Daley Stays with Dragons in Changed

The Dragons and Laurie Daley have agreed to vary his coaching consultant?s role with St George Illawarra in 2004, given his commitments to Fox Sports, other facets of the game of rugby league and his family.

Daley made the decision because he did not want to "short change" the Dragons as head coach Nathan Brown has raised the bar of expectations on performance of all staff and players in 2004.

Daley said: "Brownie has all my support, as does the club, however I just do not have the hours in the day to satisfy all requirements.?

Brown said: "I know I can rely on Laurie when I need him, but with the Dragons training moving to Wollongong pre-season, and his Fox Sports commitments generally, we both agreed it was better to redefine things now, rather than later.?

Daley will stay involved with the club as a consultant to coaching and business development, providing him and the club with more flexibility.

Dragons Chief Executive Officer Peter Doust said he respected Laurie's up-front attitude, and objective review of the issues.

?The club is very pleased to see us maintain our relationship," Doust said. ?Laurie?s input is respected.?