Cowboys end their 4 game losing

The Cowboys finally end their 4 game losing streak with a fine win over the NZ Warriors by 30-10.

For most of the first half the Cowboys soaked up wave after wave of attack by the visiting side and only slipped up on one occasion to allow the Warriors a 4 pointer.

When the Cowboys finally managed a bit of possession they made the most of it and went into the break with a 10-6 lead.

Queensland Cowboys carried on in the second half in the same manner they finished the first and took any 2 points on offer plus 2 more tries, to put on 20 unanswered points and sew up the game.

As expected the Warriors tried to hit back but although managing a try, too many errors in their sets of six handed the game to the Cowboys, who definitely deserve the win tonight.

Scorers: COWBOYS 30 Tries: Morrison, Hannay, Sing, Williams Goals: Hannay (7/9) defeated WARRIORS 10 Tries: Swann 2 Goals: Jones (1/2)

Saturday 5 July 2003 7:30 PM Dairy Farmers Stadium Referee: Bill Harrigan

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - K Campion (Cowboys) 2 - G Morrison (Cowboys) 1 - P Rauhihi (Cowboys)

By the clock:

0 min: Kick off!

2nd min: NEWS - A mistake by the Cowboys early in the first tackle count, and the Warriors are hot on attack. Fifth tackle and there's desperation dives for the grubber kick by Jones. Video ref takes an age with his decision, a goal line dropout

5th min: NEWS - Two line dropouts to the Warriors, but no scoring as the Cowboys defence hold tight to force an error

9th min: TRY - Swann for Warriors. Another line dropout for the Warriors and good go forward. Sheer weight of possession and field position pays off at last. Jones from 15 metres in, just misses converting the try. Warriors 4-0

15th min: NEWS - The Cowboys having put in a lot of tackling but at this stage holding well against the Warriors attack

19th min: PENALTY GOAL - Hannay for Cowboys. Guttenbeil with a high shot on former Warriors team mate Myles, gives a gift two points to the Cowboys. Hannay has no trouble getting the kick from right in front. Warriors 4-2

25th min: NEWS - Yet another line dropout for the Warrior attacking only making 35 metres. Once again the Warriors fall short of scoring by some excellent scrambling defence by the Cowboys. Warriors 4-2

30th min: NEWS - Great defensive work by the Cowboys to hold out another wave of attack by the Warriors. This time Toopi held up over the line on the fifth tackle, change over

32nd min: TRY - Morrison for Cowboys. A good set of six finally by the Cowboys and they get to their line with the help of a penalty. Morrison stretches out just get the ball over for the try. Hannay 10 metres in from the sideline, adds the extra two points. Cowboys 8-4

36th min: PENALTY GOAL - Hannay for Cowboys. From 40 metres out, grabs another two points for his side after the Warriors were penalised. Cowboys 10-6

40th min: NEWS - Myles (Cowboys) penalised for a bit of push and shove between Toopi and himself, resulting in a couple of blows.

HALF TIME: Time for a bit of cooling off. The Cowboys have done well to soak up the Warriors attack and lead at the break by 10-4

44th min: PENALTY GOAL - Hannay for Cowboys. Bowen (Cowboys) runs 90 metres but is mowed down by Webb. Warriors penalised for being inside the 10 metres. Hannay has no trouble adding 2 points from out in front. Cowboys 12-4

51st min: TRY - Hannay for Cowboys. Back to back sets of six and Hannay is over out wide. He now passes Julian O'Neil as the Cowboys leading points scorer. Hannay just misses converting his try from the sideline. Cowboys 16-4

55th min: NEWS - Lauiti'iti is on for the Warriors after his long break from injury

58th min: Two on one strip and the Warriors are penalised right near the Cowboys line. Hannay misses the kick

59th min: TRY - Sing for Cowboys. A mistake by the Warriors after the Hannay kick misses and the gap just opened for Sing to score. Very soft defence. Hannay from right out in front gets the conversion. Cowboys 22-4

63rd min: PENALTY GOAL - Hannay for Cowboys. Yet another penalty for a strip and Hannay makes no mistake from 15 metres in, and 35 metres out from the goal posts. Cowboys 24-4

68th min: NEWS - Sing (Cowboys) leaves the field with an injury to his shoulder

70th min: TRY - Swann for Warriors. A penalty and finally an error free set of six and the Warriors peg back a bit of the huge lead the Cowboys have built. Jones with a quick conversion, adds the 2 points. Cowboys 24-10

75th min: TRY - Williams for Cowboys. A beaut high kick by Shepherd which the Warriors fullback Webb look to have covered. But Ty Williams plucked it out of his hands to score. Hannay adds the extra 2 points. Cowboys 30-10

77th min: NEWS - A bit of an altercation between Toopi (Warriors), Campion and Morisson. Toopi is penalised, Morrison came in unnecessarily, so Harrigan has put the whole incident on report

FULL TIME: The Cowboys deserved winners tonight, the Warriors seemed to be their own worst enemies at times