Defensive Dragons defeat Knights

The St. George Illawarra Dragons have managed their second victory over former coach Wayne Bennett after coming away with a 12-4 victory against the Newcastle Knights in front of a 15,291 crowd at WIN Jubilee Oval.

A strong first-half performance from the home team was enough to see them come away with the two points after both sides were left scoreless in the second 40.

While the Dragons got the last laugh it was the Knights who drew first blood after Jarrod Mullen and Darius Boyd combined to create a try for Akuilla Uate. 

The Dragons hit back eight minutes later when Beau Scott tramped over Neville Costigan and Tyrone Roberts to claim his four-pointer. Jamie Soward added the extras to give the home side a two point lead. 

The Dragons were over again only two minutes later when Jason Nightingale score after a beautiful inside pass from Jamie Soward put Brett Morris in space. Soward added the extras to put the Dragons eight-points in front. 

The home side crossed the line two more times before the half was over only to be denied by video referee on both occasions. 

After the break both teams muscled up in defence while they were both guilty of disrespecting the ball. 

The Knights appeared to have cracked the Dragons in the 56th minute only for the video referee to deny the visitors the try. 

Tonight's victory, will see the Dragons back into the top eight.

With the rep weekend scheduled for next week, both sides will have an opportunity to regroup before the Dragons take on the Roosters in Round 8 and the Knights host the Panthers at Hunter Stadium. 

Match Details
St George Illawarra Dragons 12 defeated Newcastle Knights 4
National Rugby League - Round 7 - Friday April 13, 2012 7:45pm
Venue: WIN Jubilee Oval, Kogarah
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Gavin Reynolds
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Grant Atkins
Crowd: 15,291
Halftime: St George Illawarra Dragons 12 Newcastle Knights 4 players of the match:
3 Points - Jamie Soward (2 Conversions)
2 Points - Beau Scott (1 Try)
1 Point - Chris Houston

Tries: Beau Scott, Jason Nightingale
Conversions: Jamie Soward (2/2)

Tries: Akuila Uate
Conversions: Tyrone Roberts (0/1) Live Commentary Join the conversation! Our forums are open for discussion 24/7 on the greatest game of all!

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Good evening League Lovers and welcome to Round 7 action :: Tonight we bring you the second season encounter between the St. George Ilawarra Dragons and the Newcastle Knights. Kick off for this clash is set for 7:35PM from WIN Jubilee Oval.


The Dragons are as per the program, 1-17, with no late changes.

