Cut out the Hollywoods - Bennett

Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett has downplayed suggestions from fellow NRL coaches that players feigning injuries to milk penalties is becoming a serious problem in the game.

Bennett said the use of the video referee in cases where players are injured in tackles was something coaches agreed upon many years ago and was not a rule that could be changed at this stage of the season.

The five-time premiership winning mentor said the onus was on each and every person involved in the game to denounce the use of such tactics within their respective clubs.

"The coaches all had an opportunity to get rid of it a couple of years ago and now they want to come out whingeing about it," Bennett said.

"If it offends all the coaches so much, let's make a pact that none of the players will do it. I guarantee you none of them will agree to it.

"I don't coach my players to take dives and I never have. It's not part of what we do or what we are about at the Broncos."

Under the rule introduced three years ago with the support of all 15 clubs, the video referee is only allowed to go back and review an incident if the referee had stopped the game on the following play.

At last season?s end-of-year review conference, club?s again supported the rule, which effectively gives the video referee powers equivalent to those of a touch judge.

However, two separate incidents involving Souths hooker Shane Walker and North Queensland centre Josh Hannay over the weekend drew stern criticism from opposition coaches and players, with several calling for immediate action to be taken against ?dives?.

Roosters coach Ricky Stuart labelled Walker?s actions in staying down after a high shot from Luke Ricketson as ?a blight on the game?, while Newcastle?s Michael Hagan levelled a similar claim at Hannay after he was on the end of a swinging arm from Knights centre Geogre Carmont.

Parramatta mentor Brian Smith said it was an issue which needed the league?s immediate attention.

"It's definitely a problem? he said.

?We've had a number of games that have been turned around because of it this year."