Critics watch as Tigers claim Manly

Wests Tigers, fighting for their place in the NRL's top 8, have constructed a magical second 40 minutes to defeat the Manly Sea Eagles at Bluetongue Stadium.

Despite eyeing the minor premiership in 2011, Manly went down 14-12 in front of a crowd of 20,059.

Wests Tigers started strong, showing a good attitude while going for their third straight win. They crossed the line first but were denied by the Video Referee as Beau Ryan was ruled to have knocked on in the 8th minute.

However, Manly got the first points on the board off the back of a penalty. Brett Stewart on his game for the Sea Eagles charged onto a pass from Daly Cherry-Evans and opened up the line. Jamie Lyon converted in the 12th minute to give Manly a 6-0 lead.

It was an entertaining game and the first half was nothing short with end-to-end sets from both sides, however from the first try we had to wait until the 32nd minute for more points. Manly crossed again from the dummy half and a simple effort from Matt Ballin caught Aaron Woods napping.

Manly led 12-0 at 8 minutes before the break. The score remained unchanged at the half time siren with Manly controlling the match, despite the Wests Tigers defence.

After the break Wests Tigers hit back, keeping Manly scoreless in the second half.

Three tries coming in 7 minutes had a major bearing on the match. It started in the 55th minutes with the Tigers spreading the ball to Robert Lui who crashed over. Chris Lawrence also got into the action as he went close to the line but the Video Referee deemed him short, but could have ruled as a double movement.

Two minutes later Robbie Farah found himself in open space before passing to the short side, Blake Asyhford putting the foot down as he flirted with the sideline. On review it looked as if Farah's pass was forward but not ruled as such.Β 

The Tigers all but sealed the win with a third try as another break in defence from Manly gave Benji Marshall the space, the Kiwi international beating four players before popping up a no-look pass to Chris Lawrence to score in the corner.

The try gave Wests Tigers a 14-12 lead with 18 minutes to play.

Manly had an opportunity to steal it when Tigers' hooker Robbie Farah lost the ball inside his own half. However, from the scrum base Manly kicked early with Jamie Lyon and the ball was collected by Beau Ryan for the Tigers.

Wests Tigers put on an entertaining match for the people of the Central Coast to defeat the second-placed Sea Eagles 14 points to 12. The Tigers will remain 7th on the ladder but move to 24 points. Looking to next week, and a massive game, as the Tigers will face the Dragons at the Sydney Football Stadium. Manly return to Brookvale Oval as they will clash with the Roosters.

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 12 were defeated by Wests Tigers 14
National Rugby League - Round 21 - Friday July 29, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Bluetongue Stadium, Gosford
Referee: Jason Robinson and Ashley Klein
Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Ricky MacFarlane
Crowd: 20,059
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 12 Wests Tigers 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Benji Marshall (1 Conversion)
2 Points - Chris Lawrence (1 Try)
1 Point - Brett Stewart (1 Try)

Manly Sea Eagles (12)
Tries: Matt Ballin, Brett Stewart
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (2/2)