As for the Knights, one change sees Evarn Tuimavave (who was named in 18) start in for Richard Fa'aoso who has been ruled out.
We are FIVE minutes from the start of this clash on this glorious Friday Night. Stay tuned for complete updates.
Going through the final preparations at WIN Jubilee Oval, last time these two sides met it was Round 1 this year. It ended with the 2010 Premiers getting the victory in golden point over their former coach Wayne Bennett 15-14.
Both sides on the field here awaiting kick off, the Knights will get us underway to start with the Dragons getting first use. Ben Hornby equals the most appearances for the Red V with 256 games for the club.
1 min: WE ARE UNDERWAY. Sit back and enjoy with the Dragons getting us started with Michael Weymen getting the first carry.
1 min: The Knights spreading the ball early to make 50 metres on their set. Darius Boyd getting his footwork going. However a concern early for Jarrod Mullen as his legs were collected by the Dragons defence as he kicked.
2 min: First penalty to the Dragons. Soward kicks downfield to start the set just inside halfway.
3 min: KNOCK ON! Beau Scott in the tackle lost the ball as he was bought to ground. Mullen still not looking good after the injury. Newcastle get and win the scrum on their 20 metre line.
5 min: James McManus speeds out of the in goal to get the Knights 20 metre quick tap following a Jamie Soward kick. Five Minutes gone, no score.
5 min: Zero tackle for the Dragons as the Knights put it down. First chance at the line for the Dragons.
6 min: Video Referee Decision Pending for the Dragons. possible try to Ben Creagh
6 min: NO TRY! Ben Creagh has ruled to have lost the ball. Although having grounded the ball with the back of his arm, he had no control of the ball during the play. Knights escape.
10 min: A screaming call of a forward pass from the Dragons, Creagh over running the line. Knights get a scrum feed on the Dragons 30 metre line.
11 min: TRY
TRY! Knights
A set play from the Knights sees quick hands and great passing from Jarrod Mullen who linked with Darius Boyd across the field. Boyd's pass on the mark to sent Akuila Uate cut through the line and beat Daniel Vidot to the line. Roberts has pushed the conversion wide
Newcastle Knights 4-0
15 min: Kick from the Dragons Kyle Stanley was too big and rolled dead. Knights get a 20 metre tap
15 min: KNOCK ON! Mullen on the end of quick offloads and looked into the gap but dropped it before he could get running. Dragons on halfway get a scrum feed.
16 min: Double KNOCK ON! Daniel Vidot looking to get out of the legs attack of the knights but losing control. Knights mess up the pick up. Scrum Dragons.
17 min: Another mistake from the Knights has the Dragons back on the attack deep in the Knights half.
17 min: Penalty to the Dragons now, defence of the Knights will have to be strong.
18 min: Injury concern for Michael Weymen who has come off the field for the Dragons.
19 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
Beau Scott powered over the line to beat the hanging tackle of Neville Costigan and Tyrone Roberts. Scott ran straight over them and reached out for the line to claim the Dragons first four-pointer. Jamie Soward no issue with the conversion.
St George Illawarra Dragons 6-4
21 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
Jamie Soward set up the play to put his fullback Brett Morris into a hole on halfway. The Dragons going 50 metres to score. Morris linked with Jason Nightingale to streak away to get the Red V's second try. Soward's conversion on the mark to extend the lead.
St George Illawarra Dragons 12-4
23 min: The Newcastle Knights defence is weaken mid first half with the Dragons simply opening up the line as the Dragons in their set going 80 metres off the kick. On the goal line on the last play unable to get points, but the Knights defence poor.
25 min: Update on Michael Weymen has no physical injury, but reportedly came into the contest with the flu and that is why he got an early break on the bench. however he should return late in this game.
26 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING Possible try for Daniel Vidot
26 min: NO TRY! Jamie Soward had pushed Uate in the back which the contest wasn't deemed fair. So Vidot has been denied by the video referee. Penalty goes to the Knights as a result.
28 min: Newcastle have a 20 metre restart with Uate racing up to take the hit up.
29 min: Penalty to the Dragons on Jason Nightingale. They have a full set deep in the Knights half. Chance for points with 10 minutes before half time.
31 min: Kyle Stanley going so close to the line has stepped and spun to the line but dropped it in the process. Knights escape again with a scrum feed packing down for them on their 10 metre line.
32 min: Dangerous play from the Dragons on their own goal line with Vidot passing long back inside to Brett Morris who was luck to dive on it before the Knights chasers could grab it.
37 min: Ben Creagh dived for the line but the ball came free with the contact with Chris Houston. Play continued with the Knights picking up the ball and raced out of goals.
39 min: KNOCK ON! The Dragons defence too good with McKinnon looking for an offload at the line, however lost ball to give up the Scrum feed to the Dragons.
40 min: Jamie Soward from the back of the scrum, picked up the ball and stabbed it over the dead ball. Half time siren sounds at WIN Jubilee Oval which has the score DRAGONS 12 leading KNIGHTS 4
40 min: Both sides back out onto the park for the second half, the Knights will have first chance to make an impact second half with the Dragons kicking off.
40 min: Time on for the second 40 minutes as the Dragons lead the Knights 12-4.
42 min: Good opening set from both sides, no mistakes as the Knights get their second set deep in their own half.
43 min: Zero tackle for the Dragons as Boyd put the bomb down through his hands. Big chance first up for the Red V to score second half on the Knights 10 metre line.
44 min: KNOCK ON! Cuthbertson losing the ball as he attempted to pick up the Dragons kick. Scrum feed for the Dragons on the 10 metre line of the Knights. Another shot at the whitewash to extend their current 8 point gap.
45 min: KNOCK ON! A low tackle on Ben Creagh has knocked the ball free in the contest. Knights escape with a scrum feed.
47 min: Soward with a controlled kick over the dead ball line to give the Knights a quick 20 metre tap.
47 min: KNOCK ON! Uate running from the 20 metre tap has lost and as the Dragons have possession again deep in the Knights half.
48 min: Dragons pushed the ball wide and it wasn't needed as Soward flicked up the ball and the Knights get the ball as a result. No advantage given so a scrum packs on their 10 metre line.
50 min: Another kick from Soward goes dead, a tactic maybe here from the Dragons to stop Boyd being able to run from the kick return.
51 min: Penalty to the Knights, free kick taken and a chance at the Dragons line now. They attack only 11 metres out.
54 min: Penalty to the Knights again for a Dragons player ruled offside. The Knights play has been confused. But this set should be structured more with a full set on the Dragons 10 metre line.
56 min: KNOCK ON! Soward, play on the call.
56 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING Possible try for the Knights.
56 min: NO TRY! Penalty goes to the Dragons for an obstruction. Beau Scott was taken out of the play by Kade Snowden. Although Snowden had stopped Scott ran into him and the penalty given as a result.
57 min: Time off, Boyd is down. Video referee to have a look at the contest
57 min: However no call against either side, play on is the call with the Knights working it from their line.
59 min: Another penalty to the Knights for a strip, a harsh call against the Dragons as the crowd's boos boom around WIN Jubilee.
61 min: Kade Snowden managed to get over the line for the Knights but the held call comes. Change over now for the Dragons as their defence too strong for the Knights.
62 min: A much needed penalty for the Dragons as the Knights ruled offside as they raced too quickly off the line.
63 min: Nightingale put the ball on the toe and it went dead. Quick tap take for the Knights on the 20 metre line. Junior Sa'u has some issue with a rib/chest injury as he is with the trainer.
64 min: Penalty to the Dragons, downtown rule applied against the Knights. Dragons get away from their goal line with a free kick.
65 min: Beau Scott not looking the best as he gets up to play the ball. Knights have the ball as they attack with a full set on their 10 metre line.
68 min: Beautiful kick downfield from Jamie Soward earns his side a goal line drop out. The ball flirted with the touchline but sat up in goal as Uate was forced back in goals. Chance for the Dragons to crack the line and extend their lead.
70 min: Nice take by Roberts who shut down the kick from the Dragons. The Knights defence has been good second half as they earn a penalty for a Dragons player jumping too early.
72 min: Penalty against Tahu for a "flop" on Brett Morris. Knights showed a good passage of play in their set but unable to get points. Dragons to work it out from their own line.
Official Crowd figure tonight at WIN Jubilee Oval is 15,291
75 min: Time off with concern for Jason Nightingale and Ben Hornby. However the Dragons play on just short of halfway.
75 min: Soward's kick downfield just found touch and the Knights will have it from a scrum feed on their 10 metre line.
77 min: KNOCK ON! Looking for a offload in the tackle dropped it. Knights looked to keep it alive on the last play. However Dragons get the change over.
79 min: Zero tackle for the Dragons as Mullen lost it. Brett Morris making the leap and almost getting away.
80 min: Siren sounds as the Dragons finish with it. That will be all she wrote. So for the first time in SEVEN years the Dragons have defeated the Knights 12-4 at one of their home grounds.

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