Country dominating territory and possession at this early stage.

12 min: Finch is pressured on the last tackle, he gets the ball away and after Country throw it around a bit Amos Roberts picks up a line drop out.

13 min: PENALTY GOAL Country
City are penalised for stripping the ball of Craig Fitzgibbon. He adds the two points from 20 out, right in front.
Country 2-0

15 min: A fantastic kick from Country traps David Simmons in the in goal.

17 min: Country get another repeat set. City are under siege.

18 min: City finally get the ball back as Gidley kicks a little too deep.

19 min: Current Storm player Brett White hits ex-Storm player Matt Orford late after he kicks it.

20 min: City are unable to take advantage of the penalty and turn the ball over for the second time in good attacking position.

23 min: TRY Country
Brett Finch runs up the middle and offloads to Laffranchi who has a yawning gap to run through and score under the posts. Fitzgibbon converts, and the domination is starting to show on the scoreboard.
Country 8-0

26 min: Finch puts a kick out on the full, fortunately it isn't in the worst position on the field.

28 min: Simmons comes very close to scoring after a chip kick, but Quinn shows his soccer skills and City get a goal line drop out.

29 min: Gower puts the ball down 10 out from the Country goal line. Three turnovers hot on attack from City.

31 min: Country turn the ball over 10 metres out from their own line, City with their best chance, but they blow it as Orford knocks on at the scrum base.

40 min: Half time. Country have largely dominated this game, helped by four City mistakes 10 metres out from the Country line. They ought to lead by more than 8 points, but City have managed to hold on and stay within single digits of Country.

40 min: Country have 60% possession. City have made 12 errors to Countrys 3 - completion rates are 8/20 for City and 17/21 for Country.

40 min: Back underway at Dubbo.

45 min: Roberts fails to catch the ball and ends up knocking it into touch - scrum City 10 metres out.

46 min: NEWS Craig Gower is injured and is really limping. City get a repeat set.

48 min: TRY City
City finally take advantage of good field position. Orford kicks high across to the posts, Hodgson bats the ball across field, it goes through hands and Simmons scores out wide. Hodgson hits the conversion from out wide.
Country 8-6

52 min: NEWS Gower moving well again.

57 min: Country throw the ball around and cross the try line, only to be called back for a forward pass.

60 min: Gidley nearly makes a great close range catch on a kick, but he loses the ball, City scrum 10 out.

61 min: TRY City
Off the back of the Gidley error, City move the ball from sideline to sideline, Gallen throws an offload to Rooney who scores in the corner, allowing City to take an almost undeserved lead. Hodgson misses the goal.
City 10-8

67 min: Hicks is held up on tackle four. The following kick is taken by Lewis who is trapped in the in goal.

69 min: MacDougall held up on tackle four. Finch kicks high to Roberts who knocks on. Still 10-8 to City.

71 min: 9 Minutes to go, City somehow holding on.

72 min: Quinn can't get out of the in goal, line drop out to City.

73 min: Gower kicks on tackle four and doesn't even find the in goal.

74 min: Rooney gets trapped in the in goal at the other end of the field. Jason King - possible fractured thumb.

76 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible Country try...

76 min: TRY Country
The Country boys spread the ball wide and somehow Anthony Quinn grounds the ball inches away from the corner post. Roberts hooks the touchline conversion.
Country 12-10

80 min: City are forced to come up with a goal line drop out, ensuring the win for Country.

80 min: NEWS Country survive a second half City fightback and win the match with a try four minutes from time.
----------------------------------------- players of the match:
3 - Andrew Ryan
2 - Preston Campbell
1 - Paul Gallen