David Waite Names Squads For Forthcoming Tour

Great Britain coach David Waite has named his initial, 28-man squad for the Ashes Series in the Autumn, while the England A squad has also been named for their representative games. The Lions will meet Australia on consecutive Saturday's in November at Wigan, Hull and Huddersfield, and tickets for the Test Series go on sale on Monday morning.

Waite has named an initial 28-man squad for the clashes, including three newcomers who impressed in Wednesday's Origin Game win for Yorkshire.

White Rose captain Ryan Hudson is included, while Man of the Match Chris Thorman is rewarded for his display and Leeds prop Ryan Bailey - aged 19 - is also selected.

Wigan's Irish winger Brian Carney, who represented Lancashire, is another new face in the squad, and is one of six players from his club, including currently injured full back Kris Radlinski.

"We will get together on two occasions leading into the now-traditional post-Grand Final warm weather training camp in Spain before we come back to play the New Zealand Residents," said Waite.

"Our preparation this year is slightly improved on last year as far as I am concerned.

"We have got clear outcomes in our minds of what we want to achieve from those two get-togethers. We won't be playing football.

"The players are aware, and will be more aware after our first meeting, of what their map is between now and the end of the year.

"They will be working in some periods of time, either during the week or with coaches, on improving themselves and preparing themselves for Spain and the Test Series.

"We will take 22 to Spain, and then make a decision on what we carry (into the Ashes Series)."

Waite will keep Brian Noble and Graham Steadman as his assistant coaches for the third successive year, after their combination against Australia in 2001 and New Zealand in the drawn Test Series last year.

"We've established that Great Britain is a good place to be and how we go about our business," he added.

"We haven't changed staff in three years and there is a stability in what we do, and we have, as a Rugby League playing nation, done particularly well in the last three years.

"We have had two poor performances, and two very good ones; we have beaten Australia and touched a trophy, so they know what it feels like to win something.

"We've talked about depth over the last three years, and I think proof of that depth is in those two squads.

"If we can continue to work with those players, through their clubs and whatever time we are given with them, we will continue going forward."

The England A players know that they can follow the likes of Hudson into the senior set-up, and Waite is excited by the talent in John Kear's squad.

"Obviously we are conscious of the opportunities that Australia provide, the New Zealand Residents provide and the European Cup provides," he said.

"In the list for Great Britain, there are ten players who didn't take part in the New Zealand fixtures last year, and I think anyone who has a love and passion for the game will be very excited about the (England A) list."

The England A squad, which takes on the Australians as well as playing in the European Cup against Russia and Wales, has been named, including an initial 31-man selection.

The majority were members of the side which visited Fiji and Tonga last year, while Gareth Hock steps up from being a member of the England Academy side which defeated the Australian Schoolboys in November.

Ashes Series tickets will go on sale on Monday 7 July from Rugby League Events on 0870 990 1313, and a special 'five for the price of four' offer will run until the end of the month.

Great Britain squad Paul Anderson (Bradford), Ryan Bailey (Leeds), Brian Carney (Wigan), Gary Connolly (Leeds), Keiron Cunningham (St Helens), Paul Deacon (Bradford), Andy Farrell (Wigan), Stuart Fielden (Bradford), Mike Forshaw (Bradford), Lee Gilmour (Bradford), Martin Gleeson (St Helens), David Hodgson (Wigan), Richard Horne (Hull), Ryan Hudson (Castleford), Paul Johnson (Wigan), Sean Long (St Helens), Barrie McDermott (Leeds), Adrian Morley (Sydney Roosters), Terry Newton (Wigan), Danny Orr (Castleford), Jamie Peacock (Bradford), Leon Pryce (Bradford), Kris Radlinski (Wigan), Paul Sculthorpe (St Helens), Keith Senior (Leeds), Kevin Sinfield (Leeds), Chris Thorman (London), Chev Walker (Leeds).

England A squad Martin Aspinwall (Wigan), Mike Bennett (St Helens), Shaun Briscoe (Wigan), Rob Burrow (Leeds), Mark Calderwood (Leeds), Ryan Clayton (Halifax), Paul Cooke (Hull), Matt Diskin (Leeds), Gareth Ellis (Wakefield), Ade Gardner (St Helens), Mick Higham (St Helens), Gareth Hock (Wigan), Paul King (Hull), Andy Lynch (Castleford), Keith Mason (St Helens), Danny McGuire (Leeds), Richard Moore (Bradford), Sean O'Loughlin (Wigan), Rob Parker (Bradford), Karl Pratt (Bradford), Waine Pryce (Castleford), Rob Purdham (London), Stuart Reardon (Bradford), Jamie Rooney (Wakefield), Danny Sculthorpe (Wigan), Mark Smith (Wigan), Ian Sibbit (Warrington), Paul Sykes (London), Danny Tickle (Wigan), Paul Wood (Warrington), Kirk Yeaman (Hull).

The Ashes Series First Test - The JJB Stadium, Wigan Saturday 8 November Second Test - The KC Stadium, Hull Saturday 15 November Third Test - The McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield Saturday 22 November