CSSC Welcomes the Rogers Trophy

?Saturday morning I wake up, I jump out of bed. Its time to go, got football dreams living in my head? Yeah!? Reads the evermore-inspired message from our president. With a smile as white as the Carmen?s snow party, I roll out of bed to be greeted with another spectacular day of sun in the Shire.

As I pull on the blue I can already smell the snags that will soon be sizzling on Mad Dogs BBQ, this weeks home of the CSSC pre match festivities. Sure enough, by midday around 20 CSSC members have gathered at Macca?s with many already getting tucked into the well-prepared feast. After a few games of darts, a few more beverages and a few tunes handpicked by DJ Thommo it is time to start the walk of pride to that hallowed turf.

Leaving the car horns of admiration behind, we enter the Leagues Club where more smiling members and a few more beverages await. As the sun begins to set outside, I can?t help but notice a distracted Garbo. You can tell the man is in need of a world?s greatest hot dog. So with that, we all set foot on that glorious hill and sink our teeth into a glorious hotdog.

By now the excitement and anticipation is too much to bare and as Manly take the field the cries of disapproval are strong from the hill. Stronger, however, are the cheers for the mighty blue, black and whites and with many punters on Birdy for try scorer a chorus of ?Hello Birdy? echoes around the ground. It was not to be, however, with Manly scoring the first try and soon skipping out to an 8-0 lead. The trust in Birdy was well deserved however, with the in form second rower getting sending the CSSC into a passionate embrace with a strong try just before the break.

Some amazing sprit finger work from the lads just after the break saw Covell level the scores at 8 a piece from a penalty. So extreme was this spirituality that the fox cameras captured it to the delight of beer hill. Birdy induced man-hugs were soon on again, with the great man scooping on a Kimmorley grubber to live up to his chant and seemingly ?bring us home?. A Noddy field goal moments later saw the CSSC climax as one and the ?DING DING?.Up Up Cronulla?s? were flying everywhere. A late flurry from Manly threatened to spoil the party, but as the final whistle sounded the result was beyond doubt? a Huge night was ahead and the Steve Rogers Trophy was home.

Polishing off the last of our beverages, an excited bunch filed into the club for the post match presentation. Unsurprisingly, a humble Birdy was given the coaches man of the match and another rendition of his 3-verse megahit by the CSSC. Thommo, the workhorse, picked up President Barry ?OH AH? Pierces award along with a reworking of Bon Jovi?s, Living on a Prayer by the CSSC which was well received by the red headed forward.

Then it was unveiled?The Steve Rogers Trophy. A collective cheer went up from the blue brigade with Sharks Director, Frank Doran insisting we get a group shot in front of the silverware, which will now sit proudly next to our treasured Amco Cup of 78. With that, the night was certainly complete. Some members continued the celebrations at the club, while a strong contingent headed to the snow party at Carmen?s to spread the good word of the CSSC long into the night.

A great day-night. A great win. All done for a GREAT man. Steve ?Sludge? Rogers. Can?t wait to do it all again this Saturday in Newcastle.

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