Cowboys finally rope in a win in

A gutsy performance by the Cowboys sees them get their first ever win at Canberra downing the home side by 34-28.

With the score locked at 12 all going into the break, the Cowboys let loose in the second half scoring 18 unanswered points before the Raiders hit back with 3 quick tries to be only 2 points behind.

An exciting last 5 minutes saw wave after wave of attack from the Raiders, only to have the ball picked up by Williams for the Cowboys to score in the last minute and wrap up the victory for the Cowboys. A great comeback for the side after their hapless game last week against the Knights.

The Raiders without some of their top play makers also put in a great effort but letting the Cowboys get away from them early in the second half proved to be their downfall.

Scorers: RAIDERS 28 Tries: J Monaghan 2, Evans, Lolesi, Graham Goals: J Monaghan (6/8) defeated by COWBOYS 34 Tries: B Bowen, Hannay, Myles, Payne, Bowman, Williams Goals: Hannay (3/5)

Saturday 16 August 2003 5:30 PM Canberra Stadium Referee: Shayne Hayne Video Referee: Eddie Ward

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - D Myles (Cowboys) 2 - J Monaghan (Raiders) 1 - G Morrison (Cowboys)

By the clock:

A weakened Raiders attack with a few of their stars out with injury.

0 min: Kick off at Canberra!

5th min: NEWS - Cowboys have started well. They forced a goal line dropout but unfortunately made an error in attack and the Raiders gets possession

10th min: NEWS - The Raiders have so far put 2 high kicks up for the wingers, the 2nd resulting in a line dropout. Canberra are awarded a penalty right in front and opt for the tap. Crocker nearly scores but the ref rules he did not have control of the football over the line. No score in the game so far

13th min: NEWS - Hodgson (Raiders) off the field with a dislocated shoulder and will take no further part. Hindmarsh also off but may return

15th min: TRY - J Monaghan for Raiders. McLinden throws an excellent dummy on the 5th tackle, spins the ball out wide with Wiki and Monaghan in support. McLinden is involved yet again to get Monaghan over out wide. Monaghan misses a tough conversion from close to the touch line. Raiders 4-0

20th min: NEWS - Cowboys close to scoring after some great go forward. Fifth tackle option, the little chip through nearly claimed by Sheppard. Video ref Eddie Ward signals 'no try'

22nd min: TRY - B Bowen for Cowboys. A scrum feed 20 metres from their line gives the Cowboys great option. They spin it wide on the first tackle with a beautiful run around by Williams and Bowen has no trouble getting past Mogg. Hannay from 5 metres in from touch, kicks a beauty. Cowboys 6-4

29th min: PENALTY GOAL - J Monaghan for Raiders. The Cowboys getting pinged twice in a row for sloppy play in the tackles. Monaghan has no trouble adding 2 points from close in front. Penalty count now 6-2 in the Raiders favour. Score 6-6

32nd min: TRY - Evan for Raiders. McLinden puts the perfect grubber kick through for Evans to pounce on. The attack coming from a mistake by Williams from the kick off. Evans with his first touch of the ball in 2003 for the Raiders 1st grade team couldn't have asked for a better start. Monaghan adds the extra 2 points from in front. Raiders 12-6

35th min: TRY - Hannay for Cowboys. A mistake by Raiders player Thompson gives the Cowboys great field position and they hit back straight away. Some top passing and quick plays and Hannay is over out wide. He misses converting his own try. Raiders 12-10

40th min: PENALTY GOAL - Hannay for Raiders. Once again ref Hayne penalises for foul play in the tackle. Hannay kicks well from 40 odd metres out to lock the sores up at the break. 12-12

HALF TIME: A very even contest so far

46th min: TRY - Myles for Cowboys. Campion since coming into the game at halftime has instilled some enthusiasm in the Cowboys pack. A dummy by Campo, offloading onto a storming Rauhihi with Myles there to finish off, and the Raiders defence had no answers. Hannay from out in front, adds the 2 points. Cowboys 18-12

51st min: TRY - Payne for Cowboys. The kick off return is a blinder. Two Bowen brothers involved in shifting the ball wide, and the Raiders defence is stretched to catch the speedsters. Hannay from 10 metres in, hits the upright and gets the conversion. Cowboys 24-12

55th min: TRY - Bowman for Cowboys. A blistering run by Matty Bowen sets up the Cowboys 3rd try since the break. They shift the ball wide on the fifth tackle and numbers are in their favour. Hannay from close to the sideline, gets the kick. Cowboys 30-12

62nd min: TRY - Lolesi for Raiders. Quick plays and offloads and the Raiders finally get the points they desperately need to bring them back into the game. A high kick out to Lolesi from McLinden pays off with a 4 pointer. Monaghan quickly adds the conversion. Cowboys 30-18

64th min: TRY - J Monaghan for Raiders. Nice work by the Raiders to hit back with another try. The video ref had a good hard look to see if Mogg had knocked on in the movement. His actions get the ball to Monaghan who is away clean to score. Eddie Ward gives the green light. Monaghan wastes no time converting his try. Cowboys 30-24

70th min: TRY - Graham for Raiders. Great attacking play by the Raiders to secure 6 more tackles close to their line. Graham is put through a hole a mile wide. Monaghan from 13 metres in from touch, kicks it across the face of the goal. Cowboys 30-28

74th min: NEWS - The Raiders hot on attack but a mistake from their goal line dropout on the 5th tackle and the Cowboys cling to their lead

77th min: NEWS - Play is stopped as Mogg (Raiders) gets some attention after putting his body on the line to stop the ball on the Cowboys line. A penalty to the Raiders after Hannay tries to push the injured Mogg into the in goal. Cowboys lead 30-28

79th min: TRY - Williams for Cowboys. A happy Cowboys outfit smother Williams after he runs 90 metres to score. The Raiders lost on the 5th tackle option, hot on attack, finishing with Graham putting the boot to a pass which Williams gratefully picked up. Hannay misses the conversion. Cowboys 34-28

FULL TIME: A hard fought victory to the Cowboys in Canberra