Cuningham makes Gt Britain Tour

Cunningham, who missed last winter's three Guinness Tests against the Kangaroos in this country because of surgery, has been out of action for several weeks because of a hand injury and is due to make his return to Tetley's Super League action against Bradford Bulls on Friday.

Now the player rated as the World's number one hooker has been backed by Waite to be fit in time for the showdown with the Australians.

And Waite has given the Great Britain team a new look with St Helens' centre sensation Martin Gleeson and Leeds Rhinos' wing or halfback ace Karl Pratt both in the running for their first caps with places in the squad.

Yorkshire skipper Ryan Sheridan of Leeds Rhinos impressed Waite and the selectors with his form in the Origin Series and it has earned him the specialist scrum half slot while Lancashire's starting props Barrie McDermott and Wigan Warriors' Terry O'Connor have squad places.

Bradford utility player Lee Gilmour's good form this season has been recognised with selection while his Bulls teammate Stuart Fielden is included in the squad in spite of being ruled out of Yorkshire's two matches against Lancashire through injury.

The Great Britain squad (in alphabetical order): Keiron Cunningham (St Helens), Andy Farrell (Wigan Warriors and captain), Stuart Fielden (Bradford Bulls), Lee Gilmour (Bradford Bulls), Martin Gleeson (St Helens), Paul Johnson (Wigan Warriors), Chris Joynt (St Helens), Paul King (Hull FC), Barrie McDermott (Leeds Rhinos), Terry Newton (Wigan Warriors), Terry O'Connor (Wigan Warriors), Jamie Peacock (Bradford Bulls), Karl Pratt (Leeds Rhinos), Kris Radlinski (Wigan Warriors), Ryan Sheridan (Leeds Rhinos), Paul Sculthorpe (St Helens), Keith Senior (Leeds Rhinos), Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos), Paul Wellens (St Helens). Mf.....

Squad Statistics

Keiron Cunningham (St Helens) 28.10.76 180cm 102kg 9 Andy Farrell (Wigan Warriors) 30.5.75 193cm 109kg 22 Stuart Fielden (Bradford Bulls) 14.9.79 190cm 106kg 1+3 Lee Gilmour (Bradford Bulls) 12.3.78 191cm 100kg 1+1 Martin Gleeson (St Helens) 28.5.80 183cm 89kg 0 Paul Johnson (Wigan Warriors) 25.11.78 183cm 93kg 4 Chris Joynt (St Helens) 7.12.71 188cm 106kg 19+4 Paul King (Hull FC) 28.6.79 189cm 108kg 1 Barrie McDermott (Leeds Rhinos) 22.7.72 178cm 113kg 7+2 Terry Newton (Wigan Warriors) 7.11.78 178cm 100kg 1 Terry O'Connor (Wigan Warriors) 13.10.72 191cm 115.7kg 9+2 Jamie Peacock (Bradford Bulls) 4.12.77 192cm 103kg 3 Karl Pratt (Leeds Rhinos) 18.7.80 177.5cm 86kg 0 Kris Radlinski (Wigan Warriors) 9.4.76 183cm 94.5kg 16 Ryan Sheridan (Leeds Rhinos) 24.5.75 168kg 83kg 2 Paul Sculthorpe (St Helens) 22.9.77 191cm 107kg 13+2 Keith Senior (Leeds Rhinos) 24.4.76 183cm 98kg 8+2 Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos) 12.9.80 178cm 90kg 4 Paul Wellens (St Helens) 27.2.80 183cm 87kg 2+1

Great Britain and Wigan skipper Andy Farrell today (Monday 24th June) threw a warning to Australia that his Great Britain team aim to be the ones coming back from Sydney with a victory in the one off test match against the Kangaroos on Friday July 12th 2002.

Andy teamed up with Lion Bar, the official sponsor of the Great Britain Rugby League team, at today's squad announcement at Huddersfield's McAlpine Stadium to show his intentions when the team go Down Under next month.