Wests Tigers (14)
Tries: Chris Lawrence, Blake Ayshford, Robert Lui
Conversions: Benji Marshall (1/3) Live Commentary Good Evening League fans, we are 5 minutes from Kick off coming live out of Gosford's Bluetongue Stadium. Earlier in Toyota Cup Wests Tigers getting the win over the Manly side 30-18.
Tonight the Wests Tigers will be looking to make it 3 wins in a row, whilst the Manly Sea Eagles are out to make a statement to the rest of the clubs that they are the real deal in 2011. Both sides will be running out shortly.
If the Tigers and Manly finish in the same spots on the ladder as they are now, in the first week of the finals. Both sides are out on the ground.
Referee Jason Robinson blows time on and Tigers will get the first use of the ball through Galloway
1 min: Wests Tigers good attacking set from them, the kick goes high and the knocked back my manly on the last for Benji to regather and chip over the top. Nothing coming off it. Gareth Ellis already bleeding from under the eye.
3 min: Manly showing good defence, however on the last Matt Utai being wrapped up. A confrontation between the sides early, nothing coming off it. manly are on the attack from the ruck inside the Tigers half.
3 min: On the last Manly going off the boot off Foran with a bomb, however bouncing down for Utai to collect as Manly dropped the bomb. Tigers playing with a good attitude early.
4 min: On the 4th tackle the Tigers through Benji opting with a kick however not the best kick down field only making 20metres. Manly attacking just inside the Tigers side of halfway
5 min: Foran placing a nice kick into the goals however chases not getting to the ball before Matt Utai grounded it. As a result Tigers giving away a drop out.
6 min: BANG! Gareth Ellis placing a shot on Jason King and he coughed up the ball. Knock on the call and scrum feed to the Tigers.
7 min: Beautiful play from the Tigers. Going through the hands down field, Robert Lui coming close but tackled.
8 min: After multiple looks from all angles. Video Referee rules NO TRY! to Beau Ryan, knock on. Ryan almost grounding it before the line off a grubber kick, however Will Hopoate saving the try.
9 min: Off the 20 metre tap the Manly side going strong inside the tigers half. On the last Cherry-Evans kicking down field. Moltzen slips. and pushed back in goals. PENALTY! after the referee called held.
10 min: Chris Lawrence getting going forward off another good attacking set from the Tigers. Robbie Farah on the last play grubbing through the line and controlling this one. Scrum falls to the Manly side.
11 min: Manly getting a scrum penalty as a result kicking down field and just going dead.
12 min: TRY
TRY! Off the penalty Manly getting a set together. Daly Cherry-Evans popping a pass on the inside for the support player in Brett Stewart and he charged into the hole and scores. Manly open the scoring as Lyon converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 6-0
14 min: From the kick off, Tigers driving it long into the in goal area. The wet conditions force Brett Stewart slips and is caught in goals for a Drop out for the Tigers. So from the try to Manly, the Tigers are on the attack.
15 min: 20 metres out and the Tigers trying to spread the ball through Robert Lui knocks on. Manly with the scrum feed.
16 min: Michael Oldfield leaping high to contest the ball with Matt Utai however getting no control of the ball and knocking on. Tigers escaping the raid of the Sea Eagles.
17 min: Marshall sending up a high ball into the air for Michael Oldfield to collect before meeting the Tigers defence.
17 min: Penalty to the manly side for Keith Galloway pushing down Matai.
18 min: Glenn Stewart passing cross field almost finding the arms of the referee but bending out of the way.
18 min: Good defence from the Wests Tigers as Blake Asyhford is up quickly to put pressure on Brett Stewart to force the knock on. Scrum feed Tigers and they attack inside their 40 metre zone.
20 min: As Tim Moltzen knocks on, Tim Sheens makes his first interchange with Keith Galloway coming off and Matt Groat coming onto the field for his 3rd NRL game.
21 min: Defence is going to win this match and the Tigers showing some form in defence as their covering tackles have been good. On the last the manly side going to the air for Beau Ryan to collect and make it out to his 10m line.
21 min: Robert Lui driving the ball hard down field on the 4th tackle for Brett Stewart to gather and charge up field. Aaron Woods comes onto the field for Bryce Gibbs.
24 min: Benji opting with a cut out ball to the wing of Ryan who goes for a gallop but wrapped up on the last. Kick down field and allowed to bounce for Stewart, but chasers in Lui covering.
25 min: Penalty to the Tigers after a Benji break running 30 metres with Farah in support. Marshall throwing a cut out ball back on the inside. the Penalty coming against Lyon for tackling marshall without the ball.
27 min: Brett Stewart covering in defence as Marshall going with a toe-poke through the line. Stewart knocking it dead over the line for a goal line drop out for the Tigers.
28 min: Robert Lui failing to get the ball on the full from the drop out.
28 min: Robbie Farah from dummy half throwing a forward pass to give Manly a scrum feed.
29 min: Foran sending Shane Rodney into a hole and he put his foot down to get a break and make metres. Tigers covering up in defence.
30 min: Beau Ryan getting caught in goals and forced over the dead ball line. Goal line drop out for Manly.
31 min: Manly getting frustrated at the defensive line of the Tigers. Foran's kick going across field, however knock on against Chris Lawrence. Scrum feed to the Manly side only 10 metres from the goal line.
32 min: TRY
TRY! From the scrum base and Manly doing it well. Out of dummy half Matt Ballin picking up the ball and diving over the line to score. Tigers opening up a hole in the line after good defensive set. Lyon's kick from beside the post is successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 12-0
35 min: Aaron Woods creating the hole to give Ballin the try, as on replay he tried to appeal to the referee for the push from Rose. Manly off the kick restart are on the attack on the 20m line.
