DA approved for Jubilee training

Kogarah Council have passed a Development Application (DA) that will allow the area outside Jubilee Oval facing the Princes Highway to be used as a training area. As a result, the surface of the area will now be upgraded. The Dragons had previously been granted with a temporary licence to use the area for a 12-month period.

The DA to install an additional turnstile at the northern end of the ground will go before the Councillors this Monday (24/01/2005), while the DA for additional seating still needs to be finalised.

As previously reported by R2K, a DA has been lodged with Kogarah Council for the installation of permanent lighting at Kogarah. R2K launched a petition to garner community support for this proposal.

You can show your support for the installation of permanent lighting by downloading, printing and completing the R2K lighting petition. Click below to download the petition document:


Return your completed petition by Australia Day to: R2K PO Box 765 KOGARAH NSW 1485