35 min: Manly are showing their skills now as Jamie Lyon going with a grubber kick down field and Brett Stewart running down field hoping to score. But not happening with Blake Asyhford running across to save the day and kicking it dead.
35 min: Knock On after Evans was running cross field looking for support. Hopoate trying to get the quick hands to the ball, however knocking on.
37 min: Anthony Watmough might have had a hand in the ruck but not ruled on from the referee as. Knock on the call against Woods. Manly with the ball inside the Tigers half.
38 min: Another knock on against Manly now. Robert Lui will feed a Tigers scrum feed on their 10m line.
40 min: Wests Tigers having a chance on the siren as a kick into open space. However Brett Stewart punching it down over the dead ball line. HALFTIME. 12-0 Manly
HALFTIME: Manly are controlling this match comfortably at the break. That is without mention of the good work of the Wests Tigers in defence through the half. However some laspes have cost them the tries. Brett Stewart has been dominate at the back. It's not over for the Tigers, they have had some chances but not executing them.
40 min: TIME ON! Second half is underway. Tigers kicking off with the Manly side getting the first use.
40 min: Steve Matai making a break, Tigers shocked by this play. Manly getting to the 20 metre line.
41 min: Manly getting the ball spread wide and Foran going for a kick high in the air. Manly trying to dive over the line, but not to be. Change over on the 10 metre line.
42 min: Marshall kicking it long down field for Manly to return it up to the 30 metre line.
43 min: Steve Matai's shoulder not looking in the best shape, however the Tigers have the ball.
44 min: Robbie Farah looking for a possible 40/20 but not coming off. Beau Ryan awaiting the call of the referee for a voluntary tackle, however not coming off.
45 min: Matt Utai gathering the ball at the back after the Manly kick and Tigers are on the attack with Aaron Woods going in and out getting it up and going.
45 min: Knock on Wests Tigers. Woods doing the job of getting the Tigers moving forward. However knock on against Marshall with an inside pass from Liam Fulton. Scrum feed Manly on their 10 mline.
50 min: So close, Jamie Lyon leaping high in the air off the kick, however knocking on. Tigers with the ball only metres from their line.
53 min: Liam Fulton going for a charge at the Manly line.
53 min: Wests Tigers getting a repeat side as Farah's kick is knocked dead by Stewart.
55 min: TRY
TRY! Spreading it wide the Tigers, finding the arms of Robert Lui, running the angle into the Manly line and crossing the line for points.
Manly Sea Eagles 12-6
58 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING. POSSIBLE TRY to CHRIS LAWRENCE. He made a break with Farah on support but not passing. Next play diving for the line.
58 min: NO TRY! Chris Lawrence held out by Will Hopoate. Play of the ball for Manly. Could of been a penalty for Double movement but not the case.
60 min: TRY
TRY! From the 40 metre line the Tigers finding Farah and running into the line gets into open space. Passing back on the short side to Blake Asyhford who was screaming for the ball. Forward pass from Farah to his outside man, but not ruled. Marshall missing the kick from an easy attempt.
Manly Sea Eagles 12-10
62 min: TRY
TRY! Three tries in 6 minutes. From his 40 metre line. Benji Marshall breaking into space and beating four manly players. Getting inside Manly's half and popping a no look pass on the short side for Chris Lawrence to streak away and score in the corner. Marshall from the side line has pushed it wide.
Wests Tigers 14-12
66 min: KNOCK ON! Manly through Matt Ballin losing control of the ball. Scrum feed to the Tigers, scrum play could be on.
66 min: KNOCK ON! Manly through Matt Ballin losing control of the ball. Scrum feed to the Tigers, scrum play could be on.
66 min: KNOCK ON! Manly through Matt Ballin losing control of the ball. Scrum feed to the Tigers, scrum play could be on.
67 min: Nothing on for the Tigers in that set, Manly cover up in defence.
68 min: Penalty against Matt Groat. Manly on the attack inside their 40 mline.
68 min: Matt Groat not having the best time out their. Flop call against him, unlucky for the young gun. Manly attacking inside the 30.
70 min: Penalty Tigers! Cherry-Evans giving away the penalty for a strip.
71 min: Benji's pass not the best, however a good result for the Tigers as Jamie Lyon knocked on according to the referee.
72 min: Liam Fulton so close for going over the line. This is a massive turn around for the Wests side. Held up here on the 4th
72 min: Michael Oldfield runs the ball dead. Drop out for the Tigers.
72 min: Crowd attendance at Bluetongue Stadium tonight, it's a ground recording levelling figure with 20,059
73 min: No luck for the Manly side. Marshall's pass looking going over the sideline, however it was touched by the Manly side and scrum falling with the Tigers.
73 min: From the scum base and Chris Lawrence runs for the line but held out.
75 min: Liam Fulton so close again. Marshall grubbing it back on the inside to the goals. Manly with a drop out.
75 min: MANLY have the ball. Going with a short drop out and Manly have it.
76 min: Good defence from the Tigers, Evans with a kick down field, and a good chase from the Manly side. Tigers stuck inside their 20 mline.
76 min: Time out! Matt Utai is down with cramp it seems.
76 min: Time back on with the Tigers. Manly doing a lot of defence in the second 40 mins.
77 min: Marshall kicks long down field for Michael Oldfield to return it.
78 min: Cherry-Evans going for the cross field kick and wrapped up. Tigers get the ball inside their 20m line. Need a big kick at the end of this.
78 min: NO! Knock on from the Tigers. Manly get the scrum feed with 60 seconds to go. Manly get the ball just inside the halfway line. Farah coughing it up.
79 min: From the scrum base Manly kick early with Jamie Lyon and it's collected by Beau Ryan. Tigers knew it was coming.
79 min: Keith Galloway making a break through the Manly line, good showing from the Big red
80 min: FULLTIME! It's over. The Wests Tigers have claimed another win to make it 3 wins in a row over the Manly side who are fighting for the top spot. However they failed to keep themselves in front. Warp shortly.

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